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/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Pirates and Princesses Edition Previous: >>29079707 10 hours ago 8 minutes ago 877 23.9 4ch adv
Why do women hate men? I've been coming across a lot of hateful anti-men content, but I don't quite understand what reasons women have to hate men. Do they hate men because they couldn't date a Chad, and just get pumped and dumped by them instead? Are they generalizing all men because of what a tiny amount of men do? (ex. "all men are rapists") Did they get molested and now hate all men? Someone tell me what's going on here. 11 hours ago 49 minutes ago 143 3.5 4ch adv
How do I get a femcel gf? 11 hours ago 2 hours ago 93 2.2 4ch adv
/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #115 HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah. HTGWG is NOT for whining, moping, incel-dom, hopelessness, or any of that crap. If you've given up, then go bitch about it somewhere else. Ignore the miserable posters who refuse to put in any effort. Let them rot. They have every other thread on /adv/ to writhe in and every other board, too. >READ THIS NEW POSTERS: New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her. Also read the FAQ before asking questions. >HOW TO ASK FOR ADVICE: Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and .....", what your relationship is with the girl, how long have you known her, screenshots or outline of conversation if any, etc). Don't forget to ask an actual question. >FAQ & Resources: >Previous Thread: >>29066848 10 hours ago 13 minutes ago 59 1.6 4ch adv
Do black girls actually like white guys or is it a meme? 18 hours ago an hour ago 54 0.8 4ch adv
Be honest. At what age is it weird to still be a virgin? 15 hours ago an hour ago 50 0.9 4ch adv
So, dating apps fucking sucks, what's a viable alternative irl for the punished man of the 21st century? I had this great time when I was traveling abroad, staying in hostels, meeting new people, engaging in social activities. I met some girls and managed to hook up with one of them, something that hasn't happened to me for a long time, and the best is that it was someone I would actually consider a like minded person. Now I'm back to reality and I was left wondering how the hell can I get to experience this again in my daily life, in a regular basis? I would NEVER had get to live this if I sticked to garbages like Tinder. Texting is soulless. The meeting dynamics itself are artificial. Algorithms can manipulate the profiles. You don't get the slightest potential of instant connection compared from knowing each other for the very first time irl. I simply cannot accept that such apps turned into the golden standard for meeting people from the opposite sex 18 hours ago 5 hours ago 39 0.6 4ch adv
I'm trying to avoid temptation because I have a porn addiction and if I have instagram I could fall back into it again so it's best for me to abstain My hobbies don't help either since I do them alone (language learning, playing the bass, reading etc...) so idk how can I meet girls at this point How am I supposed to find a gf if I don't have social media? 5 hours ago an hour ago 32 1.7 4ch adv
How to cope with being an ugly girl? Before you ask, no I'm not an MTF I'm just really ugly for a woman. >narrow hips >small chest, barely above A >a ton of moles and scars >some weird patches of bumpy skin on my face that makes people think i have a disease >short hair that takes long to grow because of curls and split ends, barely goes past my shoulder >always tied up because people insult me if i let it loose and it isn't straightened >autistic smile >makeup makes me look like a clown I don't like caring about my appearance so much but being visually mogged by my own sex makes me feel like a fucking goblin and I became an asocial hermit as a result. I also got bullied for how I look from kindergarten to 12th grade by both boys and girls which made me more self-conscious. What the fuck do I do? No I will not commit suicide. 15 hours ago 4 hours ago 31 0.6 4ch adv
>inb4 >leecher >parasite >lazy pos >ungrateful Yeah yeah I know but idgi. People call me that but then also say that I'm a retard for wanting to kms. Wouldn't it be better for people who contribute nothing to society to literally just die? Wanting to kms to not have to work 23 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.4 4ch adv