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Cwute edition. Last thread *died*(not really) >>17767106 Free online generators: Floyd-IF#demo duru/webui Nemu uses danbooru (or maybe just booru in general) images as reference, so use tags as prompts for the best results. Pixelisation: pt/pixelization Cancer: For a waifu chatbot there is: It has plenty of existing characters. Free account allows to make your own chatting companion. Emmm ai booru because why not: >Local install Nvidia GPU: | diffusion-webui-docker CPU: Negatives list: You can get free daily python VM uptime in Google CoLabs with about 12 GB of RAM on their servers with Stable Diffusion models too, enough for small HD images like 768x768 to 1024x1024 thwBkcJ8 You just have to download a preset model of that troon above here click-colab or do it yourself and upload it on Google CoLabs while being logged on with a Google account of course and then after the script as been installed in the VM cloud thingy you have to click the gradio live to open up the Stable Diffusion WebUi. We're happy to help, so feel free to ask for help, hints or even make a generation request! Live yourself et cetera /bant/ AI Waifus General #104 21 hours ago 3 hours ago 296 3.7 4ch bant
Only 1/30,000 people are 160+ IQ, and only 1% of the population has psychopathy. Assuming probabilistic independence, about 1/3,000,000 of the population satisfy both criteria meaning there are only around 2500 of us in the world. We are Psychopathic Geniuses. Are you one of us? Every human interaction induces a game. The player who wants to win the most sets the rules. Affective empathy and other neuroticism set the bar for your capacity to take action. This bar is concerningly low for most people, bordering on the self-sacrificial if not outright masochistic. In effect, when faced with a purely rational opponent such a person can never win. No intelligence makes one impotent, no lack of affective empathy and other irrational biases makes one incapable of competing at the extremes. In this sense, us psychopathic geniuses are the ideal people, a superior people. We labour to create an engaging environment for such extraordinarily esoteric people--a place free from the impotence of the ordinary, a place free from the irrationality of neurotypicals. We may look friendly on the surface, but make no mistake--there are no lengths we wont go to if you piss us off. Discord invite: .gg/Hfe4n4yH2g 10 hours ago 47 minutes ago 166 4.5 4ch bant
AHEM whered my thread go huh hmm? 6 hours ago an hour ago 91 4.1 4ch bant
the shitty image is back, because it's all I have. Song of the day is 'Why are sunday's so depressing' by the strokes. Loona is cute. helluva thread. Helluva Thread 14 hours ago 21 minutes ago 90 1.7 4ch bant
If God wants to send you to hell for not being perfect he's just Satan. How do I kill God like the jews did? It sounds like doing so will save my soul. How do I kill God? 12 hours ago 3 hours ago 56 1.3 4ch bant
friend sent me this alien photo what is this fucking from? >be me >talking to my friend at work about the UFO disclosure. we work at a water treatment plant. >he tells me he saw an alien years ago when he lived in Arizona >"no fucking way. you're full of shit. prove it" >he texts me this photo of this alien. i swear I've seen it before in a movie or something >reverse image searched it and nothing came up >friend tells me the alien was only present for 5 seconds before it disappeared into thin air. he was at his girlfriend's house and had to pretend everything was normal afterwards >I didn't know what to say to piss him off, but I'll see him again tomorrow I think he's full of shit and want to get back at him for this shit. how can I get revenge and what movie is this alien from? 8 hours ago 8 hours ago 47 1.6 4ch bant
tf2 22 hours ago 3 hours ago 45 0.6 4ch bant
I think i'm actually gay. It all started when i was 12 years old, i was into lgbt shit n stuff. My twitter feed was no different than today's US antifa red-haired twitter girls. Then, in 2 years i grew up, quit that shit and deleted twitter acc, thought that whatever was in my brain then, was forced into there. Teenage years just began, i started to hang out with girls etc. Girls really liked me, and i always liked to be around other girls, i felt like i was more comfortable with them than boys. There were countless situations when 2 of my female classmates were hanging out, and they called me outside, and never another nigga. There was 1 girl we were hanging out with on a daily basis, roaming & kissing on the rooftops n shii. However, i never felt like doing the next step, going any further. There was just this strange feeling i can't describe. I enrolled into uni later and quit IRLing. Now to the key part. I started experiencing intrusive thoughts. In 1 year, they went from hugging a cute boi to straight up fucking and raping them. 5 years ago, everyone in russia was literally a fucking orc. But things started to change recently. These new young lads look fucking insane. They're all stylish, wearing drain clothes, have long hair. They're all small (im 2m tall) and submissive, their movements are slow, they're weak. Every time i see one, i'm literally going crazy, i fucking dream about grabbing his neck, shake him until he cant breathe, throw into bed, grab his little noodle hands from behind, break them, rape him, and as an act of ultimate dominance, nut inside of him, and leave this fucker bleating on a bed. With that being said, i expect my life to be over in 5 years. IYKWIM OFC. 2 hours ago 4 minutes ago 43 5.0 4ch bant
All of the Australian newfags are awful. I hate my country 2 hours ago an hour ago 37 4.3 4ch bant
This is what total power looks like. 5 hours ago 5 hours ago 31 1.5 4ch bant