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What do you like to eat at the Chinese buffet? 10 hours ago 9 minutes ago 66 1.8 4ch ck
Which condiments are best? 10 hours ago 46 minutes ago 54 1.4 4ch ck
Chick-fil-A Why do white people like this shit so much? 6 hours ago 10 minutes ago 48 2.2 4ch ck
What's your go-to cig? For me, it's American Spirit black. Pipes, cigars, snus, snuff and vapes are also welcome in this thread. 22 hours ago 7 minutes ago 47 0.6 4ch ck
What the fuck are you supposed to do with this? How is this food? 17 hours ago 54 minutes ago 45 0.7 4ch ck
Why do her dishes look so unappealing? I like that it's all trying to be historically accurate but god does the food look unappetizing. Did the English nobility really make do with such bland dishes? 23 hours ago 50 minutes ago 38 0.5 4ch ck
What's the issue with raw meat dishes in the modern day and age? Why are people afraid of them? Parasites are no longer common in the majority of the developed countries. 8 hours ago 55 minutes ago 37 1.3 4ch ck
How'd I do? 7 hours ago 2 hours ago 33 1.2 4ch ck
There's this gas station near me that sells delicious pizza. I couldn't resist the temptation earlier today and grabbed a single slice. I can't help but worry about what the employees might think if I were to return and purchase an entire pizza. They must have seen me earlier, and I can't shake off this nagging feeling that they'll judge me for being fat or gluttonous. Is it not utterly embarrassing that I succumbed to my cravings earlier, only to return a few hours later, indicating that I simply couldn't get enough? I can't help but imagine the employee's thoughts, speculating on how I couldn't satisfy my appetite with just one slice and had to come back for more. The whole situation is agonizing. Imagine me walking in there up to the cashier, the same one I ordered a slice from, and this time going, I want 8 slices this time, I want an entire pizza. Like should I tell them it's for kids or something like that? Getting a whole pizza as one dude? 13 hours ago 24 minutes ago 30 0.6 4ch ck
Food poisoning hoax You can eat raw foods. Stop being a baby. 11 hours ago 10 hours ago 30 0.7 4ch ck