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Post things that haven't been posted often or new stuff. Webm thread 15 hours ago 44 minutes ago 224 4.1 4ch ck
Chinese food is the best cuisine in all of asia and i’m tired of pretending it not. 22 hours ago 9 hours ago 51 0.6 4ch ck
Thread for goffee cupposting The never left edition. Pastebin: Last thread: >>19730727 /ctg/ - Coffee Time General 13 hours ago 59 minutes ago 51 1.1 4ch ck
at the self checkout, all produce is bananas 23 hours ago 7 hours ago 49 0.6 4ch ck
Pizza Hut Little Caesars Papa John's Dominoes Who's your favorite? 14 hours ago 19 minutes ago 48 0.9 4ch ck
The guy ate McDonalds for 100 days and still lost weight, CICO proven right again lmao youtube grifters, ketolards and other low iq retards on suciide watch lmao se_7YP28 22 hours ago 48 minutes ago 47 0.6 4ch ck
would you eat Indian street food? 12 hours ago 3 hours ago 43 0.9 4ch ck
It has officially begun 4 hours ago 9 minutes ago 41 2.8 4ch ck
Regional fast food items In Canada every fast food place makes fucking poutine for some reason what are some of your favourite regional items from fastfood places 10 hours ago an hour ago 37 1.0 4ch ck
Best spice of all time 14 hours ago 11 minutes ago 33 0.6 4ch ck
Bread help I made bread, and it was very nice, but I fail to achieve big bubbles. The bread was soft and nice, but I want that big loose crumb structure. I used a very high protein content flour, kneaded by stretching the dough once every half an hour over 3 hours. I used olive oil in the dough. Was this a mistake? 17 hours ago 40 minutes ago 32 0.5 4ch ck
Behold, the falafel. Effortlessly the best vegan dish. Mogs any modern day vegan crap 12 hours ago 20 minutes ago 31 0.7 4ch ck
Today we will be trying Giovanni Rana's five cheese lasaga Pre cooked meals 23 hours ago 13 hours ago 30 0.4 4ch ck
Do you ever give a fake name when ordering to-go? I still do sometimes. It makes me feel like I’m about 12 years old but I still think it’s fun. 15 hours ago 2 hours ago 30 0.5 4ch ck