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No Furries Edition Best Bod of last thread goes to pic related. Previous Thread: ead/71168967#top /cbt/ - Current Body Thread 21 hours ago 41 minutes ago 236 3.1 4ch fit
Post your more controversial Fitness opinions 18 hours ago 11 minutes ago 152 2.3 4ch fit
Dude is just 25 jfl Average 25 year old zoomer 17 hours ago 2 hours ago 146 2.3 4ch fit
Squat your emotions 22 hours ago 4 hours ago 145 1.8 4ch fit
Why do people believe the "fat is genetic" cope? This isn’t some random Instagram fatty activist, the Washington Post made this comic kek 23 hours ago 3 hours ago 137 1.6 4ch fit
/plg/ - powerlifting general >BBM sucks >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >Pastebin Previous Thread: >>71164408 13 hours ago 50 minutes ago 89 1.9 4ch fit
Welcome, one and all, to the #1 thread on /fit/. >routines >lifting >meals >local gyms >cost of training >a bit of banter All such topics are welcome here. Come and ask your questions, get honest advice from friendly anons! We're always happy to help. Post your gains, get mires from the boys. /afg/ is always ready with encouragement and advice. And remember: >We're all gonna make it, brah AFG AUSTRALIAN FITNESS GENERAL 23 hours ago 19 minutes ago 82 1.0 4ch fit
CONFESS Shhh my dear child, come here, come closer. Tell me, dear child, what is on your heart, confess your sins. 17 hours ago 17 minutes ago 78 1.2 4ch fit
Steroids make women terrifying 10 hours ago 8 minutes ago 71 1.9 4ch fit
QTDDTOT "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread. 13 hours ago 10 minutes ago 71 1.5 4ch fit
How do you cope when "Chad" can take your girl at whim? You can be the strongest, coolest, kindest, most loyal guy and suddenly a better man pops up and your girl fucks him and chucks you with his baby. In 2023, the law won’t even punish it? How do you cope? Women like animals instinctively choose the best mate. I’m 5’9" 290lbs and at the church I go to there are married women with less fat, more kind husbands and I STILL catch their wives throwing me IOIs. I can’t imagine someone actually attractive coming along. I can’t live knowing I could get cucked at any time. David literally tried to cuck Uriah and if God didn’t step in he’d have succeeded. Fuck. I hate women and their biological imperatives. I hate that my pessimism and complaining and grasp of reality makes me even more likely to put out unattractive vibes and to get cucked. Like I know this seems like some stupid meme, but this shit is fucking real. >/fit/ - Fitness Fuck off. I hate this fucking site. I hope those loser jannies ban me. 5 hours ago 15 minutes ago 68 3.3 4ch fit
Left: Brad Pitt at age 45. Heavy drinker and smoker Right: Crazy Tech Billionaire trying to look young injecting son blood Makes you think zEYSwI 12 hours ago 15 minutes ago 59 1.3 4ch fit
It's over. Lifts to end my life? 14 hours ago 57 minutes ago 57 1.1 4ch fit
Give me one (1) actual scientific good reason not to become vegan 2 hours ago 10 minutes ago 55 5.7 4ch fit
Roiding won't change your ugly face. 9 hours ago 4 hours ago 53 1.5 4ch fit
Dangerous Mires, how do you deal with em? 15 hours ago 20 minutes ago 52 0.9 4ch fit
ARE THEY ALL FUCKIGN INSANE? RED PILL ME ON THE CARNIVORES 9 hours ago 4 hours ago 50 1.5 4ch fit
I'll start >Fast food corporations unironically put addictive substances into their stuff which is why most fatties both hate healthy food and eat so much >Eating wild animals like pigeons and squirrels is probably healthier than most farmed meat >Veganism is being promoted because basedbeans have a higher throughput than meat and can (albeit very poorly) count as dietary protein. Also "all weight loss drugs that are advertised with little to no downsides will fuck you over" but that's not even a conspiracy theory it's fully proven at this point. Fitness conspiracies 12 hours ago 15 minutes ago 47 1.0 4ch fit
>23 >norway cbt thread 10 hours ago an hour ago 46 1.2 4ch fit
Who would win? Sam hyde or Andrew Tate, if they had a boxing match who would win? 6 hours ago 27 minutes ago 42 1.8 4ch fit
what are some lifts to prevent me from giving women money to insult me(not sexual i just needed to wallow in misery tonight) 5 hours ago an hour ago 40 2.0 4ch fit
There’s just shy of 10 months between these photos…I’m having nightmares of walking by mirrors and seeing my fat self..what does this mean fit bros? 17 hours ago 3 hours ago 40 0.6 4ch fit
/cg/ - Calisthenics General NEW and IMPROVED sticky edition >official /cg/ sticky previous thread: >>71130307 15 hours ago 23 minutes ago 38 0.7 4ch fit
How will I turn out if I do nothing but the rowing machine and treadmill? 13 hours ago 18 minutes ago 38 0.8 4ch fit
>being /fit/ for men >gotta hit the gym 80 hours a week >take supplements >inject yourself with roids >be tall and have a good jawline >/fit/ for women >just do some squats at home it's that easy 6 hours ago 14 minutes ago 38 1.7 4ch fit
/Fit/ humor >me trying to explain to a girl that she has to date me because I hit 1/2/3/4 9 hours ago 8 minutes ago 37 1.1 4ch fit
FUCK FUCK FUCK Everytime I get rejected I'm reminded of why I go to the gym in the first place. One fucking day. One fucking day I'm going to become a slayer. I decided a couple of days ago that in 720 days my body will be transformed. So far I've been solid for 10 days straight. I'm already down 11 pounds from my heaviest weight. I've been lifting consistently for 3 years and I have muscle, I just need to unleash the cocoon. Lord willing I'm going to complete this cut and I'm going to get bitches on my dick. Fuck you. Reject me again, I'll just go fucking harder. One day I will fuck your teenage daughter while you'll be passed the wall with some unattractive Beta Bux you settled for. FUCK AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. FUCK YOU. I HATE HOW WOMEN TREAT ME LIKE THIS. FUCK YOU. I WON'T LET YOU BEAT ME. FUCK YOU. I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Fuck, I hate being rejected 10 hours ago 12 minutes ago 35 0.9 4ch fit
Dancing Why the fuck are you not dancing? >keeps you limber >social setting so you can actually meet people >fun 5 hours ago 12 minutes ago 34 1.6 4ch fit
Why are we normalizing fatasses now? This is a current commercial in Germany 5 hours ago 24 minutes ago 34 1.8 4ch fit
According to /fit/ you can look like this after 1 Year of Lifting So why do most Gymgoers (some of them have been lifting for years) look way worse than this? 7 hours ago 11 minutes ago 32 1.1 4ch fit
CANCEROUS OILS? >In an eight-year controlled clinical trial of a diet high in polyunsaturated vegetable oils and low in saturated fat and cholesterol in preventing complications of atherosclerosis, 846 men were assigned randomly to a conventional diet or to one similar in all respects except for a substitution of vegetable oils for saturated fat. Fatal atherosclerotic events were more common in the control group (70 v.48; P 6 hours ago 48 minutes ago 30 1.3 4ch fit