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Why hasn't anyone told me someone had finally distilled a true definition for fascism 25 years ago? >The cult of tradition. >The rejection of modernism. >The cult of action for action’s sake. >Disagreement is treason. >Fear of difference. >Appeal to social frustration. >Obsession with a plot. >The enemy is both strong and weak. >Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. >Contempt for the weak. >Everybody must become a hero. >Machismo and weaponry. >Selective populism. >Newspeak/buzzwords. Wow! I can really see how this defines history's fascist dregs and modern ones too (ahem... Putin anyone?) Source: Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco 9 hours ago 44 minutes ago 176 4.9 4ch his
What were German plans for Great Britain if they had actually managed to invade and conquer the British isles? >Inb4 impossible Yes i know, we all know. Some places I've read that they didn't plan to do much and it would've been akin to Vichy France with nominal independence and autonomy, and other places I've read that Himmler wanted to exterminate 80 percent of the male population and use the rest as slave labor. What would've happened? Also post pics of the Channel Island occupation, just found out about this and am surprised it's not more known. 4 hours ago an hour ago 158 9.1 4ch his
Can this phenomenon be explained from a historical viewpoint hard mode: do not mention incels 5 hours ago 2 minutes ago 128 6.0 4ch his
This is how a modern 100% ANE population would look like today and you know it 19 hours ago 2 hours ago 82 1.2 4ch his
The pop-history version kind of gives you a simplified, generic impression of the role of knights in feudalism and warfare that I imagine is mostly based on the French or Anglo-Norman model. So what exactly were the important differences in social and military terms between knights (or the type of medieval soldiers we commonly call knights) in different parts of Europe? Differences between knights throughout Europe 17 hours ago 3 minutes ago 78 1.2 4ch his
Neither Japan nor Africa had anything to do with the scientific revolution in Europe but after exposure to science the Japanese invented many things while blacks have yet to invent anything. Why is that? Hard mode: If you're going to say that Japan has good geography and Africa has bad geography you have to explain why this pattern holds everywhere in the world. 14 hours ago 32 minutes ago 73 1.4 4ch his
How do Nordcuck supremecists cope with the fact that they are depigmentated hapas? 15 hours ago 6 hours ago 70 1.2 4ch his
look at how mad these orangutans are getting when you point out the superiority of Irish race. The Irish have a subset of ethnics with insular gigantism, they managed to throw back iron clad norsemen with nothing more ash hardened spears and oaken clubs while naked as the day they were born. >tall tan and blue eyed see what I mean? this sounds like someone from south asia trying to say "at a distance you'd think im one of you" look you do not pass the eyeball test, you are not pale, you are not White, you do not freckle (a WHG self defense mechanic against solar attacks), you turn orange and you never come back from it, you remain orange until you turn into a walking strip of bacon as you age. You will never be White You will never have the elevated pain tolerance of Redheads You will never have the broad and robust chests of the Irish You will never have the Freckles or Ringlets of the WHG race You will always be a twisted mockery of an angelic figure, forever in decline as you perpetually increase in asiatic ancestry You will not be the stark example of the ascension of man from the furtive swarthoid WHG to the Atlantean BVLL seeking immortality that is the Irishman. 20 hours ago 16 minutes ago 67 0.9 4ch his
Why has violence decreased worldwide since ancient times? 13 hours ago 28 minutes ago 52 1.0 4ch his
Why do people always gloss over the fact that the Kim dynasty is more similar to Hitler's Germany than it is any Communist state? 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 51 0.6 4ch his
>"Myself! Myself! Why have I forsaken me? 8 hours ago 6 minutes ago 50 1.6 4ch his
How do we handle the history of the Congo Free State now that this book, which has popularized the prevailing memes about how horrible it was (10 million dead genocide, hand chopping), has been proven to be utter nonsense? https://www.theamericanconservative .com/king-hochschilds-hoax/ https://www.theamericanconservative .com/the-ghost-still-haunts/ 15 hours ago 5 hours ago 44 0.8 4ch his
>gdp schizo is shitting up the board again 6 hours ago an hour ago 42 1.9 4ch his
Why did the world gang up on Germany for stopping the German speaking genocide in Poland? 8 hours ago 4 hours ago 42 1.3 4ch his
How come nobody can refute him? 12 hours ago 22 minutes ago 32 0.7 4ch his
What was the positive alternative to the partition of India? I always hear Indians and Pakistanis claiming it’s caused all their problems while also being glad they gave their own countries and aren’t stuck in either a Hindu dominated one or a Muslim dominated one Its always bizarre to me how Muslims and Hindus blame the partition for their cultural and ethnic conflicts... even though they had those before the British ever arrived, and it was minimal while the British ruled So what’s the deal here? Just sounds like Pakistanis and Indians can’t recognise their own failings so they blame the evil colonial overlords regardless of logic 13 hours ago an hour ago 32 0.7 4ch his
Why can nobody refute him? >not a serious scholar! >mops the floor with every "serious scholar" in debate. 12 hours ago 6 hours ago 30 0.7 4ch his
Why did God copy the Epic of Gilgamesh myth for his Noah's Flood story? He couldn't flood the world for real? 13 hours ago 9 minutes ago 30 0.6 4ch his
What are the religious implications of Japan being nicer than most Christian nations dispite being completely pagan? 16 hours ago 3 hours ago 30 0.5 4ch his