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Strategic advantage? 7 hours ago 11 minutes ago 354 13.3 4ch k
/arg/ send help NOVA SEND FUCKING HELP EDITION Old: >>58450524 12 hours ago 29 minutes ago 298 6.6 4ch k
Do NOT read the Japanese kamikaze pilot manual. 20 hours ago 10 minutes ago 242 3.3 4ch k
ITS FUCKING HAPPENING 1665843780958683136?s=46&t=ySaWSLoZ U6lwZ7u03-FcBQ NOT A FUCKING DRILL AUSTRALIA MAY SEND ITS 41 FA/18s TO UKRAINE INSTEAD OF SCRAPPING THEM FA/18s FOR UKRAINE 14 hours ago 6 minutes ago 204 3.8 4ch k
NY Man Shoots, Kills Mugger In Queens Is a 5-round .38 sufficient for edc? 12 hours ago 16 minutes ago 200 4.4 4ch k
tactical advantage? 4 hours ago 6 minutes ago 178 12.2 4ch k
Ukraine has started disguising their armored vehicles as houses tatus/1665748337067171840 Will the Cabin of Novodonestk push all the way to Mariupol? 19 hours ago 2 hours ago 174 2.5 4ch k
>sword thread died For shame, anons. Your lack of swordposting disappoints me 22 hours ago 4 hours ago 131 1.6 4ch k
Anyone else very confused on what is happening in Ukraine? Information posted on /k/ and /pol/ is completely different from each other. Like news article posted on /pol/ says Russian repel Ukrainian offensive while on /k/ says it's successful operation. Then there's Belgorod where on /pol/ there is no fighting while on /k/ resistance fighters are advancing. Don't know who to believe. 9 hours ago 4 minutes ago 127 3.8 4ch k
f-35 sisters 4 hours ago 5 minutes ago 116 7.0 4ch k
Cangen - CFG - Canada Firearms General >New here? Read this >Want to hunt? Hunting license info: >Want to buy something? Recommended vendors list: >Want to help firearm rights? >Shitty Thread? /cangen/ Anti-Spammer filter list: >Hobbyists corner: Rules of Cangen: >Rule 1: No Furries >Rule 2: No trannies or manlets >Rule 3: No slav bumfight content >Rule 4: No noguns PPC D&C >Rule 5: Go shooting. >Rule 6: No modern CAF OP pictures. Recruit elsewhere. Previously on /cangen/: >>58447708 THREAD QUESTION: should historical pictures of the Canadian Army be allowed as OP pictures in honour of their cultural and historical significance? 9 hours ago 52 minutes ago 108 3.2 4ch k
Reminder: change your fucking socks regularly and stay hydrated when marching 18 hours ago 48 minutes ago 106 1.6 4ch k
According to rybar Ukrainians have crossed the Dnipro and are attacking Dachi Situation in Kherson 17 hours ago an hour ago 104 1.6 4ch k
Why the fuck did the US Military have to replace the Berreta with Sigger shit? 23 hours ago an hour ago 101 1.2 4ch k
/aus/ general Ausfags get in here. Thread question: what's the most bubba'd thing you've seen for sale in aus? 6 hours ago 4 minutes ago 97 4.2 4ch k
Reminder: Calvin carried an M1911 11 hours ago 22 minutes ago 94 2.3 4ch k
Is dambusting a warcrime now? 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 89 8.6 4ch k
1: Who's the LEAST trustworthy country in the F35 program? 2: Is every country in this list really MORE trustworthy than Turkey? F-35 exports 12 hours ago 5 minutes ago 87 1.9 4ch k
Can someone explain to me how are american ARs ending up in Cartel hands? 16 hours ago an hour ago 83 1.4 4ch k
What are your thoughts on Oryx? 23 hours ago 20 minutes ago 83 1.0 4ch k
Russian partisans in Belgorod are traveling through the sewers tatus/1665795718651551744?s=46&t=yS aWSLoZU6lwZ7u03-FcBQ Are the sewers a good place to move around? 15 hours ago 26 minutes ago 76 1.4 4ch k
>Australia, the US and Ukraine are discussing sending 41 Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 Hornets to Kyiv helping fulfil part of President Volodymyr Zelensky’srequest for fighter jets,rather than sending them to the scrapheap as planned. >The retired F/A-18s are sitting in a hangar at the Williamtown RAAF base outside Newcastle and unless sent to Ukraine, will either be scrapped or sold to a private sector aviation company, RAVN Aerospace, to use in the US as "enemies" for military aviators to train against >Robert Potter, an Australian security expert advising the Ukrainian government, confirmed negotiations were underway, but a specific deal is yet to be finalised. >"However, the United States and Ukraine have an active and specific interest in the acquisition of fourth generation fighters for the Ukrainian Air Force," he said. l/retired-raaf-fighter-jets-could-b e-sent-to-ukraine-20230605-p5de0h I'm disappointed that these aren't killing chinese but I guess the orcs are the next best thing. Aus to provide 41 F/A-18 to Ukraine 8 hours ago 53 minutes ago 75 2.4 4ch k
The great debate. Sherman vs T-34 17 hours ago 4 hours ago 74 1.2 4ch k
What was the actual purpose of the SS? 12 hours ago 36 minutes ago 63 1.4 4ch k
According to this Russian Ukraine was using HIMARS against targets in Belgorod us/1665786537982738440?s=46&t=ySaWS LoZU6lwZ7u03-FcBQ 17 hours ago 5 hours ago 63 1.0 4ch k
Well- why did the Poles Pixelate their BTR in the video, /k/? 13 hours ago 6 hours ago 61 1.2 4ch k
TEMPO an hour ago 19 minutes ago 58 11.1 4ch k
Gun Idols Edition Previous: >>58439902 /ak/ - anime k 6 hours ago 37 minutes ago 58 2.4 4ch k
why the FUCK are these not available anywhere? Detachable carry handles aren’t the same. 8 hours ago 11 minutes ago 51 1.7 4ch k
RF soldiers boasting that they have arrived and will easily wipe out the Russian rebel groups fighting for control on their side of the border How do you think this confrontation will end for them? 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 47 5.7 4ch k
RVC IS NOW IN CONTROL OF GRAYVORON RAION TEMPO STATUS? 15 hours ago 33 minutes ago 41 0.8 4ch k
You can kill a T-rex with a 9mm I don't know how I will recover from this 14 hours ago 4 hours ago 41 0.8 4ch k
I saved a few grand up and was thinking of buying a .22 rifle. What are some decent options? The obvious choice is a ruger 10/22 but what else does /k recommend? I’ve seen Henry lever actions? Are they decent or a meme? 22lr Rifles 13 hours ago 4 hours ago 40 0.8 4ch k
Why does almost no one join the Coast guard? 17 hours ago 6 hours ago 40 0.6 4ch k
Why’d you stop going to meets, anon? 12 hours ago 2 hours ago 38 0.8 4ch k
Realistically, what is the future of this place? Is it a suitable environment for tank warfare? >prussiaposters gtfo >polish memers gtfo >czech memers gtfo 2 hours ago 37 minutes ago 37 5.0 4ch k
What kind of guns zoomers like? INB4 hi-points and Tec-9s because of SoundCloud rappers. Meanwhile on Zoomer /k/ 9 hours ago 10 minutes ago 36 1.1 4ch k
what can you do to reduce panic in a real life shoot out? 9 hours ago 12 minutes ago 33 1.0 4ch k
So now that Apple is entering the augmented reality market, and will likely be followed by other companies taking consumer augmented reality beyond just an extremely niche product among niche products. Will we see start to see a shift in opinions of the US Army's IVAS program bringing this technology to the average infantryman? 14 hours ago 3 hours ago 33 0.6 4ch k
JANES JANES JANES JANES JANES Post interesting Janes snippets I'll also take requests, I have a couple readily available to sort through: Jane's Armoured Fighting Vehicle Retrofit Systems 1993-94 (my favorite) Jane’s World Armoured Fighting Vehicles Janes Land-Based Air Defence 1992-93 Janes Light Tanks and Armoured Cars Main Battle Tanks, Light Tanks. Jane's Armour And Artillery 2005-2006 9 hours ago an hour ago 32 0.9 4ch k
We should have done it bros 5 hours ago 6 minutes ago 32 1.6 4ch k