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/gaygen/ - chunky appreciation edition old >>31310229 11 hours ago 8 minutes ago 304 7.4 4ch lgbt
what's up with people, who are not women exclusively attracted to other women, just stealing the term lesbian? like for fucks sake there's so many "non binary lesbians" who are... supposedly not women, identifying as lesbians. I mean wouldn't it be self induced misgendering to call yourself, a non woman, something that has meant for a very long time "WOMAN who likes WOMEN". would it not? some people even use it to just say "yeah I'm attracted to women and afabs". now I think lesbian should go back to meaning; "woman exclusively attracted to other women". 22 hours ago 4 hours ago 242 3.0 4ch lgbt
Can the "AFAB only queer housing" people please just skip to the point and call us men instead of dancing around with "AMAB" and "male-socialized"? this is grueling even by usual tranny discourse standards Imagine this applied to any other demographic division 19 hours ago 12 minutes ago 228 3.3 4ch lgbt
lets have a favorites thread! will upload the template in a second guess letters n stuff 20 hours ago 26 minutes ago 200 2.7 4ch lgbt
>love holding trannies >love spoiling trannies >love cuddling trannies >love kissing >love fucking trannies >love watching hrt tits bounce while I’m fucking them >love knowing I’m balls deep in someone’s daughter Need to find a permanent tranny gf. 8 hours ago 8 minutes ago 197 6.1 4ch lgbt
literally the only goal in my life is to be attractive to straight men and that will never fucking happen. I'm already approaching my 30s and once I get far enough into them it will be too late no matter what. I don't know why I even try to do anything at this point; what's the fucking point 14 hours ago 3 hours ago 171 3.3 4ch lgbt
/mtfg/ male to female general last >>31313592 link (dodgy) 3 hours ago 11 minutes ago 117 8.9 4ch lgbt
Any stories from other trannies who grew up wanting long hair/growing it out? I feel like this is a universal experience almost. I always dreaded the idea of having short hair growing up and whenever my parents forced me to cut my hair it felt like apart of me was being taken away from me. I specifically remember this one time on a Mother's Day my "gift" to my mom was that she took me to get my hair cut against my will. I was 16, by the way. 12 hours ago 33 minutes ago 105 2.4 4ch lgbt
Post tttt girls that were clearly made for daily sex 6 hours ago an hour ago 105 4.6 4ch lgbt
Boymoders, how big is your gock? 10 hours ago 16 minutes ago 88 2.4 4ch lgbt
what do trannies like on their pizza? im ordering a pizza 7 hours ago 49 minutes ago 88 3.1 4ch lgbt
Been on hrt for a year and my hair still looks like this Should I just rope? 12 hours ago 2 hours ago 60 1.4 4ch lgbt
pooners are all just fujoshis thoughts? 8 hours ago 26 minutes ago 60 1.9 4ch lgbt
What causes transphobia? >religion This doesn’t make sense because hardcore atheists like Elon Musk and Richard Dawkins are transphobic. 13 hours ago 3 hours ago 59 1.2 4ch lgbt
I can assure you, most if not all chasers do it because they can't get real women. Once they do, the desperation wears off and the chasing comes to an end. I know because I used to be one. Being a chaser is embarassing 4 hours ago 57 minutes ago 56 3.6 4ch lgbt
In light of the revelation about our new trans queen, guess what I remembered I had in my closet lol 12 hours ago 48 minutes ago 56 1.3 4ch lgbt
/bigen/ - bisexual general boys cuddling cont. ed (/gaygen/ to annoy the fags) QOTT: does your mom know that you're bi? Previous Thread >>31263834 Tagmap: FAQ >Am I bi if I like women and femboys/traps? >Am I bi if there's this one member of the same-sex I'm desiring, but normally I like the opposite sex? >Am I bi if I sexually like both sexes, but only interested in romance with one of them? Yes, sexual attraction to both sexes is bisexuality. >Do you love me, OP? idk!!!!! >. >Am I bi or pan if I like trans people? Both are able to be attracted to trans people. >What's the difference between bisexual and pansexual? Little to none. Resource for Bisexuals: Provides additional information and help if needed. 13 hours ago an hour ago 52 1.1 4ch lgbt
Is it wrong for a 33yo trans woman to date a 19yo cis boy? 15 hours ago 52 minutes ago 47 0.9 4ch lgbt
NO MORE WOKE FISH FACTS 3 hours ago 19 minutes ago 44 3.9 4ch lgbt
What do you think of the cotton ceiling? The 'cotton ceiling' is the idea that lesbians don't want to have sex with trans-lesbians, and are therefore prejudice. What do you think of this issue? Is it unfair? 11 hours ago 35 minutes ago 44 1.0 4ch lgbt
>Just gave another trans girl money Why can't I stop? 5 hours ago 20 minutes ago 42 2.0 4ch lgbt
Daily reminder this was never about the children. They just hate you and want to hurt you. 6 hours ago an hour ago 42 1.8 4ch lgbt
Did I just fall in love? >be me >18yo repressor >somehow made friends >there´s this cute non hrt FtM boy >he´s gay >he´s very kind to me and supportive >often compliments me of how fem I am and how much potential I have + silly sexual jokes >no reaction bc Im so depressed >I start hrt >a lot happier, a lot more everything >compliments hit different >those silly jokes hit different >I get nervous around him >often thinking about him >one day we hang out together and start talking about my sexuality and insecurities (Im not sure if Im bi) >he asks if I´ll date a trans guy >immediately respond yes >he makes the "smug anime face" reaction >idk why but felt flustered 2 hours ago 20 minutes ago 42 4.9 4ch lgbt
Just remember that according to Quantum Mechanics (the leading interpretation of how spacetime works in modern science) the universe is one massive wave function and all possible realities are happening simultaneously. This means there’s a universe where you’re a passoid and that hot luckshit who mogs you is a hon. Yeah it sucks you’re stuck existing in the hon timeline, but just know you’re serving cunt somewhere in the multiverse <3 8 hours ago an hour ago 42 1.4 4ch lgbt
Lena: >Home got invaded by Russians, forced to relocate and will never sell again Spiffy: >In jail Otokonoko: >Stress of her work made her quit her dreams to be an endocrinologist, constantly has retard conservatives crying about her online OElabs: > Partner literally in coma, still has 80 backlogged orders that need to be fulfilled from January Lexiceuticals: > In coma due to meth usage Why are homebrewers so unlucky? 15 hours ago 25 minutes ago 40 0.7 4ch lgbt
how do i be a good chaser instead of a bad chaser 5 hours ago 3 hours ago 38 2.0 4ch lgbt
is it true? in my experience it's not true... 11 hours ago 8 minutes ago 35 0.8 4ch lgbt
Why do people hate trannies so much? not even niggers get this much hate and public dissaproval. 6 hours ago 28 minutes ago 35 1.5 4ch lgbt
Daily Reminder Girls love Femboys! 7 hours ago 11 minutes ago 34 1.2 4ch lgbt
>tfw want a bf (man) >only women are attracted to me where are all the MEN >:( 10 hours ago 3 hours ago 33 0.8 4ch lgbt
Pictured: An obvious AGP repressor who will soon troon out and make everyone in the world TERFs and make them attack trans people who actually need help. Trans women who transition after starting puberty are the big obstacle to achieving trans rights. Male puberty + male socialization turns people into degenerate rapists, murderers, and pedophiles. And now these degenerates want to live as women. They should be told to fuck off. It's them who are raping and molesting women in bathrooms, locker rooms, prisons, rape shelters, and homeless shelters. It's them who are unfairly beating women in women's sports and almost killing them. It's them who are constantly molesting and raping little girls. They're also just raping and assaulting women in general. Pressuring lesbians to have sex with them through insane ideas like the "cotton ceiling". They're always deadbeat fathers too, abandoning their families at 40 years old to indulge in their degenerate fantasies. They look disgusting and ugly. Their big man faces and brick-like, fat bodies (most of them are morbidly obese) make me want to throw up. They always have unshaved hair on their faces and their voices are disgusting and sound like some shitbrained male autist. They cake their face in makeup which can't conceal how disgusting they look and how I can smell them from behind the screen. They dress like teenage girls or even prepubescent girls because they're porn addicted pedophiles and have a huge list of degenerate fetishes. I mean, we're talking about the only group of people in the world who truly are degenerate in all the ways the far right says they are. And they've infiltrated the left and have made everything about them like a bunch of cockroaches, not to mention lesbian and female online spaces. Trans women need to be banned from transitioning after starting puberty 10 hours ago 28 minutes ago 32 0.9 4ch lgbt
>wish I was a girl >realize it's impossible >repress unhealthily, live in a permanent state of existential dread, horror, and hopelessness why are you doing this 7 hours ago 3 hours ago 32 1.2 4ch lgbt
Will he ever return? 13 hours ago 2 hours ago 32 0.7 4ch lgbt
>be nerdy repper >hate myself and my appearance >total virgin, no luck pulling dates >honestly not even that bad looking but had negative self-esteem and did NOT have the confidence to attract anyone >troon out >3.5 years pass >infinitely more confident, especially in terms of appearance >dominant trans girl so i'm in high demand >not hard to pull dates with my looks >happier overall >life is good why would i ever wanna go back? 4 hours ago 2 hours ago 31 2.0 4ch lgbt
I peed through my diaper This has become a regular occurrence and I don’t think there is any chance of it stopping, my bladder is progressively getting worse, I’m gonna become a diaper trans girl, fuck 20 hours ago 4 hours ago 30 0.4 4ch lgbt