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Previous: >>22523130 /wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTION: RESOURCES & RECOMMENDATIONS: Please limit excerpts to one post. Give advice as much as you receive it to the best of your ability. Follow prompts made below and discuss written works for practice; contribute and you shall receive. If you have not performed a cursory proofread, do not expect to be treated kindly. Edit your work for spelling and grammar before posting. Violent shills, relentless shill-spammers, and grounds keeping prose, should be ignored and reported. Simple guides on writing: > dzv1NfZRM > Pnobbck9s > KcbvioxFk Thread Theme: aDH_GB0o /wg/ Writing General 16 hours ago an hour ago 92 1.5 4ch lit
We're back 17 hours ago 8 hours ago 77 1.2 4ch lit
Help me /lit/, I'm starting to develop an anti-natalist stance, not in the hedonist >But muh free time >But muh traveling >But muh disposable income more in the Schopenhauerian sense of >Stop creating meat for the meat grinder, reject maya, embrace celibacy this, of course is merely the philosophical level. On a more personal one I've adopted a form of self imposed eugenics, even if I could find a gf (which I can not as a subhuman), the act of procreation on my end would be an act of child abuse. By choosing to have children I would, merely by this choice, be a horrible parent. I don't want to be this guy whoever. It's way too Rick and Morty for my taste. Convince me otherwise /lit/. 11 hours ago an hour ago 64 1.6 4ch lit
>DUDE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION WAS A MISTAKE WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS N SHIEET >the good old days: Ted was a hack and anyone who listens to him are midwits 17 hours ago 9 hours ago 53 0.8 4ch lit
>tfw to smart for Bible 13 hours ago 8 hours ago 43 0.9 4ch lit
why are people, who are into philosophy, so anti-science? i keep seeing arguments in the vein of science not technically understanding things fully (as opposed to classical philosophy?) and just vague notions that science isn't clear enough 4 hours ago 7 minutes ago 43 2.9 4ch lit
Did Popper know it would be used as an excuse by the worst kind of people to freely practice blatant intolerance and repression? the paradox of tolerance 22 hours ago 10 hours ago 42 0.5 4ch lit
So, I'm tracking at least four major iterations of the forms: >early-middle era Plato (e.g. Republic, Phaedrus, Meno, etc.) Here, forms seem to be the "bread and butter" of metaphysics, knowledge, etc. They're "hyperuranion" (divine in some sense), but they can also be "collected." Yet, for some reason, dianoia (discursive reasoning) and noesis (intuitive reasoning) are not the same. But we somehow "knew" them in a past life, which is what makes thinking possible at all. >late era Plato (e.g. Sophist, Philebus, etc.) The forms now seem to be derivative of higher principles (e.g. the One and the Indefinite, the Limit and the Unlimited, etc.) The forms seem to be both stable and definitive *and* flexible and in flux for this reason. There also is a prelude to Aristotle's "Categories" here, e.g. Sameness, Difference, Rest, Motion, etc. >Aristotle (e.g. hylomorphism) Form is explicitly defined as the pattern, arrangement, etc., of something, and is again directly linked to substance. However, it is (usually) inseparable from matter (except when it is not, e.g. the active intellect and the unmoved mover (and somehow does not fail the "Third Man" self-predication argument). It is directly apprehended by the intellect, which becomes the form. Finally, you have what appears to be two kinds of forms, genera (e.g. Aristotle's taxonomy of beings) and qualities (e.g. red, soft, etc.), and they both function like universals but the former is contingent and the latter is necessary (but somehow must always be instantiated in matter, and also we don't have to worry about self-predication for some reason). >Neoplatonism Forms are described in "sensual" metaphors and emerge from the sensibles, almost as if there is a spectrum of intelligibles from the sensible to the formal, the latter obviously being superior to the former. Now, are forms akin to concepts, abstractions, etc., at least that the latter tries to map onto the former, with mixed results? Is an object's "form" the totality of all its patterns? When the mind apprehends a form, but only partially, is this an abstraction (e.g. our mind only "becomes" part of the intelligible, sensible and formal, and thus we only take away part of it)? When we only intentionally focus on one element of an object, are we only focusing on a single or a handful of its forms (and thus is an abstraction in that sense)? Is it a mistake to assume that "noetic thinking" is thinking at all? Sorry if this is all over the place and if I butcher some of the narrative details. I'm mostly trying to get a sense of the "architecture" here. What are forms, really? 17 hours ago an hour ago 38 0.6 4ch lit
What should a guy about to turn 30 with absolutely no direction in his life read? Are there books to help with such a condition? What do you read when you're unsure of your footing in this strange and complex life we have? 13 hours ago 10 minutes ago 37 0.8 4ch lit
Folio Society's complete collection of Shakespeare's Plays. Illustrated, comes with a slip-case, limited to 1,000 hand-numbered sets. $1500 Whose buying it? e-complete-plays.html 10 hours ago 2 hours ago 37 1.0 4ch lit
>I can imagine it therefore its real. 14 hours ago 3 hours ago 35 0.6 4ch lit
Write what’s on your mind >no previous link required WWOYM 6 hours ago 7 minutes ago 33 1.4 4ch lit
Can people express themselves in words anymore? Since most people today consume everything from video or images, and since chat GPD has taken over everything text related, have people forgotten how to write and express themselves with words? Try describing the ass in pic related with your own words. Try to be creative. Try to use imagination. Do you find it difficult? 3 hours ago 12 minutes ago 33 2.4 4ch lit
Trumpgasmo ITT: shitty books about Trump 7 hours ago 4 hours ago 31 1.2 4ch lit
Walter Moers Thoughts about this author? I'm hearing a lot about him lately here on /lit/. What is the required level to read him in the original? 18 hours ago 3 hours ago 30 0.4 4ch lit