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>ASOIAF is supposed to be the dark n gritty realistic take on soft fantasy like LotR >LotR is actually darker far more morose and more in tune with the dark myths of the past >ASOIAF is pretty much genreshit with gore n tits Why is the reception of both different from the actual reality? At least Elric balances edge ad gore and sex with depth and innovation. 21 hours ago 34 minutes ago 314 4.0 4ch lit
/wwoym/ - Write What's On Your Mind Roosh & Roissy edition Prev >>22110366 14 hours ago 12 minutes ago 147 2.8 4ch lit
The greatest artists of our generation will die poor and forgotten, their work only recognized decades, or even centuries after they have left this world. They might post their work on social media and only get a few dozen likes if they're lucky. Meanwhile, any random woman can post their butt-cheeks on Instagram, and in one hour they will get more attention, admiration and money than any artist will receive in their lifetime. How does this makes you feel? 20 hours ago 2 hours ago 124 1.7 4ch lit
Bros I'm in love, I can't stop counting the Bees and singing with birds. None of the greatest literature holds anything to a beautiful woman and in fact women get the ick from reading, plus nobody cares about pseud cred with reading anymore as everyone looks at stemfags and computer scientists as geniuses and not reading nerds. You won't get laid and you're not smart, so why even bother reading I'm serious, I got no puss from lying about reading Ulysses or Proust, but now that I'm a software engineer making bank I get all the puss I need and my family views me as a genius. So I ask, what's the point of reading in TODAY 2023 >tldr Stop wasting your life reading it's just not worth it. I'm sure there's brilliant ideas in Ulysses, but it's not going to get you money or puss. 13 hours ago 3 hours ago 96 2.0 4ch lit
What philosophy books do I need to read to refute this type of argument? 19 hours ago an hour ago 78 1.1 4ch lit
going to barnes, want anything? 21 hours ago 6 hours ago 70 0.9 4ch lit
Shut the fuck up about religion Hey, can you guys shut the fuck up about religion? This is a board dedicated to the discussion of literature. Where the two intersect is one thing, but otherwise you are just lumping your ideology in with fiction. Thanks. 12 hours ago 8 hours ago 46 1.0 4ch lit
Self Improvement Books Name books that improved your life, anon. 22 hours ago 8 minutes ago 40 0.5 4ch lit
Recently graduated college at 27, friends are drifting away, feel detached from people, can't relate to younger crowd anymore, lingering ptsd from being unvaxxed, experienced life in both the big city life and small towns, now reside in liminal dead end mid-sized city, scared to become a white collar professional and work for the rest of my life, competing seems futile and anxiety inducing, life seems duller than ever, feel like I'm waiting to die. What should I read? 13 hours ago an hour ago 39 0.8 4ch lit
Yo JP, what's going on big man? 8 hours ago 9 minutes ago 36 1.2 4ch lit
Where do I learn about early church heresies? I have a list and I know bits and pieces about each but not sure what are the best texts to go in more depth. Here's the list. If you have any thoughts or reccs about any of the names below let me know. Also if you can help with further names that's also appreciated # 1st century - Judaizers -- Ebionitism -- Nazarenes - Gnosticism -- Simonites -- Mandaeism -- Cerinthus # 2nd century - Gnosticism -- Marcion -- Valentius -- Basillides -- Saturnius - Docetism - Montanism # 3rd century - Origenism - Sabellianism - Monoarchainnism - Gnosticism -- Manicheanism # 4th century - Apollinarianism - Arianism - Priscillianism - Messalians/Euchites # 5th century - Pelagianism - Nestoriansm - Monophysitsm - Monothelitism Christian heresies 19 hours ago 37 minutes ago 33 0.5 4ch lit
Psychedelic Schizojournaling thank you for reading my )))DMT((( blog 1/22 20 hours ago an hour ago 31 0.4 4ch lit
What is the point of reading this when Catch-22 exists? 15 hours ago 31 minutes ago 30 0.5 4ch lit