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Daily Bike Thread - /DBT/ NEW BIKES!!!!! >ELIMINATOR 450 >UPDATED ZX4R COLORS (and hopefully pricing...) >UPDATED ZX6R >UPDATED DUALSPORTS >NEW HYBRID AND ELECTRIC BIKES (gay) >NEW MULE SXS !!!!!! WOO !!!!!!!!! >BOLD NEW GRAPHICS BAYBEE >smaller tire width = faster corner speed (fun) >Never buying used >Never buying new >Turning your VFR into a street fighter >Motorcycle dating advice >Lowsiding high5ing techniques >ZX4RR > R7 >zx4r bros we win >getting banned for wrong-think on /dbt >fucking nobikes shitting up the thread >motorcycle instathots & moto wreck webms >Pass the MSF, wear ear plugs READ THE STICKY: >>23526953 FAQ: jannies can suck a dick: Training links: > > > > > Training vids: Twist of the Wrist: Previous: >>26700469 14 hours ago 6 minutes ago 256 4.8 4ch o
webm thread no motorcycles edition 20 hours ago 40 minutes ago 84 1.1 4ch o
2,341 lbs currently the ND2 is the lightest rwd car in production this is the future you chose 18 hours ago 29 minutes ago 74 1.1 4ch o
For a few years now I've really been thinking about getting a first generation Nissan Xterra. I've heard they last like Toyotas and they look pretty interesting. Anyone have one of these? 11 hours ago 54 minutes ago 47 1.2 4ch o
What does /o/ think of the zipper merge? 17 hours ago 11 hours ago 42 0.7 4ch o
It has fuel and spark, why it no run? It's basically edging, it's about to kick over, like it's at that part of the cycle where you can let go of the key, but it just won't kick over. 9 hours ago 36 minutes ago 36 1.1 4ch o
Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread /SQTDDTOT/ Can anyone recommend a boiler suit? For my home garage in the hot south. I had this one back up north, chosen for no reason. I prefer it loose so I can throw it on over clothes. -Speedsuit-Medium/dp/B00769I9LU/ref =sr_1_5?crid=16DLJ411RRIPB&keywords =red%2Bkap%2Bboiler%2Bsuit%2B44LN&q id=1685992154&sprefix=red%2Bkap%2Bb oiler%2Bsuit%2B44ln%2Caps%2C78&sr=8 -5&th=1&psc=1 18 hours ago 4 minutes ago 36 0.6 4ch o
Will the flappy paddle losers finally admit defeat? Manual transmissions are: >more reliable >cheaper/simpler >more fun >faster (inb4 "but what about in a drag race on a perfectly flat surface where you get to enable launch control and you never mod your car?") >better for the environment (ok, I made this one up) So.... manuals are faster now? 20 hours ago an hour ago 35 0.5 4ch o
How often do you guys... Drive? Do you drive at night or during the day? Do you listen to any nice tunes? I've been looking at google maps lately planning some nice-looking routes to drive, just to get out of the house and do something different. 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 33 0.4 4ch o