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/Stardom/ General Next shows June 7th, "STARDOM in MAIBARA", Shiga Prefectural Cultural Industry Exchange Center, Maibara City, 6:30PM JST >Mayu Iwatani & Hazuki & Koguma & Saya Iida (STARS) vs Giulia & Maika & Mai Sakurai & Thekla (Donna del Mondo) >Tam Nakano & Natsupoi & Yuna Mizumori (COSMIC ANGELS) vs Mina Shirakawa & Mariah May & Xena (Club Venus) >Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani & AZM (Queen's Quest) vs Saori Anou & Suzu Suzuki & Mei Seira >Syuri & MIRAI & Ami Sohrei (God's Eye) & HANAKO vs Natsuko Tora & Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid & Ruaka (Oedo Tai) >Saki Kashima (Oedo Tai ) vs Waka Tsukiyama (Club Venus) >Momo Kohgo (STARS) & Aya Sakura vs Lady C & Miyu Amasaki (Queen's Quest) June 9th, "STARDOM in TOKUSHIMA ~Sudachi-kun Forest Theater Tournament~", Sudachi-kun Forest Theater, Tokushima, 6:30PM JST >Giulia & Maika & Mai Sakurai & Thekla (Donna del Mondo) vs Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama & Mariah May & Xena (Club Venus) >Mayu Iwatani & Hazuki & Koguma (STARS) vs Syuri & MIRAI & Ami Sohrei (God's Eye) >Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani & AZM & Lady C (Queen's Quest) vs Natsuko Tora & Momo Watanabe & Saki Kashima & Ruaka (Oedo Tai) >Tam Nakano & Natsupoi (COSMIC ANGELS) vs Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo (STARS) >Suzu Suzuki & Mei Seira vs Miyu Amasaki (Queen's Quest) & HANAKO >Aya Sakura vs Starlight Kid (Oedo Tai) vs Yuna Mizumori (COSMIC ANGELS) Previous >>10397465 9 hours ago 2 minutes ago 165 4.7 4ch pw
Which of these do not belong? Which moves got shafted? 16 hours ago an hour ago 122 2.0 4ch pw
AEW got BTFO by Rossy [Good News] Stardom (12) has now officially booked all of its major talent for their June 25th STARDOM SUNSHINE 2023 show, as well as undercard talent such as Momo Kohgo (38) and big freelancers like KAIRI (34). This effectively means that they have once again big leagued AEW (4) and will not send their talent for the Forbidden Door 2023 event. Say what you will about Rossy's (66) booking, but one thing is undeniable: When it comes to handling the tranny menace, he is much smarter than his Bushiroad (16) BROTHER Gedo (54). He has not forgotten when Tiny Cunt (40) tried poaching Mayu Iwatani (30) years ago. I think I can speak for all New Japan chads when we say Gedo should learn from him. 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 121 1.5 4ch pw
ACKNOWLEDGE THE BIGGEST DRAW IN WRESTLING 15 hours ago 3 hours ago 107 1.9 4ch pw
IYO SKY GENERAL MEGA IN THE BANK edition Previous: >>10372888 Social Media: Io's official blog: 16 hours ago 2 minutes ago 106 1.7 4ch pw
it's about to be trannymania up in here, /pw/bros 12 hours ago 37 minutes ago 94 2.1 4ch pw
>put Wrestling Observer Live behind a paywall >get less exposure >become irrelevant and forgotten about overtime What is the appeal of having 20 measly paypigs watch your show instead of maybe 800 for free on Youtube? Out with a whimper, not a bang. 17 hours ago 55 minutes ago 64 1.0 4ch pw
Book it 14 hours ago 5 hours ago 56 1.1 4ch pw
>According to a source close to the situation, Wyatt has been going through what is being described to us as a "mental break." >We do know that Bray had battled a case of COVID-19 and the belief is that the illness either "brought on" or "coincided" with some sort of mental health issue. >Additionally, it was said that when Wyatt returned to WWE at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event on October 8, 2022, he expressed concern over simply saying the words "I’m here" as the show came to a close. There was a debate that took place between Wyatt and several writers at the time regarding whether he should say more. During the post-WWE Extreme Rules 2022 edition of RAW, Wyatt appeared in front of live fans for the first time since his WWE release in July 2021. >Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, WWE officials are giving Bray as much time as he needs. One source added that Wyatt seemed a bit "out of it" when spoken to over the past few months. We also know that he wasn’t happy with the creative plans for his character as time went on. >As of this writing, there is no timetable for Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE. /exclusive-update-on-bray-wyatts-ww e-status Bray Wyatt is on a "mental break" 6 hours ago an hour ago 54 2.2 4ch pw
Reminder to all concern troll e-piggies AEW will have game 3 of the NBA Finals as competition this Wednesday so it likely won't hit your hecking arbitrary number. The ratings don't count this week. 7 hours ago 5 hours ago 49 1.8 4ch pw
SMACKDOWN RATINGS SKYROCKET!! 2.6M 0.73 RAMPAGE PLUMMETS 357K 0.11!! ''CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT'' FLOPPED 16 hours ago 3 hours ago 48 0.8 4ch pw
for all his problems, can we all admit he's pretty good at his job? vince worked for his dad for 10 years before taking over and grew up planning on being a promoter and taking over but tony has been solid for 4 years despite being new at this 12 hours ago an hour ago 47 1.1 4ch pw
Kek they are mad over Bianca's Instagram followers now 4 hours ago 9 minutes ago 44 2.9 4ch pw
Is Shota badass now? 19 hours ago an hour ago 43 0.6 4ch pw
Dear oh dear 8 hours ago an hour ago 41 1.3 4ch pw
Liv Morgan Thread 11 hours ago 20 minutes ago 40 0.9 4ch pw
If you care about ratings, go to /tv/. This is /pw/, a wrestling board for wrestling fans. Fuck you -- I like wrestling and don't give two shits about TV shit. 7 hours ago 3 minutes ago 35 1.4 4ch pw
>no memorable matches >no memorable promos >no memorable title runs >got outshined by Hogan in his own faction >didn't help his best friend get over his addictions >didn't help his son get over his addictions and killed him Why do people care about this fuck nuggets opinions? 23 hours ago a minute ago 35 0.4 4ch pw
>Me after enjoying another episode of the best episodic weekly wrestling show in history VDS sufferers can't relate. Goodnight, E-Lords. 8 hours ago an hour ago 33 1.1 4ch pw
what the story an hour ago an hour ago 33 5.1 4ch pw
Obese, lonely, confused trans-bros… 25 minutes ago a minute ago 32 21.1 4ch pw
/pw/ why ? We Lost another one Why did Kathy betray us 8 hours ago 2 hours ago 30 0.9 4ch pw