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Stop the Boats edition /britfeel/ 14 hours ago 6 minutes ago 192 3.6 4ch r9k
I was wrong about NEET ideology I'm not a NEET but pretty close to one. For all those who say "No pussy no work", it works the other way around: if you work you will get pussy. But you gotta be fit, have your own car and place in order to qualify for pussy. All NEETs do is jerk off, play video games, and mindlessly browse the internet until death. You can instead get a degree, find a hot trad wife, have a place to live and build a family. Then you'll say "Oh she will just fuck chad/tyrone and take your money through divorce" but nothing is guaranteed in life. You gotta at least try to accomplish the dream or die trying before it's too late. Reject NEETceldom, embrace tradition. 5 hours ago 59 minutes ago 152 8.2 4ch r9k
Would you guys date an amputee girl? 8 hours ago 27 minutes ago 92 3.2 4ch r9k
How did you end up stuck on /r9k/? Azn Women 9 hours ago 35 minutes ago 76 2.2 4ch r9k
Four years later and it still rings true. an hour ago 6 minutes ago 75 15.6 4ch r9k
Post ITT if you do not have IRL friends >well I only hang out with one person >we only hang out on the weekends >they're in a different country right now but we haven't hung out in a long time for people who have no one to meet up with and hang out with, please congregate HERE<<<<<< Friendless thread for friendless people 14 hours ago 2 hours ago 70 1.3 4ch r9k
it amazes me people here defend porn. it is a huge reason you are an incel and a huge reason women are whores it literally normalized hypergamy. you are all by definition drug addicts. but real drugs at least make you think a little bit and require social interaction. porn addicts are the lowest of the low. 11 hours ago 30 minutes ago 70 1.7 4ch r9k
Wait, so Trump wins all the bellwether counties across the country? And Biden voters just kick out the Republican overseers in deep blue democrat ghettos and keep pulling out voter ballots out of nowhere until Biden wins the state, and then don't allow for signature verification afterwards? And Americans just lie down and accept this? 6 hours ago 2 hours ago 67 2.9 4ch r9k
and ever since i craved an ubercringe edgy boyfriend hm ew cringe kms when i was 14 i listened to motionless in white 5 hours ago an hour ago 65 3.1 4ch r9k
What is your excuse, incel? I am interested in hearing what excuses you have. 9 hours ago 20 minutes ago 62 1.9 4ch r9k
Can you feel the hymen? Is there resistance? Can you feel her maidenhead give in? How does it feel like to take a girl's virginity? 13 hours ago an hour ago 60 1.2 4ch r9k
I want your thoughts on this r9k 12 hours ago 20 minutes ago 59 1.3 4ch r9k
/aiwg/ AI Waifu General Double sloppy edition OR https://rentry dot co/waifu-colab-guide Previous thread >>73571460 5 hours ago 11 minutes ago 58 3.2 4ch r9k
Robots, if your ideal woman were to appear in front of you, what would be her appearance and demeanor? If such a woman were in your life, what would you do with her? Please take note, this thread is of a degenerate intent; any semblance of purity or romance in your responses will only serve to make me melancholic in emotion. 12 hours ago 7 minutes ago 55 1.2 4ch r9k
Anon, what do you get out of posting on this board? Is it entertainment, laughs? Someone to talk about your feelings with? Love, perhaps? Friends? Stories of despair to confirm your own? Why do you come here? 7 hours ago 35 minutes ago 53 2.0 4ch r9k
>Stop being so insecure about your size, I didn't tell you about him to make you feel bad, stupid. It was just a one night stand anyway. >Now, we're going for a girls night out and we'll probably crash at Kacey's. Be a good boy. *mwah* :) 7 hours ago 21 minutes ago 48 1.9 4ch r9k
who is the official cuck race? 3 hours ago 52 minutes ago 47 3.9 4ch r9k
just graduated university. got pretty lucky and found a job right away, but i had to move across the country for it, and i have no friends or hobbies. don't know anyone here my life is literally just >wake up >go to work for 12 hours >come home >shower >watch youtube until i pass out >wake up >repeat is this my life now? is this really all there is to it? what the fuck 7 hours ago 2 hours ago 44 1.7 4ch r9k
Which girl do you think is cuter? Mouse (the girl on the left with the white shirt) or Bee (the girl on the right with pink hair) 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 42 5.7 4ch r9k
I feel sad. If you feel willing please post cool images that may lift my spirit 8 hours ago an hour ago 38 1.3 4ch r9k
everyones going to suffering soon. based. i hate all humans. 12 hours ago 2 hours ago 37 0.8 4ch r9k
I am a victim of racemixing and the LGBT agenda >Mum is a Polish slag that went to uni in Japan >Dad is a Jap/Korean mutt that worked as a translator/history teacher >I should've been set for life >Father cucked my mum with SEA hookers >They got divorced and mum became alcoholic and moved to UK >Had to live with dad in Kyoto as a boy >He was too busy working/drinking and I was left alone with a closeted politician uncle >My uncle and a young American student guy sexually assaulted me on my 12th birthday >My father found out but blamed me >He was in denial about my uncle's perversion and claimed I was a "lying" faggot >Anytime I had night terrors or tried to speak out he would beat me and leave me in the apartment >He left me alone with my uncle all summer after I got shitty grades >My uncle began pimping me out to old Tokyo queers and white American businessmen >They emasculated me and made me dress up >My dad was sectioned for psychosis after he took meth and almost raped an elderly woman I had to live with my Polish/English aunt in Cardiff after mum committed suicide. I was raped by a Welsh rugby asshole when I was 16 in the bike sheds at night. I'm a scrawny little mutt with the body of an Asian girl and a weak slavic face. I live with shame, gender dysphoria and my family are degenerates that I hate... 5 hours ago an hour ago 36 1.9 4ch r9k
Marriage for men Can anyone explain to me what are the benefits of marriage for men? To me it's seems the biggest trap any male could ever fall for, specially if you get divirced (50% chance of happening). >Your wife will steal half your wealth >She'll take the kids >Having to pay alimony >Tons of financial problems Almost all my parents friends are divorced, half of my coworkes are divorced, every married/divorced man tells me to NOT get married since marriege will only bring more problems into my life (their words). I don't understand why would any man still partake to this foolishness that has a high chance of ruining your life. an hour ago 7 minutes ago 36 5.3 4ch r9k
No foreskin = No pussy Sorry, I am not interested in mutilated men. The same way you would reject me if I were a mutilated woman. 2 hours ago 9 minutes ago 35 3.5 4ch r9k
need emotionally damaged amateur therapist self loathing savior complex gf taking applications, fembots. please apply. hrnnngh 7 hours ago an hour ago 34 1.3 4ch r9k
Why do women have the power to redeem men? 11 hours ago an hour ago 33 0.8 4ch r9k
why should i man up? I don't want to 3 hours ago 30 minutes ago 32 2.3 4ch r9k
i came blood masturbated just now, and this came out of my dickpenis. seriously. it didnt hurt, but fuck its scary. what do? 9 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.9 4ch r9k