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kpop 8 hours ago 4 minutes ago 456 14.3 4ch trash
/dft/ - Discord Fappy Talky Post tags, talk about your fetishes, and jerk off. Doggy Style Edition Previous: >>59859687 9 hours ago 4 hours ago 391 11.2 4ch trash
/vrlg/ - Virtual Reality Lewd General #1571 "Virtual Reality, Real Ejaculate"™ Bro just leave the kids alone Edition >18+ Avatar Resources: ikuMikuDance >Guide to Avatars 3.0, including toggles >OpenVR Advanced Settings (contains playspace mover) Settings/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings/re leases 1009850/OVR_Advanced_Settings/ > Other resources (downloads at your own risk): ComboGestureExpressions - enable various facial expressions with shapekeys based on your hand positions ure-expressions-av3/ DynamicPenetration 1.31 - now warns you if you don't import it correctly DPS Shader Generator (Works for Liltoon, UTS, and UnlitWF) ShaderGenerator2 Poiyomi Pro 7.3.029 - works with Dynamic Penetration System, as well as AudioLink typackage Physbones tutorial - give yourself jiggling titties, floppy cock, whatever nWUkswkU Male/boy model list 4fae7 How to find related assets for your base m/ Tierlist (Details on getting on/changing pic on site) / > Upcoming events: OP template pastebin: aw Previous thread: d/59844970 19 hours ago 10 minutes ago 360 5.1 4ch trash
/dft/ - Discord Fappy Talky Post tags, talk about your fetishes, and jerk off. Imminent Sex Edition Previous: >>59864346 5 hours ago 11 minutes ago 319 17.4 4ch trash
/ERP/ - Erotic Roleplaying Thread Short Hair Edition Previous: >>59858331 9 hours ago 5 minutes ago 319 9.2 4ch trash
/flg/ - F-List General #4371 Butt Edition Previous Thread: >>59858918 F-list is a website for people interested in roleplaying, and creating character profiles to find like-minded partners with similar interests to roleplay with. It features a webchat (which can be used for textual roleplaying) and more kinks than you can memorize. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where writers and roleplayers can freely share and advertise their profiles, solicit roleplay from anons, critique each others' characters, ask and give feedback, share roleplay logs with consent from their partners, discuss kinks, gossip about site drama, and everything else related to F-List. >The Site >Login Stats >Live Status Tracker >Filtered Ads >/flg/ Community Pastebin >Profile Image Search >/flg/ Log Archive >Eicon search tool >/flg/ archives h/text/%2Fflg%2F%20-%20F-List%20Gen eral/ >TQ Did you always love asses or did you start as a tit guy? What made you change your tastes? 10 hours ago an hour ago 303 7.7 4ch trash
Your waifus safe here edition Previous thread: d/59838562/ >Anon's spambot filter: am >Latest 4chanX Spambot Filters >BNWO Dictionary (Work In Progress) >Daily Danbooru Signal-Boosting gs=order%3Arbnk+dark-skinned_male+& z=5 Use this link to see/upvote all the daily new BLACKED porn >Booru >Slur Strokes/Earned Orgasms Program >PMV Torrent rent >Templates/Editing Tutorials (dead): Approved templates zip now hosted on anonfiles- /N2cbGe3fye/h_approved_zip (You should be smart enough to paste this onto the URL) >Discords (Dead), tutorials, templates, etc >Blacked Cards: >Sounds >Cytube (Replace _ with .)https://cytu_be/r/BlackedWaifus 24/7 playlist of your waifus getting Blacked (Work in Progress, Currently almost 3 hours long) /BLACKED/ General #2433 16 hours ago 4 minutes ago 269 4.5 4ch trash
Agate Flash Edition /funkg/ trash thread 12 hours ago 14 minutes ago 258 5.7 4ch trash
I am your queen and your rage makes me hard Ignore and Report Shemalefags. Report futashit. Stop replying to them. Stop replying to Tranchal's shitposting. Stop giving retards attention. >What is this thread? A thread to set up ERP/JOI, flirt with anons, discuss fetishes, or talk about/post lewd shit. **No dickgirls/futas/shemales/transwomen , diapers, smegma, or scat.** If you want to post futa/shemales/f+/diapers/whatever make your own thread. Ignore and report the spammer (spam/raiding) if he posts them. >Previous Thread >>59848198 >F+/Fu/Trans Thread >>>/aco/xivgd >Drama Thread >>>/vg/xivg >Lewd Modding Resources, Guides, and Discords >/xiverp/ Album(s) >NPC Mods gyTvEkVBXmGrMxhnfpQ >Lala Mods ers/1BmXZWwYKU_tKaBdBzer6wnez8fH9KB nu ers/19siBLw7VfDdFrszlr8dPtryVNoTfZT Kf >LoIi Mods ers/1tNK3nf0-WDwN0juGQbqldVMl6IANMM Q_ >Superwafflecat/L'fah is a Scat Spammer and Chemo, Don’t Interact, Filter his Trip /^!!SAnlFngZguV$/ >Stop replying to the schizo Kanchelle/chal, filter his posts and every variant of the word tranny, report the repetitive spam https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.x yz/trash/image/1686/87/168687073030 5.jpg Spam filter: /xiverp/ - Final Fantasy XIV: ERP General #1362 16 hours ago an hour ago 244 4.2 4ch trash
/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread. Post lewds and talk about fappin' and schlickin' Only the best edition! Previous: >59846253 7 hours ago 8 minutes ago 207 7.2 4ch trash
This general is for the discussion of official, fan-made, or look-alike TLH productions as well as original content created by Chris Savino. >Booru: >Discord: DM _the_sl0th_ for invite. >Episodes and other official and fan content: >News: A Really Haunted Loud House to be released on Paramount+ and premiere on Nickelodeon on September 28: se-trailer-exclusive/ Bye Bye Birthday to premiere on September 28: tch/loud-house/listings/ /TLHG/ - The Loud House General - Leather Edition 20 hours ago 14 minutes ago 201 2.7 4ch trash
/haha/ I hate myself I ain't cut bitch I'm a knife edition pray for the dead: d/59842500 party for the living:,hahaihat emyself/ Habits:!14tzGArI!GJVpT9n0 k7QzsFGSTvWNfG57LFEn2lJV7X6ydBvIen4 / posshouse: osshouse/ posscraft: 8 hours ago 32 minutes ago 193 6.7 4ch trash
/flg/ - F-List General #4372 Eldritch Embrace Edition Previous Thread: >>59862793 F-list is a website for people interested in roleplaying, and creating character profiles to find like-minded partners with similar interests to roleplay with. It features a webchat (which can be used for textual roleplaying) and more kinks than you can memorize. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where writers and roleplayers can freely share and advertise their profiles, solicit roleplay from anons, critique each others' characters, ask and give feedback, share roleplay logs with consent from their partners, discuss kinks, gossip about site drama, and everything else related to F-List. >The Site >Login Stats >Live Status Tracker >Filtered Ads >/flg/ Community Pastebin >Profile Image Search >/flg/ Log Archive >Eicon search tool >/flg/ archives h/text/%2Fflg%2F%20-%20F-List%20Gen eral/ >TQ: What manner of otherworldly being do you like most? Any Mindflayers from out of town? Or would a Moth(wo)man be more your style? 5 hours ago 3 minutes ago 184 10.1 4ch trash
/GYWB/ - Girls You Wanna Be Warning Label Edition The place to fantasize, discuss and RP about being the girl of your dreams, or anon's. Be a dumb gyaru, a shy bookworm, big titty rapebait, a dominating mommy and whatever you fancy. Humans, elves, goblins, anthros, demongirls, monstergirls... all girls are welcome! Which girl do you want to be: Previous thread: >>59842067 12 hours ago 6 minutes ago 178 4.0 4ch trash
/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General Pre-Coital Confusion Edition PREVIOUS: d/59860478 /TRASH/ RESOURCES Furry artist tags (community spreadsheet): /edit/JzqLNo3G+B+YXzPeBrkje-sU/ Real artist tags: s/d/1SRqJ7F_6yHVSOeCi3U82aA448TqEGr UlRrLLZ51abLg/edit#gid=2005893444 BASIC RESOURCES >Models Which ones are in meta? Fluffyrock, IndigoMix, EasyFluff, bb95, Furtasticv2 >LORAs uckingporn >ControlNet i-controlnet >Openpose editor extension ui-openpose-editor >Online pose editor se-editor/ LOCAL SETUP >Nvidia Newest drivers might be bad, try older ones if you're having slow gens able-diffusion-webui >AMD able-diffusion-webui/wiki/Install-a nd-Run-on-AMD-GPUs oo >CPU >Optimize Stable Diffusion able-diffusion-webui/wiki/Optimizat ions GUIDES / EXTRAS >Learn to inpaint >Train LORAs >Stable Diffusion wikis SD Akashic Records: c /g/ wiki: /Stable_Diffusion >AI boorus >Discord Official: SD: Furry: WHERE'S THE PROMPT? WHAT'S CATBOX? 4chan wipes embedded prompt metadata from PNG uploads. Get the browser extension to easily share and retrieve prompts. tbox-script-for-easier-prompt-shari ng 7 hours ago 3 minutes ago 163 6.4 4ch trash
Ms. /aco/ 2023 (/trash/ edition): Finals part 2 Post and vote for sexy girls, and declare this year's queen in the final round! —Timer: ournament-tdau ►VOTE: ►Nominations Results: s/d/1e668HXqpKmrwzotJc13NydBJ2T6eHr IZEOHg_JtP7iI/edit?usp=sharing ►Qualifier Results: s/d/1PnYxDEIclgA_Vg8n4jv0XfeR7BeaWd pv3FnGHJO7gY0/edit?usp=sharing ►Round 1 Results: FAIpQLSeYfoLx0BUfQelxOh1IHzfKKy-Fp_ BR1zG-BNN9IMPXhffPtQ/viewanalytics ►Round 2 Results: FAIpQLSetSj4KiKoGNkJfV2hWqBGzev3n7I gEt5lAxGHeyRtLyRrnBQ/viewanalytics ►Round 3 Results: FAIpQLScB2sP95nvdFC4pRrtslFG-_EvVgZ 6Rh5MEXZCxj3YkhX1GOQ/viewanalytics ►Round 4 Results: FAIpQLSdpZ2ts_qcXpT1w_I-fbWymrib-_1 1dvPS1dOP0A-m8AK_ntA/viewanalytics ►Quarterfinal Results: FAIpQLSewYoZBgIBQUria9cZ1BKcSthot2m _kLZs0AuZxyVECKwMqLg/viewanalytics ►Semifinal Results: FAIpQLSe1AeiOE7uBEP331goLJhvvJYSuVp IDyPYGypoaW8Nuyg44zQ/viewanalytics ►Bracket: >5-8th 5. Froppy/Tsuyu Asui 6. Carmelita Fox 7. Eris 8. Hop >Previous winners Queen Tyr'ahnee (2021) Rouge the Bat (2022) >Host(s) Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw If you see any errors with the forms please say something. Do not engage with >>59866419 , it is a troll thread 7 hours ago 23 minutes ago 151 5.3 4ch trash
/Femdom/ - chainsaw man Edition A thread to discuss worshiping women as the superior sex and giving them the royal treatment they deserve (only biological women allowed). >TQ: To which csm character are you attracted the most? Which one do you like the most? Which one is most like you? Previous thread: d/59820589 17 hours ago 4 minutes ago 136 2.2 4ch trash
/acrg/ Artist/Commissioner Rant General #676 Remember to Screencap your links so we can laugh when they delete their post. Talk about artists or commissioners, mostly the bad ones or those who got under your skin. Share your experiences and get angry with us. For all artists (and commissioners who are close friends with artists) here, beware of Horu, Pixxy, OkiOppai, Timedwatcher, AnythingGoes, Skitterleaf, kathielnotfound (Jocelyn Jones#0520), and Snoopcrow/jbunny/j6un9 (jbunny#4754). They will exploit and/or scam you should they get the chance. Pastebin: (Gay ass new paste nobody reads) d/59787148/ 20 hours ago an hour ago 121 1.7 4ch trash
Starfield soon... 7 hours ago 7 hours ago 115 4.4 4ch trash
/mmog/ - Femcharr craving edition This is a general for furry content based in Warcraft/WoW, EQ, GW2, FFXlV, Dofus/Wakfu, TESO and any other MMORPG whose porn belongs in the /trash/. We know you play them all. Unless you don't. Non-furry/scaly content does not belong here. Old: >>59807879 d/59807879 12 hours ago 9 minutes ago 115 2.5 4ch trash
/pfg/ - Pussyfree General Weirdo fetishes edition A thread for weeby eternal virgins, pussyfree losers, and those who have no hopes of ever fucking real women! If you've given up on ever getting pussy or just prefer being a porn-addicted hand-fucker from now on then this is the thread for you! >Previous thread: d/59852845 >More material: >Resources: 6 hours ago 5 minutes ago 110 4.6 4ch trash
/scaly/ - Scaly General #1285 Post lewd reptiles and discuss scaly stuff, male or female is fine. Dragons, wyverns, dinosaurs, lizards, snakes, and reptile-folk such as kobolds and Argonians are welcome, on top of other things with scales like sharks as well. Anthros, ferals and human/scaly are allowed, but please, no monstergirls. As some may take a few creative liberties on their creations, do inquire if there's a particular edge case you're unsure about. ==================== >Lurking or just reading the FAQ before posting is encouraged. >Anatomy arguments never go anywhere, don't bother instigating one. >Before asking for a source, consider looking into the tips under resources to help find what you're looking for. >Please avoid reposting images from the last few threads to keep the latest more fresh. >There is no Discord server, don't ask. =================== Scaly Smut - Many lewd lizard writings > aXTV7AKpDWNAQn8-ZpYg Misc Resources - Source finding and other fun stuff > FAQ - Common questions already answered > (embed) You are free to contribute to either, simply reply and post the information. Did you miss something? You can find all previous threads here: > ch/text/%22scaly%20general%22/type/ op/ =================== This thread's featured image is using up all that coil space. Topic of the thread: What is the weirdest thing that you love about your favorite scalies? 13 hours ago 15 minutes ago 108 2.3 4ch trash
Fuckable Peripheral Edition Previous thread: d/59720285 (use if desuarchive is down) >Rules no one cares about: -Post your request references and links in one post. -*You should provide the highest quality images available. -Be patient. Don't bump, second or spam requests. It'll just annoy the editors and other anons. -Avoid useless bitching, it just disrupts the thread. Just hide the posts you don't like. -DON'T BE AN AUTIST and DON'T RESPOND TO OBVIOUS BAIT. -Giving constructive criticism to a request itself and a delivery is fine. -Requesters, feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult. -If you would like to fulfill a request someone else has already fulfilled, feel free to do your own take. - REFRAIN from starting any kinds of debate shit no matter how short it is, it's just gonna clog the thread. Go post your thoughts somewhere else instead. - Upload your pics in sites like, Imgur, or cloud drives (MEGA, Google Drive, etc.) if it's too big for 4chan. Provide the link(s) in your request along with a smaller version of the pic on 4chan so the editors knows what're they gonna edit. * REMAKE THE THREAD IF IT DIES AND DON'T FORGET THE FUCKING ANCHOR. >How to do a color edit -Open your preferred image editor. -Apply "multiply mode" on layer 1 (the original picture). -Apply colors on layer 2 (below layer 1). 8385184105 * Beginner's guide to color editing with GIMP: d/25775373/#25846796 d/25775373/#25846844 paid editor 2386 Edit, Lineart, and Coloring Thread 20 hours ago 51 minutes ago 102 1.4 4ch trash
/vtsg/ - Vtuber Slutposting General All Apart of the Investigation Edition Previous Thread: >>59806180 12 hours ago an hour ago 100 2.1 4ch trash
4chan Happenings Thread ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit. Non-happenings, haqqenings, slappenings, small GETs, complaints about shit boards being shit, known spergs sperging out, personal report buttons and blogposting et al. belong on >>>/qa/nah Has anything even happened this week: ory See how active the worst 4chan boards are in real time: Search 4chan: & 4bans public ban archive: (reeee buy a domain) Previous thread: ܂ >>59815518 10 hours ago 28 minutes ago 87 2.2 4ch trash
A General thread for the Scarletverse, 4chan's collective RWBY AU! You are welcome to share your own OCs, lore, and AI generated images with us! Rules: >1. Worship Scarlet >2. Read the Pastebin >3. Beware trolls, falseflaggers, and edgelords >4. No bitching about other ships >5. Regular RWBY discussion goes to RWBY/RT General >6. Have fun! Scarletverse Pastebin: General Greentext Collection: 3xfr3g94zeq/SV_Greens GreentextAnon’s Greentexts: 0b5f695k3og/Greens TV Tropes Page (Feel free to edit): php/FanWorks/Scarletverse >List of current fics Ficbro2 - "RWBY: Seeds of Hope, Sins of the Past" (AO3): 9690543/chapters/125421430 Ficbro2 - "RWBY: Seeds of Hope, Sins of the Past" (FF): /1/RWBY-The-Seeds-of-Hope-Sins-of-t he-Past Prequelbro's Doc: 1YSJHVx1bUlmEMiicv4aSfzqs6lxYDmPF8b BFmcg5RlU/edit?usp=sharing RWBY/RT General Thread: >>59852789 Previous Thread: >>59836190 Archived Threads: ards/trash.desu.meta/text/Scarletve rse%20General/type/op/ Scarletverse General#175: Businesswoman Scarlet Edition 8 hours ago 3 minutes ago 80 2.7 4ch trash
RWBY/RT Trash General #2316: Best Girl Edition >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good >2. Read the Pastebin: >3. Arguing about the thread isn’t discussion >4. Arguing about E-Celeb garbage isn’t discussion >5. Don't believe their lies >6. Patch will rise again RECENT RWBY EVENTS: Volume 9 Chapter Chapter 10 - Of Solitude and Self, Out Now on Crunchyroll Volume 9 Opening: Lt2OIFME RWBY Arrowfell Trailer (Out Now): c7gWpOHE Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part One (Out Now): Trailer for Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part Two (Releases October 17 digitally, October 31 on 4K Ultra and Blu-Ray): KHpuw55U Deleted Scene from V9: V10 hasn't been greenlit Previous thread: >>59852789 Scarletverse thread: >>59866265 ards/trash.desu.meta/text/RWBYG/typ e/op/ 7 hours ago 32 minutes ago 61 2.3 4ch trash
For Twinks, Traps, Femboys, Cross-Dressers, cuteboys and Gays. No trans people, thank you. bnuyy bnuyy boy edition Previous thread: d/59832644/ >/cbg/ tagmap original: new: >Pastebin with weight loss/workout help (check /fit/ too) >Post your collections (NO underage), post pictures of yourself and discuss cute and lewd stuff relating to boys >Post your age, sexuality, and region if you don't want to stay lonely forever >Please don't self-harm >AND KEEP IT CIVIL, quit engaging and arguing with obvious bait. You dorks make it way too easy for trolls to stir the pot. >IGNORE Bait. how simple can I make this you dummy. Yes, you, the one reading this. Listen. Be a good boy. Or else. /cbg/ - cuteboy General 14 hours ago 22 minutes ago 59 1.1 4ch trash
/roommates/ "Bonnibels Gift": Edition Previous Thread: d/59803717/ For discussion of TGWeaver's and Pokemaniacal's Five Nights at Freddy's AU fic Roommates A03: 1250126 Roommates Story archive: XS75rfOFjqqZX_WBaqw Booru:https: // t&s=list&tags=roommates MEGA Art Collection: B5ETm8FXXbRU-1oZEIg Weaver's Site: rch?tags=source%3ARoommates New Fanfic Archive: UCK_U308maC6o6tYmqw Roommates The comic adaptation: http://roommatesaucomics.thecomicse 13 hours ago 16 minutes ago 50 1.1 4ch trash
Macro/Micro thread "Ditzy dog" edition Writebin (experimental/non-permanent): Previous thread: d/59692209/ 17 hours ago 11 minutes ago 46 0.7 4ch trash
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #2689 >"Sisters" edition --Stories-- By Wizdoggo >Tips to Date a Single Mom Shiba Inu (Part 07) By Tacticool_Dad >Unlikely Meetings (Ch. 15) 6924471 By Tarrabah >The Voice of a Demon 0268811 By ItsHypnos >Silver Hound, Black Moon (Ch. 24) 6223224 By PapaDelta >Summoning a Little Mischief (Ch. 12) [Complete] 9118134 >Wolfy Strangers and Hidden Dangers 0265952 By NeverAnon >A Ninja Fox in New York City (Ch. 11) 2704202 By Spaceface404 >Prey (Ch. 9) 8868201 By SweatshirtWearingViper >My Petrochemical Romance (Ch. 5) 4438539 By CloudyDaze322 >Sub-Etheral 0217388 By TheSignalRemains >Wilderness Hearts (Ch. 8) 6365845 By Red_Nine >End of Active Obligated Service (Ch. 11) 8149387 By idontwantthis >Altruistic Intent (Ch. 10) 0398889 By spicyhazard >The Snerd (Ch. 8) 6939222 [ Story Masterbin ]: [ Word Filter ]: | [ Image Filter ]: [ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: Previous Thread: d/59845261 Missed a thread or two?: h/text/hmofa/type/op/ 5 hours ago 4 minutes ago 38 1.9 4ch trash
/bara/ - very gay deep kissing edition >Last thread: d/59805268 >Tagmap: >Fitness guide: >Fitness archive: >Writefaggotry: >Shitpost filter: 10 hours ago 6 minutes ago 32 0.8 4ch trash
/malp/ - My Anthro Little Pony MLP Anthro thread #603 Trying this again edition Welcome to the Anthropomorphic My Little Pony thread, the thread where everybody's fetishes are fucked up and the starter topics don't matter. That's right, the topics are kinda like Pony Life. Post your favorite images, fantasies, and general discussion ideas while we bide our time until /mlp/ is a red board. Thread is generally for vanilla male and female clop images. Post futa, vore, and other such fetish material in their specific threads when they pop up or in /malpp/. If they're dead, post links since there's no spoilers. Thread starter: Who do you think draws the best anthro ponies? >Paid/Patreon-exclusive MLP content: The 'party >Pony image-boorus Thread resources: >I want to start watching the show! jpg s.php >Custom Anonfilly Nexgen model: 7z (225 Mb) png >Chatbot character cards (Load into Tavern or Agnai): Anthro Pinkie Pie (babysitter dominatrix): n Anthro Trixie (futa lactation): n Anthro Button's Mom n Anthro Flurry Heart istrator/princess-flurry-heart n Anthro Aryanne n Last thread: d/59135004/ 20 hours ago 5 hours ago 30 0.4 4ch trash