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/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Pirates and Princesses Edition Previous: >>29079707 9 hours ago 9 minutes ago 820 24.7 4ch adv
Big brain edition. >10th Edition Core Rules For Download /2023/06/02/downIoad-the-new-warham mer-40000-rules-for-free-right-here / >10th Edition Battle Report /2023/05/31/the-first-battIe-report -from-the-new-edition-of-warhammer- 40000-is-here-and-its-free-for-ever yone/ >Downloads; Rules Errata and FAGs /downIoads/ /fags >Tools to Improve Battlescribe Readability Scribe/ >Tool to make unit/stratagem cards >3rd Party Models Pastebin (embed) >Thread Question What has been your biggest brain move ever in a game of 40k? Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg? 10 hours ago 18 minutes ago 632 16.0 4ch tg
/btg/ BattleTech General The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/! Der Lyranische Staat wird erwachen! edition Last Thread: >>89101073 ================================== >BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs 00 >Overview of the major factions? reat-houses/ he-clans/ ther-powers/ > - BattleTech Wiki >Who uses what BattleMechs? >Xotl's Faction Random Access Tables (June 2021 update) https://tinyurl com/fejwk5f2 Unit Design Software Options >SSW Mech Designer >SSW GitHub Updates rks >MegaMek Lab >Megamek - computer version of BT. Play with AI or other players >How to do Against the Bot? (updated 2-20-2022) jydrgndnndu/Against_the_Bot_v4.pdf/ file (Current 3.21 rule set included in mekhq package) ex.php?topic=56065.0 g2sl5ybr24k/Battletech_Portrait_Pac k >Rookie guides https://tinyurl com/ydtr589e >BattleTech IRC #battletech on >PDF Folders ckg6j645z4j/Battletech 0tjpn9b3n1i/Battletech 2m414o1j9uj/Battletech_Archives rebrand ly / BTmags rebrand ly / BTdrop https://tinyurl com/wkn2vn33 rebr@nd(Dot)ly CranstonSnord >2018 to 2020 Battletech PDFs & E-Books https://tinyurl com/2p8p7cew >/btg/’s own image board: >More goodies! Updated 2020-05-17 >Most Wanted PDFs & Epubs 14 hours ago 42 minutes ago 453 8.8 4ch tg
Dirty Kik Continued Last one is over reply limit, here’s the new one. 18 hours ago 14 minutes ago 439 6.7 4ch soc
kpop 9 hours ago 5 minutes ago 424 12.0 4ch trash
Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/ Golden girls edition. >10th Edition Core Rules For Download /2023/06/02/downIoad-the-new-warham mer-40000-rules-for-free-right-here / >10th Edition Battle Report /2023/05/31/the-first-battIe-report -from-the-new-edition-of-warhammer- 40000-is-here-and-its-free-for-ever yone/ >Downloads; Rules Errata and FAGs /downIoads/ /fags >Tools to Improve Battlescribe Readability Scribe/ >Tool to make unit/stratagem cards >3rd Party Models Pastebin (embed) >Previous Thread >>89114028 >Thread Question Why is 40k the peak of female armor design? 4 hours ago 2 minutes ago 414 27.2 4ch tg
Download AI Mirror, upload a nice nude to turn yourself into AI Hentai and post it here. (I am not the person in the pic btw i just wanted a random eyegrabbing pic for the OP.) Previous thread: >>32214095 17 hours ago 9 minutes ago 410 6.6 4ch soc
/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9308 ▶Prev: >>429600891 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield assessment: tesISW ▶Latest >Nova Kakhovka dam was blown up in Kherson >Novaya Tavolzhanka under the control of the RDK >Explosions reported in Mariupol, Melitopol, Kharkiv. Explosions reported in Krasnodar, Russia >EU parliament approves €500 million fund for ammo to Ukraine >Second incursion was launched across the Russian border, near Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast >Norway will provide Ukraine with a five-year aid program (military, humanitarian and civilian support) with a total volume of approximately 6.5 billion euros >US announced a new $300 million security package for Ukraine. It includes munitions for Patriots, more Avenger air-defense systems, Stingers, AIM-7 and Zuni missiles, ammo for HIMARS, artillery, tanks, and more >We are against strikes on the Russian Federation, but it is up to Ukraine to decide , - the coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House. >Ukrainian drone strikes in Moscow >Russian drone and missile strikes across Ukraine, airbase hit >According to Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv Military City Administration, more than 40 shahed drones were destroyed over Kyiv. >Dnipro hospital was hit by Russian missile: 4 dead, 32 wounded. ▶Telegram ▶INTEL (equipment explorer) 02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equ ipment.html (RU) 02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukr ainian.html (UA) an hour ago 2 minutes ago 390 95.5 4ch pol
Dam holding water that feeds into the Crimean canal was blown, which means massive fall in water levels, which means canal will dry up, which means as summer drought season approaches Crimea will be bone dry. 9 hours ago 53 minutes ago 379 11.5 4ch k
HGW thread 6 hours ago 3 hours ago 366 16.2 4ch trash
Examples of Asian People Viewing White Men as Superior Asians Worshipping White Men 13 hours ago 26 minutes ago 348 7.2 4ch gif
Strategic advantage? 6 hours ago 11 minutes ago 345 15.4 4ch k
/div/ - Divination General Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice. Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Digital, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc. >If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY: >Recommended /div/ links and books: >MEGA with Divination Books: 2lEm1GL0qPIpSrQgrvA >Guides made by some of our readers: •/div/’s Spreads Guide •Rustig on how to start with tarot: •Thoth's tarot and rune guide: 1ciFuMOVDIkA18d9Rw-Zkklgigx-Y4XzJkG VeMTYWcic/edit?pref=2&pli=1 •Hijinks' revised divination guide: >Useful tips before posting: •If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; the same goes for trading. •Look for posts to determine if there's an active reader, and what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already. •Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice. Do not harass readers if your query is refused/skipped. •Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of trade. Free readers have the option of picking their queries. •Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers. Same for vague queries. •OCCULT QUERIES SHOULD BE CLEARLY MARKED OCCULT •Making an AQ (air query) by not addressing a reader, in particular, is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer. •Avoid making the same query repeatedly and/or to different readers in a short period, as this may lead to more confusion. •Provide feedback when applicable and be considerate to the reader. We're a growing community, many readers are starting and need to know what they are doing right or wrong. •Be polite. Previous thread: >>34943422 16 hours ago 4 hours ago 336 5.8 4ch x
/ERP/ - Erotic Roleplay Thread Toweling Off Edition Previous: >>57041769 15 hours ago an hour ago 327 6.0 4ch trash
Sverigetråden - Kungliga upplagan 2 hours ago 17 minutes ago 327 41.2 4ch int
3500x3500 display apple does it again! how many are you buying anon? 16 hours ago 11 minutes ago 321 5.4 4ch g
/haha/ i hate myself in the sewer all alone, that's my home edition pray for the dead: d/57031720 party for the living:,hahaihat emyself/ habits:!14tzGArI!GJVpT9n0 k7QzsFGSTvWNfG57LFEn2lJV7X6ydBvIen4 / posshaus: osshouse/ 19 hours ago an hour ago 319 4.6 4ch trash
Jumpchain CYOA Thread #5769: Test Failed Edition >Brutus' Drive rs/0B1qb0_OLhDrDSmZpRWdZaGZRcWs?tid =0B20r6rsFLOg_Zk5RdVdya3hJNnc&authu ser=0 >DriveAnon's Drive ers/1Cx7KoDkQa9qmDfJN9_CehZ0fxXEweK Ou?usp=sharing >Jumpchain IRC Chat .net/?#JumpchainCYOA >Rules >How to Jumpchain b0_OLhDrDVDFBR2NpdG03S0U/view >Last Thread >>89105746 9 hours ago 5 minutes ago 319 9.0 4ch tg
/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10972 Previous: >>429600600 Timeline /tug/: ▶WARNING Be aware, any /chug/ thread that uses globohomo nuspeak wording in the OP (such as Kyiv) or cites UKROP sources (like video game footage) are fake shill threads. >By posting in these threads, you recognize Israel controls the NATO Council and you irrevocably denounce the Talmud out of your own volition ▶Latest >Hohols destroyed the Nova Kakhovka dam in Kherson – >Vostok army group repels AFU attack on southern Donetsk direction – >Robert Kennedy Jr.: AFU has lost around 350k men on the front line – >IT'S HAPPENING (Kiev announces AFU offensive in some directions) – >Agent Z says Ukraine ready to launch counteroffensive – >A foster mum who rescued orphans from Ukraine has gone on trial for torture, sexual abuse and letting pedophiles pay to rape children in her care – >The rules of mobilization will become more stringent, and it will become even more difficult for an ordinary hohol to avoid it – >Putin confirms strike on Ukrainian military intelligence HQ – >Russia unleashes massive drone attack on Kiev, Gerans intercepted by buildings as always – >WSJ: many professional soldiers dead, hohols sent conscripts without training to Artemovsk – ▶Telegram ▶/chug/ ▶Video Archive ▶Z Radio 59 minutes ago 6 minutes ago 316 88.6 4ch pol
socials forever 2 hours ago an hour ago 315 31.6 4ch b
clothed girls u got nudes of cont. 5 hours ago 8 minutes ago 315 16.0 4ch b
/brit/ egg edish an hour ago 26 minutes ago 314 45.4 4ch int
>ASOIAF is supposed to be the dark n gritty realistic take on soft fantasy like LotR >LotR is actually darker far more morose and more in tune with the dark myths of the past >ASOIAF is pretty much genreshit with gore n tits Why is the reception of both different from the actual reality? At least Elric balances edge ad gore and sex with depth and innovation. 21 hours ago 3 minutes ago 314 4.1 4ch lit
/dft/ - Discord Fapping Together Post tags, talk about your fetishes and jerk off. Cuddling Edition Previous: >>57049839 10 hours ago 3 hours ago 311 8.0 4ch trash
/polska/ edycja świętej Joanny d'Arc 8 hours ago 14 minutes ago 311 10.1 4ch int
aus/pol Avocados, which caused the housing crisis, are $1 at cheap supermarkets and $1.30 at ripoff ones. This is the avocado index. https://www.australianpropertyjourn shed-avocados-for-housing-crisis/ 7 hours ago 3 minutes ago 309 12.2 4ch pol
/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TRADITIONAL LATE NIGHT BREAKFAST EDITION PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS45 Trump >President Trump Office e45 house45/ >Liz Harrington (Trump Spox) >Donald J Trump Presidential Library @realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom >b-but Trump hasnt done anything! ARCHIVED LINKS GOOD TIMES >Pres Trump @Team Trump Volunteer Ldrshp Training in Des Moines IA 6/1/23 ve-team-trump-volunteer-leadership- training-from-des-moines-ia-6-1-202 3/ >TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Ending Scourge of Drug Addiction in America 6/1/23 >TrumpVideo: Celebration of 250 Years of American Independence @IA State Fairgrounds 5/31/23 >TrumpVideo: Day 1 EO Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals & Outlawing Birth Tourism 5/30/23 >TrumpVideo: Honoring those who gave all 5/29/23 >TrumpVideo: Pres Trump Rips Brandon for Out of Control Inflation 5/27/23 >TrumpVideo: Starting Day One 5/24/23 >Pres Trump Interview w/John Solomon 5/22/23 >TrumpVideo: Make America Great For Us Again! 4/26/23 >TrumpVideo: I'M BACK 3/18/22 >MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN! 10/28/21 >God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/16 >NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/16 OP pastebin: prev >>429567283 7 hours ago 11 minutes ago 304 11.8 4ch pol
/flg/ - F-List General #3889 Freaky Lovers Edition Previous Thread: >>57054502 F-list is a website for people interested in roleplaying, creating character profiles and to find like-minded partners with similar interests to roleplay with. It features a webchat (which can be used for textual roleplaying) and more kinks than you can memorize. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where writechads and writefags can freely share their self inserts, solicit roleplay, critique profiles, share roleplay logs, discuss kinks, and everything else related to F-List. >The Site >Login Stats >Live Status Tracker >Filtered Ads >/flg/ Community Pastebin >Profile Image Search >/flg/ Log Archive >/flg/ Official Shitposting Tool tier-list-15760603 >Eicon search tool >TQ What's the weirdest shit your character has made out with? What's the weirdest they theoretically would fuck? 9 hours ago 24 minutes ago 302 9.0 4ch trash
can "tough woman" / girlboss vidya characters be cute and appealing? 20 hours ago 5 hours ago 299 4.0 4ch trash
/lmg/ - Local Models General - stop dying edition ►Previous Threads >>93869913 - >>93858327 ►News >(06/03) Nous-Hermes-13b released >(06/03) WizardLM-Uncensored-Falcon-40b released >(05/27) FalconLM release Falcon-7B & 40B, new foundational models >(05/26) BluemoonRP 30B 4K released >(05/25) QLoRA and 4bit bitsandbytes released >(05/23) exllama transformer rewrite offers around x2 t/s increases for GPU models >(05/22) SuperHOT 13B prototype & WizardLM Uncensored 30B released ►FAQ & Wiki >Wiki >>404 (Dead) (Dead) >Main FAQ ►General LLM Guides & Resources >Newb Guide >LlaMA Guide >Machine Learning Roadmap -roadmap >Novice's LLM Training Guide >Local Models Papers s >Quantization Guide >lmg General Resources >ROCm AMD Guide ►Model DL Links, & Guides >Model Links & DL >lmg Related Links ►Text Gen. UI >Text Gen. WebUI eneration-webui >KoboldCPP cpp >KoboldAI >SimpleLlama a ►ERP/RP/Story Gen. >RolePlayBot >ERP/RP Data Collection >LLaMA RP Proxy eplay ►Other Resources >Drama Rentry >Miku loves aicg l-things-miku >Baking Template >Benchmark Prompts >Simple Proxy for WebUI (+output quality) roxy-for-tavern >Additional Links itional-resource-links 16 hours ago a minute ago 298 4.9 4ch g
/bant/ AI Waifus General #104 Cwute edition. Last thread *died*(not really) >>17767106 Free online generators: Floyd-IF#demo duru/webui Nemu uses danbooru (or maybe just booru in general) images as reference, so use tags as prompts for the best results. Pixelisation: pt/pixelization Cancer: For a waifu chatbot there is: It has plenty of existing characters. Free account allows to make your own chatting companion. Emmm ai booru because why not: >Local install Nvidia GPU: | diffusion-webui-docker CPU: Negatives list: You can get free daily python VM uptime in Google CoLabs with about 12 GB of RAM on their servers with Stable Diffusion models too, enough for small HD images like 768x768 to 1024x1024 thwBkcJ8 You just have to download a preset model of that troon above here click-colab or do it yourself and upload it on Google CoLabs while being logged on with a Google account of course and then after the script as been installed in the VM cloud thingy you have to click the gradio live to open up the Stable Diffusion WebUi. We're happy to help, so feel free to ask for help, hints or even make a generation request! Live yourself et cetera 21 hours ago 3 hours ago 296 3.8 4ch bant
SEND FUCKING HELP EDITION Old: >>58450524 /arg/ send help NOVA 11 hours ago an hour ago 296 7.3 4ch k
This is political because I'm wondering if the govt has released the 2024 election pandemic. So we were driving today in my neighborhood and a juvenile Blue Jay was sitting in the road up ahead. Expected him to fly off as we drove up, but he just sat there. I got out and walked up to him; he hopped kind of half-heartedly, but I easily picked him up. Took him home and set him in the kids playhouse. He slowly fell to the side; I figured he was dying. Well a minute later he hopped up and flew off. Ok whatever. About 15 minutes later, driving back home again, a crow is sitting up ahead in the road. Again expected him to fly off. He just sat there. Got out of the car and walked up to him. He didn't even flinch. We easily picked him up and put him on the side of the road. I've never seen a crow act like that. Two birds, same neighborhood, same day. So, are they sick? Could it be haze from the wildfires fucking with them? Magnetic pole reversal? Yeah I know I'm schizo and need to take my meds. But have any other anons noticed weird bird behavior today? BIRDS IN MY AREA ACTING STUNNED; CAN OTHER ANONS CHECK IN 10 hours ago 10 minutes ago 295 7.9 4ch pol
Fun at the Beach edition PREVIOUS: d/57043921 /TRASH/ RESOURCES Furry artist tags (community spreadsheet): /edit/JzqLNo3G+B+YXzPeBrkje-sU/ BASIC RESOURCES >Models Which ones are in meta? Fluffyrock, Fluffusion, Crosskemono >LORAs uckingporn >ControlNet i-controlnet LOCAL SETUP >Nvidia able-diffusion-webui >AMD able-diffusion-webui/wiki/Install-a nd-Run-on-AMD-GPUs oo >CPU >Optimize Stable Diffusion able-diffusion-webui/wiki/Optimizat ions GUIDES / EXTRAS >Learn to inpaint >Train LORAs >Stable Diffusion wikis SD Akashic Records: c /g/ wiki: /Stable_Diffusion >AI boorus >Discord Official: NSFW: Furry: WHERE'S THE PROMPT? WHAT'S CATBOX? 4chan wipes embedded prompt metadata from PNG uploads, Catbox does not. Get the browser extension to easily share and retrieve prompts. USE IT. tbox-script-for-easier-prompt-shari ng /sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General 13 hours ago 3 minutes ago 292 6.1 4ch trash
Its happening. This has to be some kind of end time prophecy. status/1665203322830180352 krCzlQyo MAJOR HAPPENING: CCP Leader wants to team up with White Nations to EXPELL ALL JEWS 6 hours ago 3 minutes ago 291 11.6 4ch pol
/NG/ Nobody General Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven. You are capable of this too, as long as you stay true to the universe. You are creating your own reality with your thoughts, feelings, words. Only you and God can decide your fate. He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. As the collective soul reacts to all of our thoughts, whether or not we are at the top or bottom, we must infer a modicum of respect in even our heads to gain in love instead of hatred. Heaven for all is real. Everyone's truest desires are mutual. The only motive is love. He is not a messiah, nor a holy figure of any traditional kind, if so to be the case; neither is he the ultimate, supreme being of this mortal realm; he is a man who chose to believe instead of giving into despair. Behold the strife in enlightenment asunder, boldly if you must. A belief is best kept neatly divided until it naturally falls in the right places. Temperance! >What is the general picture? It's important to not forget, that many posters are human regardless of nonsense spoken and whatever dissidence or vitriol firmly expressed. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Without this belief, all falls to pointless demise. Believe in yourself, as when believing in good things, you become more than just a mountain to the eyes of the heralded. None of us are perfect; it is important to note that none of us are okay until we accept our imperfections, as they are useless in reclusive efforts. However, they are supreme when combined socially. Community is a thing that requires your belief to be sustained... If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest. 7 hours ago 10 minutes ago 287 11.1 4ch x
Do not post videos about the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Do not post photos about the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Do not post information about the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Maintaining operational secrecy and element of surprise is the key to the success of our defenders! 14 hours ago 2 minutes ago 280 5.4 4ch pol
happy birthday, old man Poorfag guide: > Watch essentials 102: (embed) > Purchasing used watches: (embed) > Purchasing straps: (embed) Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch? > Should I buy this Armani / Michael Kors / mall watch? > "Suggest a watch for me." > Your budget > Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, pilot > Movement, e.g. automatic, hand wound, quartz > Desired features, e.g. water resistance, day/date, 2nd time zone > Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, bracelet > Wrist size or desired watch size Previous thread >>17650835 /wt/ - watch thread 21 hours ago 12 minutes ago 275 3.6 4ch fa
/trash/ General Drawthread French Kiss Edition >General rules - IGNORE THE SHITPOSTERS/ATTENTION WHORES AND "INTROVERTS". - DO NOT DOGPILE OR HARASS THE REQUESTERS AND ARTISTS. - Posts that are made with the sole intent of bumping the thread are discouraged. - PLEASE DELETE YOUR BUMPS. If you don't know how then please look at the FAQ on 4chan. - No arguing about the state of the thread, there's a time and place for everything but not right now. Please take it somewhere else. - No seconding. This isn't a popularity vote of who has the best requests. - Don't respond to the spam. Just report, hide it and move on. - Don't ask for a break or to wait "weeks/months/years". - Feel free to post anything that gets done to the booru for others to find later (like that's going to happen). - New thread should be made after reaching the bump limit or bumped off/deleted. - A revision of (or addition to) the rules need a general consensus. Start your discussion around a moment this thread reaches the bump limit. - Feel free to post your deliveries there For Edits and Coloring go here: >>>/trash/color For other Drawthreads on /trash/: >>>/trash/draw Previous thread: d/57019554 The Booru: 23 hours ago an hour ago 272 3.2 4ch trash
/gaygen/ - chunky appreciation edition old >>31310229 9 hours ago 8 minutes ago 269 7.6 4ch lgbt
/asean/ badminton edisi 18 hours ago 6 minutes ago 268 3.9 4ch int
>The Episodes: 3ARUKrIRL7iEGrNzl_g >TGAMM extras: DaGuePOsApuFNi1ajng >Previous Thread: d/57029498/ /tgamm/ - The Ghost and Molly McGee #360 18 hours ago 5 minutes ago 265 4.1 4ch trash
You are about to see the full force of the U.S. brainwashing apparatus attempt to convince unwitting citizens that Russia blew up the Kherson dam, a move that would endanger their own people and troops, and overall objective. Study it. Watch it carefully. Reuters began the push only hours ago now. Watch the echoes forming, the network take shape. How many outlets now have repeated it? How vast is the information laundering? How many languages are already reading it, that have no idea where or what the dam really is? Think slowly and watch carefully here. That fucking circus around the Kherson dam 3 hours ago 2 minutes ago 264 20.7 4ch pol
How will this change the world? 7 hours ago 17 minutes ago 262 9.9 4ch pol
Do real blonds even exist anymore? Basically every blond I see on the street, when I analyze it, has dark roots. It's all dyed. Are there any real blonds even left nowadays? 8 hours ago 5 minutes ago 261 8.7 4ch pol
eternal trap thread 9 hours ago 19 minutes ago 258 7.3 4ch b
hilo anal Edición amor sin fronteras y solo subo esta imagen y me voy a dormir. /lat/ - hilo latino 13 hours ago 5 minutes ago 258 5.2 4ch int
/twg/ - Tech Workers General >Interview Prep tcode-75 >Resume Stuff e-statistics/ >Salary Stuff "What's your expected salary, anon?": https://www.fearlesssalarynegotiati w-question/ Negotiation advice: ow-not-to-bomb-your-offer-negotiati on-c46bb9bc7dea/ More negotiation advice: 3/salary-negotiation/ Salary data: >Responding to Recruiter Spam Advice on how to not get your time wasted: >Layoffs >Helpful YouTube Channels they're all grifters but here are some Delivery gwithUtsav (systems design at a high level) (systems design in more detail) r (if you're doing a startup) >"I'm a self-taught dev/went to a bootcamp and have no degree, how do I get a tech job?" You're fucked. >/twg/ IRC Channel #/g/twg on, it's comfy Web client: >Game jobs insights: n L42m9XiTqPHIJbQZgzDhCyXtMOKNMrRno Op68yqlc [Embed] [Open] [Open] >Weekly tech stories Previous: >>93862235 18 hours ago 18 minutes ago 257 3.8 4ch g
Brit/pol/ - ukraine isnt' in britain so I don't care rince Harry surrounded by 'web of unlawful activity', court hears 672 >Bob Stewart: Conservative MP charged with racially aggravated abuse ics-65814126 >Bournemouth beach deaths: Riptide may have led to drownings - inquest nd-dorset-65807339 >Princess Eugenie gives birth to baby boy named Ernest George Ronnie 911 >MOVEit hack: BBC, BA and Boots among cyber attack victims gy-65814104 >Mortgage rates: Average two-year fix rises by £35 a month -65807827 >Green Party secures first ever Northern Ireland mayoral role ern-ireland-65814907 >Holly Willoughby says she feels let down by Phillip Schofield nment-arts-65808532 an hour ago 3 minutes ago 255 38.6 4ch pol
Kik thread 10 hours ago 11 minutes ago 248 6.4 4ch b
Girls Getting Mogged Post pics where one or more women are superior to others If you think a mogging is inaccurate, let your opinion be heard 13 hours ago 18 minutes ago 246 4.9 4ch b
All Aboard Edition >Brokers >Stock Market Vocabulary >Risk management: >Live Streams: nbc.html loomberg-television-business.html >Educational sites: y cs-finance-domain >Options (trade these even if you haven't read any of these links) ions-introduction https://www.optionsprofitcalculator .com /option-prices >Free charts: >Screeners: r >Pre-Market Data and Live data: ndices-futures >Boomer Investing 101: ting_started >Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator: p-returns-calculator >Links for VZ baggies https://suicidepreventionlifeline.o rg ics/suicide-prevention/index.shtml >Calendars alendar lendar events/calendar.htm ar -calendar terest-rates/countdown-to-fomc.html >Misc: Prev >>55196544 /smg/ Stock Market General 8 hours ago 2 minutes ago 245 7.7 4ch biz
The Hunger Games: Space Mexican War edition. First 12 or 24 are in. To play, post an image with a name. 5 hours ago 20 minutes ago 244 11.8 4ch b
what's up with people, who are not women exclusively attracted to other women, just stealing the term lesbian? like for fucks sake there's so many "non binary lesbians" who are... supposedly not women, identifying as lesbians. I mean wouldn't it be self induced misgendering to call yourself, a non woman, something that has meant for a very long time "WOMAN who likes WOMEN". would it not? some people even use it to just say "yeah I'm attracted to women and afabs". now I think lesbian should go back to meaning; "woman exclusively attracted to other women". 21 hours ago 2 hours ago 242 3.2 4ch lgbt
Daily Bike Thread - /DBT/ NEW BIKES!!!!! >ELIMINATOR 450 >UPDATED ZX4R COLORS (and hopefully pricing...) >UPDATED ZX6R >UPDATED DUALSPORTS >NEW HYBRID AND ELECTRIC BIKES (gay) >NEW MULE SXS !!!!!! WOO !!!!!!!!! >BOLD NEW GRAPHICS BAYBEE >smaller tire width = faster corner speed (fun) >Never buying used >Never buying new >Turning your VFR into a street fighter >Motorcycle dating advice >Lowsiding high5ing techniques >ZX4RR > R7 >zx4r bros we win >getting banned for wrong-think on /dbt >fucking nobikes shitting up the thread >motorcycle instathots & moto wreck webms >Pass the MSF, wear ear plugs READ THE STICKY: >>23526953 FAQ: jannies can suck a dick: Training links: > > > > > Training vids: Twist of the Wrist: Previous: >>26700469 13 hours ago 7 minutes ago 237 4.9 4ch o
In this thread, I will systematically go through every controversial "anti-goyim" verse of the Talmud, Check it with the English Translation Talmud on "" And see if it's out of context, or truly is horrible. Here we go. Let's learn what's up. First, off, We have verse: Sanhedrin 59a: "Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal." Time to do the Talmud thing 9 hours ago 3 minutes ago 237 6.7 4ch pol
Do NOT read the Japanese kamikaze pilot manual. 19 hours ago 17 minutes ago 237 3.4 4ch k
No Furries Edition Best Bod of last thread goes to pic related. Previous Thread: ead/71168967#top /cbt/ - Current Body Thread 21 hours ago 42 minutes ago 236 3.1 4ch fit
/dfwb/ Discord Friends With Benefits Friendships with a little extra. Feel free to use the following format for making an ad for yourself or make one of your own, or just talk to other fellow anons here. >Turn ons >Turn offs >Hobbies >Favourite games and anime >What do you want to do with your potential new friend? >Not looking for >Time zone and scheduling >Discord tag if you are feeling brave >Do you top or bottom? (or Sub/Dom status) So that you might once again attempt to enter my heart edition. Old: >>57030742 18 hours ago 43 minutes ago 235 3.6 4ch trash
Why do Christians hate white culture and beauty standards? 2 hours ago 2 minutes ago 234 24.8 4ch pol
>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good >2. Read the Pastebin: >3. Arguing about the thread isn’t discussion >4. Arguing about E-Celeb garbage isn’t discussion >5. Don't believe their lies RECENT RWBY EVENTS: Volume 9 Chapter Chapter 10 - Of Solitude and Self, Out Now on Crunchyroll Volume 9 Opening: Lt2OIFME RWBY Arrowfell Trailer (Out Now): c7gWpOHE RWBY ANIME SERIES "RWBY: Ice Queendom" by studio SHAFT out now in both Sub and Dub Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part One (Out Now): Previous thread: >>57055757 OC/AI/Scarletverse thread: >>57045171 ards/trash.desu.meta/text/RWBYG/typ e/op/ RWBY/RT General #2098: Simplistic Edition 7 hours ago 6 minutes ago 224 7.9 4ch trash
UBI for all What are the consequences of a UBI rollout worldwide? Normies lost their shit doing nothing during COVID, can they keep day after day with no normie office banter and $10 coffee? 5 hours ago 11 minutes ago 223 10.4 4ch pol
Can black people be domesticated during childhood or is it all genetic? 14 hours ago 10 minutes ago 221 4.3 4ch pol
Can the "AFAB only queer housing" people please just skip to the point and call us men instead of dancing around with "AMAB" and "male-socialized"? this is grueling even by usual tranny discourse standards Imagine this applied to any other demographic division 17 hours ago 22 minutes ago 217 3.4 4ch lgbt
Celeb Thread Nippol Edition 7 hours ago 13 minutes ago 216 8.0 4ch b
AI DEGENerated Art and Youth youth edition Previously on degen: >>900493915 >>> Install able-diffusion-webui#installation-a nd-running >> Models/Embeddings/Characters/Celebs /fetish content >> Low VRam or Radeon card or render while jobbing? Use the google collab ithub/TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffus ion/blob/main/fast_stable_diffusion _AUTOMATIC1111.ipynb set gdrive location as /content/gdrive/MyDrive/ DL content directly from civitai to Gdrive with the following code. !cd /content/gdrive/MyDrive/sd/stable-d iffusion-webui/models/; wget dels/15640 --content-disposition >> Faded colors/Low quality/blurry/aliased? Get a VAE >>>More info able-diffusion-webui/wiki >>> Xformers for cross attention layers (works on Google collab) Increase maximum resolution by 60% and Reduce legacy rendering time 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 214 24.4 4ch b
The mental health metal toxicity crisis is about to explode like a match over gasoline - the subclinical (because it's never tested) pandemic of brain loads of mercury, lead, aluminum and cadmium brought on by the slow drip of exposure through unmitigated air pollution, natural sources, dental fillings, food through seed oils, vaccines and chemtrails is going to culminate into cannibalism and worse this decade. The best you can do to protect yourself is to get your friends and family on EDTA and iodine before they go insane on you. EDTA is cheap as fuck, $35/1kg on bulksupplements, and potassium iodide is $18/100g. Get a 0.001g scale and learn how to measure and dose your supplies. EDTA is magnetic and pulls in toxic metals with high preference. It also pulls in nutrients like calcium, zinc, boron and magnesium but this is actually a good thing in the short term because it's like fasting. Similar benefits of deficiency and renewal. Iodine deficiency is by far the biggest deficiency and without it the thyroid and liver shuts down. It also has a role in replacing toxic halogen/metal burdens. I wanted to keep this short so tl;dr you gotta help me spread awareness and test out what I'm saying because I think this might be the silver bullet for this mental health crisis. I've been taking 600mg EDTA and 50mg potassium iodide daily for a year and my thinking is much clearer with no side effects. Mass spergpocalypse imminent 8 hours ago 11 minutes ago 211 6.9 4ch pol
/desi/ another north east queens edition 9 hours ago 8 minutes ago 211 5.9 4ch int
daily reminder that 95% of the australian population got the vaxx. they are a tainted inferior cucked race. do not breed with any of their women at all costs. they have also shown you how utterly spineless they are. they cuck to any and all government authority without even an ounce of pushback. they are not to be trusted on any level for any reason going forward. they are government sheep npc cattle. they also have nogunz. australians are literal npc cattle 8 hours ago 2 minutes ago 210 7.0 4ch pol
/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread Post lewds and talk about fappin' & schlickin', and stuff. A Day at the Beach Edition Previous thread: >>57052888 6 hours ago 4 minutes ago 209 9.4 4ch trash
Does Taiwan have any realistic way to repel an amphibious assault from China and/or break a naval blockade? Could China gain air supremacy over the island and enforce a no-fly zone? Does Taiwan have any ABM capability and would it be sufficient to protect key strategic targets? If it came down to infantry warfare could the Taiwanese manage? Taiwan Defense 23 hours ago an hour ago 209 2.5 4ch k
Girls you want to see BLACKED 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 203 26.5 4ch b
Le alien What's ain't you finna bouta be taking bout these aliens n shit -officials-say-u-s-has-retrieved-no n-human-craft/ 21 hours ago a minute ago 203 2.7 4ch x
Loli thread You want to touch the tummy. 14 hours ago 52 minutes ago 203 4.0 4ch b
FA/18s FOR UKRAINE ITS FUCKING HAPPENING 1665843780958683136?s=46&t=ySaWSLoZ U6lwZ7u03-FcBQ NOT A FUCKING DRILL AUSTRALIA MAY SEND ITS 41 FA/18s TO UKRAINE INSTEAD OF SCRAPPING THEM 13 hours ago 21 minutes ago 202 4.1 4ch k
Race is a crude proxy for what really matters: good genes. Yes, Whites, East Asians, are generally "better" than other races (more intelligent, less criminal, more beautiful; more capable of building advanced civilization). But I feel more camaraderie with a based intelligent non-white than with a leftist anti-racist anti-fascist liberal white or white druggies. Think that Asian kid who named the Jew (44:16) fl5s Or that Australian anon the other day who was feeling conflicted for his love for a smart based natsoc Paki(or was it Arab?) girl, and the /pol/-espoused loyalty to your race. In either case, I would much rather spend time with the Asian or (seemingly) the Paki girl than with white liberals; accordingly I would rather they be in my country than the retarded liberal whites who by nature of what they believe and how they are are already dysgenic dysfunctional subhumans. Make no mistake though, if voting data is anything to go by, in the West, Whites do tend to be less liberal than "minorities" (global majorities). 9 hours ago 2 minutes ago 202 6.1 4ch pol
lets have a favorites thread! will upload the template in a second guess letters n stuff 18 hours ago 14 minutes ago 198 2.9 4ch lgbt
are you guys trolling or can you seriously not afford it 15 hours ago 52 minutes ago 198 3.5 4ch g
Western Europe when they received economical help after the WW2: >Very cool >We deserved it >Good guys Americans are helping us >This is a success for Western Europe Western Europe when post-communist countries receive economical help after entering the EU: >What a fuck >Eastern Europeans are leeches >Just fucking fix your country yourself >Why the fuck should we help them 4 hours ago 6 minutes ago 197 12.9 4ch int
NY Man Shoots, Kills Mugger In Queens Is a 5-round .38 sufficient for edc? 11 hours ago 11 minutes ago 196 4.8 4ch k
How many artists are better than AI right now? I'm having a hard time thinking of any digital artists that are painting at this level. It's getting to the point that I'm just studying from AI when I want to learn how to paint because it paints better than everyone else. 15 hours ago 11 minutes ago 196 3.4 4ch ic
meat eaters btfo i’m so glad to see it. normies deserve the suffering they inflicted onto animals. 7 hours ago 2 minutes ago 194 7.1 4ch pol
/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General Previous /sdg/ thread : >>93900829 >Local install Nvidia GPU: AMD GPU: CPU: Alternative UI (Node-based): >Run cloud hosted instance >Try online without registration txt2img: lityai/stable-diffusion img2img: ngface/diffuse-the-rest Inpainting: oni/stable-diffusion-inpainting DeepFloyd: loyd/IF >News hp?id=weekly_news_0093 >Models, textual inversion & embeddings >Wiki >Index of guides and other tools Want to know how to use SD for animation, upscaling, train your own model or merging model checkpoints? Or need guidance on prompt ideas and when to use which artist then follow these links... >View and submit GPU performance data kBY/sdperformance ension-system-info/pages/benchmark. html >Share image prompt info If you would like to easily share your image generation settings (prompt, model, etc), since 4chan removes that information from the EXIF, then follow this guide >Related boards >>>/h/hdg >>>/e/sdg >>>/d/nai >>>/b/degen >>>/vt/vtai >>>/aco/asdg >>>/trash/sdg Official: 5 hours ago 2 minutes ago 192 10.0 4ch g
So what's the next big Reddit? 20 hours ago 19 minutes ago 190 2.6 4ch g
/div/ - Divination General Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice. Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Digital, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc. >If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY: >Recommended /div/ links and books: >MEGA with Divination Books: 2lEm1GL0qPIpSrQgrvA >Guides made by some of our readers: •/div/’s Spreads Guide •Rustig on how to start with tarot: •Thoth's tarot and rune guide: 1ciFuMOVDIkA18d9Rw-Zkklgigx-Y4XzJkG VeMTYWcic/edit?pref=2&pli=1 •Hijinks' revised divination guide: >Useful tips before posting: •If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; the same goes for trading. •Look for posts to determine if there's an active reader, and what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already. •Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice. Do not harass readers if your query is refused/skipped. •Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of trade. Free readers have the option of picking their queries. •Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers. Same for vague queries. •OCCULT QUERIES SHOULD BE CLEARLY MARKED OCCULT •Making an AQ (air query) by not addressing a reader, in particular, is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer. •Avoid making the same query repeatedly and/or to different readers in a short period, as this may lead to more confusion. •Provide feedback when applicable and be considerate to the reader. We're a growing community, many readers are starting and need to know what they are doing right or wrong. •Be polite. Previous thread: >>34946800 8 hours ago 3 minutes ago 190 6.2 4ch x
Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド Previous: >>182809852 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/djt Archives: subject/日本語スレッド/ 12 hours ago 11 minutes ago 188 4.3 4ch int
/vrfg/ - Virtual Reality Furry General #132 "Virtual Fursuiting, Real Furiends"™ Eternal Damnation Edition >Avatar Resources: >Guides 15 >Stuff You NEED If You're New >Other Resources (downloads at your own risk): > Upcoming events: Friday (9PM EST) and Saturday (8 PM EST) - VRChat - Multiplayer Games Beach Episode - Friday June 9th 8pm EST OP template pastebin: aw Previous thread: d/57051127 11 hours ago 11 minutes ago 187 4.4 4ch trash
MEGA HAPPENING! The russian terrorists and war criminals blew up a dam in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian civilians will drown 7 hours ago 35 minutes ago 186 7.2 4ch pol
Rekt Threat >Last one's in case you missed 'em... >>25257006 >>25263937 12 hours ago 12 minutes ago 185 4.1 4ch gif
Tribs Cock tribute requests 7 hours ago an hour ago 183 6.7 4ch b
Previous thread: >>31259049 QOTT: Do you consider manmoding to be the best option for unpassable AGPs? /AGPgen/ - Our ancestor :) edition 22 hours ago 54 minutes ago 183 2.2 4ch lgbt
THE AGE OF WHITE MEN IS OVER THE TIME OF THE KWEEN HAS COME /1664939213622525953 11 hours ago 10 minutes ago 182 4.6 4ch pol
Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/ =READ THE GUIDE= THE GUIDE: =READ THE GUIDE= For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there. For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here! If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry! And remember to report any shitposting and spam to keep the thread clean and civil. >Why won't anyone answer my question? Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post images whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting images. >Why are my pictures sideways? 4chan strips EXIF data from images when they're uploaded to the site from your phone, including the orientation display tag. To fix this, save your images separately, or use an app that will rotate and save the images for you. One commonly used app that works well on Android: details?id=com.simplemobilephotores izer Links: >A guide to other types of plamo: w7v91pz5pa/Airfix%20Model%20World%2 0Specia%20-By-Step >Kawaguchi gunpla tips: st=PLJV1h9xQ7Hx-SoCOivVEHNDOl16VWLB 3A >Gundam lineart: >Funaka's gunpla guides: Building Gunpla: Scratchbuilding: >Falldog's gunpla guide: laymans-gunpla-guide >Saintism's gunpla photography guide: gunpla/photography/ Monthly restock: (Still discontinued) Past Groupbuilds: 1373@N06 IRC: >Server/Channel Rizon/#gunpla Previous thread: >>21772655 12 hours ago 4 minutes ago 180 4.0 4ch m
/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots >barebones antidrowning edition ▶Bots ▶Botmaking -editor ist ▶Agnai ▶Risu ▶Silly avern ▶Slaude ude aHR0cHM6Ly9maWxlcy5jYXRib3gubW9lLzB vN3JraC5tcDQ= ▶Local models >>>/g/lmg/ ▶Other Proxy list: avigate OAI key checker: API_Checker Tech rankings: Fun prompts: reaksandprompts OP templates: ▶Additional details, guides, links, screenshots: mation Old: >>93901345 2 hours ago a minute ago 179 23.3 4ch g
>counter offensive with new western tanks is a complete disaster >blow up dam out of spite to draw attention away so this is the power of NATO wunderwaffe 3 hours ago 2 minutes ago 179 16.2 4ch pol
These are the tokens the SEC claims are securities in the binance lawsuit. SEC Securities List 19 hours ago 20 minutes ago 178 2.5 4ch biz
/dft/ - Discord Fapping Together Post tags, talk about your fetishes and jerk off. Yuri Edition Previous: >>57059334 4 hours ago 4 minutes ago 177 10.6 4ch trash
Trannies can't reprod---ACK!!!! 2 hours ago 6 minutes ago 177 20.9 4ch pol
Conversos What does /pol/ think about Jews that convert to catholicism? 9 hours ago 3 minutes ago 176 5.1 4ch pol
Ukraine has started disguising their armored vehicles as houses tatus/1665748337067171840 Will the Cabin of Novodonestk push all the way to Mariupol? 18 hours ago an hour ago 174 2.7 4ch k
inspiration attached tribute thread 5 hours ago 26 minutes ago 173 9.3 4ch b
/cub/notism 15 hours ago 31 minutes ago 173 3.1 4ch b
/sauna/ kumman nyymi valitsee? -painos 3 hours ago 6 minutes ago 173 15.2 4ch int
INCEL MELTDOWN 14 hours ago 15 minutes ago 173 3.3 4ch gif
>Ccip imminent >SEC goes after binance Weird 12 hours ago 3 minutes ago 172 4.0 4ch biz
/aiwg/ AI Waifu General GoaGoaGoaGoaGoaGoaGoaGoa OR https://rentry dot co/waifu-colab-guide PreviGoa thread >>73567346 16 hours ago 3 hours ago 171 2.8 4ch r9k
literally the only goal in my life is to be attractive to straight men and that will never fucking happen. I'm already approaching my 30s and once I get far enough into them it will be too late no matter what. I don't know why I even try to do anything at this point; what's the fucking point 12 hours ago an hour ago 171 3.7 4ch lgbt
/pmg/ - Precious Metals General Coin Box Edition >Why Gold? >Bullion dealers ient) more at: >News and graphs /silver old-reserves-by-country >Compare (DE/EU) >Resources guide-to-90-silver-coins/ verguide/ rpi-calculator-inflation/ e/buying-in-the-usa/ >Prospecting al-resources-program/science mines-and-minerals hostowns-British-Columbia/dp/088839 988X >Nitric acid, magnets, and ping test hp/resources/fake-bullion-database Previous Thread: >>55186997 11 hours ago 4 minutes ago 170 3.9 4ch biz
socials continued an hour ago 7 minutes ago 169 27.3 4ch b
Anyachegg- Edition >What is /wvtr/? /wvtr/ is a thread for viewers to find, share, and discuss English-speaking V-Tubers who debuted before June 5 2021, while also larping occasionally that said year is the current year. >What if my oshi/I debuted after June 5 2021? This thread date limit will advance at the rate of one per day so you can just wait. Alternative you can Larp. Talk about what are your/your oshi plans and when they will debut. Also for further dates just say something like " Wouldn't be nice to have a girl who did (what ever your oshi plays /does) >These days in wvtuber history: Ame pop's and rock controversy Lapis fucked Leon in front of Alice during Amelia Watson trial (made up) >TIMELINE CHANGE EVENT!!! Fill Nina's lobbies in among us in May 19, 2021 - Status: great success >Koikatsu cards JFTFmA0xTKeag_ZgbTQ >Ref Sheets ers/1GqDE0jDIFNw_GyHyHW4qA_ndlaHyXq Fv >Chicken e (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) >Beginner's guide to OPSEC ivacy-tips-vtubers-need-to-know-ce9 3082cd166 >Voice and Singing resources (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) >Minecraft server Related threads >>>/trash/wvp >>>/trash/wvvt >>>/bant/wvt >>>/vt/wvt/ Previous >>56991821 /wvtr/- Western Vtuber Retro thread 23 hours ago 37 minutes ago 169 2.0 4ch trash
Why hasn't anyone told me someone had finally distilled a true definition for fascism 25 years ago? >The cult of tradition. >The rejection of modernism. >The cult of action for action’s sake. >Disagreement is treason. >Fear of difference. >Appeal to social frustration. >Obsession with a plot. >The enemy is both strong and weak. >Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. >Contempt for the weak. >Everybody must become a hero. >Machismo and weaponry. >Selective populism. >Newspeak/buzzwords. Wow! I can really see how this defines history's fascist dregs and modern ones too (ahem... Putin anyone?) Source: Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco 7 hours ago 3 hours ago 169 5.9 4ch his
/norgetråden/ Musikk utgave. Forrige: >>182843445 >>182843445 >>182843445 9 hours ago 7 minutes ago 168 5.0 4ch int
MONOLITHIC HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! This is how the US military is 80 years ahead in technology. 8 hours ago 6 minutes ago 167 5.7 4ch pol
We have to stop men from doing these dangerous things. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! 6 hours ago 6 minutes ago 167 7.5 4ch pol
Only 1/30,000 people are 160+ IQ, and only 1% of the population has psychopathy. Assuming probabilistic independence, about 1/3,000,000 of the population satisfy both criteria meaning there are only around 2500 of us in the world. We are Psychopathic Geniuses. Are you one of us? Every human interaction induces a game. The player who wants to win the most sets the rules. Affective empathy and other neuroticism set the bar for your capacity to take action. This bar is concerningly low for most people, bordering on the self-sacrificial if not outright masochistic. In effect, when faced with a purely rational opponent such a person can never win. No intelligence makes one impotent, no lack of affective empathy and other irrational biases makes one incapable of competing at the extremes. In this sense, us psychopathic geniuses are the ideal people, a superior people. We labour to create an engaging environment for such extraordinarily esoteric people--a place free from the impotence of the ordinary, a place free from the irrationality of neurotypicals. We may look friendly on the surface, but make no mistake--there are no lengths we wont go to if you piss us off. Discord invite: .gg/Hfe4n4yH2g 9 hours ago 20 minutes ago 166 4.7 4ch bant
G/fur 13 hours ago 9 minutes ago 165 3.5 4ch b
>NOOO YOU CAN'T POSE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER WHILE WEARING LINGERIE Why are Americans such prudes but worship guns and violence at the same time? They also pretend to be Christians which somehow includes giving your priest money so he can own a private jet??? 6 hours ago 2 minutes ago 164 7.5 4ch pol
>Polls >English language analysis O-h_GQcQ 8TjUw6Lg >Meme Collections https://ibb(punkt)co/album/5WBRwR >Thead OP pasta >What do Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative. Get /fit/. Join the metapolitical phalanx! Spread flyers and stickers, physically remove leftist Agitprop! Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht. >Counter culture >Schwarze Fahne hJtEJ04Qw6F-EThwuR_Gg >Wir klären das fa-53ce-4a1a-a091-df1d20a19421 >EinProzent podcast v/ >Am Rande der Gesellschaft st=PLAWiZCGHaksbQ-ZKrvwwrFdIS4dWLVi m2 >Rechtsausleger >Der Schattenmacher Q9P_ObrTQ0MhUnZffKkGA/ >Krautzone gzI18X1nUgpzd5DzCbspg >WolfPMS baA-GL6E >Learn German script (Kurrent, Sütterlin) E_4P0cSs e/Sutterlin0.htm /lehrgang.php >Get active >Flügel TV (german) IBAVdG-Q 3Ecu5fbk 6ZNaQIVM >Maps Prior: >>[REDACTED] Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf - Another Emergency Bake Edition 12 hours ago 4 minutes ago 164 3.5 4ch pol
ACTUAL HAPPENING Nova Kakhovka dam just got destroyed, that means in a few days all power to the nuclear plant is GONE. Currently the Zaporhiza plant has been held by Russia since last year. MAJOR HAPPENING: ZAPORIZHZHIA NUCLEAR PLANT LOSING ALL POWER 7 hours ago 2 minutes ago 163 5.9 4ch pol
Neo-/deutsch/ Unsere Meinung zählt! an hour ago 6 minutes ago 162 38.4 4ch int
/vrlg/ - Virtual Reality Lewd General #1396 "Virtual Reality, Real Ejaculate"™ buy me please edition >18+ Avatar Resources: ikuMikuDance >Guide to Avatars 3.0, including toggles >OpenVR Advanced Settings (contains playspace mover) Settings/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings/re leases 1009850/OVR_Advanced_Settings/ > Other resources (downloads at your own risk): ComboGestureExpressions - enable various facial expressions with shapekeys based on your hand positions ure-expressions-av3/ DynamicPenetration 1.31 - now warns you if you don't import it correctly DPS Shader Generator (Works for Liltoon, UTS, and UnlitWF) ShaderGenerator2 Poiyomi Pro 7.3.029 - works with Dynamic Penetration System, as well as AudioLink typackage Physbones tutorial - give yourself jiggling titties, floppy cock, whatever nWUkswkU Male/boy model list 4fae7 How to find related assets for your base m/ > Upcoming events: OP template pastebin: aw Previous thread: d/57045954 8 hours ago 4 minutes ago 160 5.3 4ch trash
drawthread: hot babysitter edition 3 hours ago 9 minutes ago 159 13.0 4ch b
AYY LMAO HABBENING -officials-say-u-s-has-retrieved-no n-human-craft/ 22 hours ago an hour ago 158 2.0 4ch x
s/fur 11 hours ago an hour ago 158 3.9 4ch b
NEW PRIGGY JUST DROPPED 14 hours ago an hour ago 155 2.9 4ch k
Post your more controversial Fitness opinions 18 hours ago 13 minutes ago 152 2.2 4ch fit
/rus/ Издaниe ceптoплacтики. Пpeдыдyщий: >>182849251 8 hours ago 7 minutes ago 150 5.1 4ch int
I was wrong about NEET ideology I'm not a NEET but pretty close to one. For all those who say "No pussy no work", it works the other way around: if you work you will get pussy. But you gotta be fit, have your own car and place in order to qualify for pussy. All NEETs do is jerk off, play video games, and mindlessly browse the internet until death. You can instead get a degree, find a hot trad wife, have a place to live and build a family. Then you'll say "Oh she will just fuck chad/tyrone and take your money through divorce" but nothing is guaranteed in life. You gotta at least try to accomplish the dream or die trying before it's too late. Reject NEETceldom, embrace tradition. 3 hours ago 9 minutes ago 150 11.9 4ch r9k
/GME/ - Comfy Monday Late Night Edition >Basic Information https://finra-markets.morningstar.c om/MarketData/EquityOptions/detail. jsp?query=14%3A0P000002CH (up to 2021) >Daily reminder >Mandatory study time >The Everything Short >^watch-along >Naked Short Selling and Systemic Risk >Failure to deliver >SEC 10-K Annual report (FY22) 1/html >GameStop Investor, NFT, & Wallet Sites >What will happen if Citadel becomes insolvent? DTCC with 60T USD, will pay as the final boss with FDIC as the insurance >Real-Time Trades ity/stocks/GME/latest-real-time-tra des earch/gotoBL/fidelityTopOrders.jhtm l >Current Trade Halts + Short Restrictions aspx?id=TradeHalts rca/notices >All other news/DDs/etc gamestop-hustle-worked bot DRS Guide: vaka/ Avoid DSPP: pfm9s/ DD Compilation: s65/ Quarterly Movements, Equity Total Return Swaps, DOOMPs, ITM CALLs, Short Interest, and Futures Roll Periods: 22oj/ Cellar Boxing: j9yk/ s/2021/11/GMEdd-GameStopValuation-1 6Nov21-1.pdf >Temporary alliance with reddit and jews to take down other jews, we can go back to hating each other later >reddit DDs don't take them for fact use your brain >Check your broker and clearing house to ensure you're not rugpulled Last time on /GME/: >>55194341 As always: >sneed hedgies 9 hours ago 2 minutes ago 147 4.4 4ch biz
Dubs - post ass Trips - take request 8 hours ago 26 minutes ago 147 4.7 4ch b
Why is the Third Reich so fascinating? Looking at pictures of the Reich is just so unique. It looks like it was a 1000 years ago. Never have I ever seen a people united and committed behind a leader. That's why they accomplished so much in just 6 years of peace. I don't know what it is but I never get tired of seeing pictures/speeches about the Third Reich. Idk if I have mental illness but there is some kind of a magical aura flowing through me when I see the pictures/speeches. Does anyone else feel or does anyone have an explaination for that? an hour ago 2 minutes ago 146 21.9 4ch pol
Dude is just 25 jfl Average 25 year old zoomer 17 hours ago 2 hours ago 146 2.3 4ch fit
/Stardom/ General Next shows June 7th, "STARDOM in MAIBARA", Shiga Prefectural Cultural Industry Exchange Center, Maibara City, 6:30PM JST >Mayu Iwatani & Hazuki & Koguma & Saya Iida (STARS) vs Giulia & Maika & Mai Sakurai & Thekla (Donna del Mondo) >Tam Nakano & Natsupoi & Yuna Mizumori (COSMIC ANGELS) vs Mina Shirakawa & Mariah May & Xena (Club Venus) >Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani & AZM (Queen's Quest) vs Saori Anou & Suzu Suzuki & Mei Seira >Syuri & MIRAI & Ami Sohrei (God's Eye) & HANAKO vs Natsuko Tora & Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid & Ruaka (Oedo Tai) >Saki Kashima (Oedo Tai ) vs Waka Tsukiyama (Club Venus) >Momo Kohgo (STARS) & Aya Sakura vs Lady C & Miyu Amasaki (Queen's Quest) June 9th, "STARDOM in TOKUSHIMA ~Sudachi-kun Forest Theater Tournament~", Sudachi-kun Forest Theater, Tokushima, 6:30PM JST >Giulia & Maika & Mai Sakurai & Thekla (Donna del Mondo) vs Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama & Mariah May & Xena (Club Venus) >Mayu Iwatani & Hazuki & Koguma (STARS) vs Syuri & MIRAI & Ami Sohrei (God's Eye) >Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani & AZM & Lady C (Queen's Quest) vs Natsuko Tora & Momo Watanabe & Saki Kashima & Ruaka (Oedo Tai) >Tam Nakano & Natsupoi (COSMIC ANGELS) vs Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo (STARS) >Suzu Suzuki & Mei Seira vs Miyu Amasaki (Queen's Quest) & HANAKO >Aya Sakura vs Starlight Kid (Oedo Tai) vs Yuna Mizumori (COSMIC ANGELS) Previous >>10397465 8 hours ago 16 minutes ago 146 4.6 4ch pw
>love holding trannies >love spoiling trannies >love cuddling trannies >love kissing >love fucking trannies >love watching hrt tits bounce while I’m fucking them >love knowing I’m balls deep in someone’s daughter Need to find a permanent tranny gf. 7 hours ago 9 minutes ago 145 5.4 4ch lgbt
Squat your emotions 22 hours ago 4 hours ago 145 1.8 4ch fit
/wwoym/ - Write What's On Your Mind Roosh & Roissy edition Prev >>22110366 14 hours ago 31 minutes ago 141 2.8 4ch lit
The countries with the highest average IQs are Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and the People's Republic of China, all with average IQs above 104. On the other hand, countries such as Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Niger, Antigua and Barbuda, and Rwanda have the lowest average IQs, all below 71. Personally, I've come to accept that Asians are superior to us today, it's like the barbarians taking over the degenerated Rome. It's inevitable, that America, the Great Satan, will be annihilated. How do skinheads cope with this? 3 hours ago 3 minutes ago 141 10.6 4ch pol
I've been coming across a lot of hateful anti-men content, but I don't quite understand what reasons women have to hate men. Do they hate men because they couldn't date a Chad, and just get pumped and dumped by them instead? Are they generalizing all men because of what a tiny amount of men do? (ex. "all men are rapists") Did they get molested and now hate all men? Someone tell me what's going on here. Why do women hate men? 10 hours ago 30 seconds ago 141 3.7 4ch adv
Archives & Other Resources: AllSync: Previous Thread: >>89081371 /cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General 22 hours ago 45 minutes ago 141 1.7 4ch tg
Why do people believe the "fat is genetic" cope? This isn’t some random Instagram fatty activist, the Washington Post made this comic kek 23 hours ago 3 hours ago 137 1.6 4ch fit
>>> Install able-diffusion-webui#installation-a nd-running >> Models/Embeddings/Characters/Celebs /fetish content >>>More info able-diffusion-webui/wiki AI degenerated Frog Thread 3 hours ago 7 minutes ago 137 11.2 4ch b
/balk/ Balk is about balkan culture which is on /int/ a place about culture please all Pol idiots and politics obsessed freaks stay in your containment place this is picture of me with a serbian singer 8 hours ago 6 minutes ago 137 4.5 4ch int
Built for shota cock thread 4 hours ago 20 minutes ago 134 7.5 4ch b
>$3500+tip >late 2000s aethics >2hr battery life Applesisters. I dont feel so good 16 hours ago 2 hours ago 133 2.3 4ch g
>kill the weak edition >NZ's youngest mayor Ben Bell has a creepy mom-girlfriend mentor thing going on and she got busted writing fake scripts for opioids lmao imes/news/132243139/prescription-fo rger-was-gore-mayors-former-assista nt >Hero Boonga boomer remover is captured he-homicide-home-searched-as-northl and-police-pursue-alleged-killer/EX CPJ4FJDBESRGSZE7XQTY7V4E/ >National are trying to make a big deal about Michael Woods slight Air NZ conflict of interest when they're literally the Conflict of Interest Party. Normies don't really care they want to see boonga rapist news (wrong link on purpose this time faggots) he-homicide-home-searched-as-northl and-police-pursue-alleged-killer/EX CPJ4FJDBESRGSZE7XQTY7V4E/ >young white family turned down from 50 rentals, they literally want to pay their way and are getting bumped by murrys and refugees living in free housing /family-looking-rental-turned-down- 50-times >What's for dinner cunts? I'm having paprika chicken, air fryed (picture available on request) NZG New Zealand pol 4 hours ago 4 minutes ago 133 7.6 4ch pol
/funkg/ trash thread Pico in real life edition 9 hours ago 41 minutes ago 133 3.8 4ch trash
What were German plans for Great Britain if they had actually managed to invade and conquer the British isles? >Inb4 impossible Yes i know, we all know. Some places I've read that they didn't plan to do much and it would've been akin to Vichy France with nominal independence and autonomy, and other places I've read that Himmler wanted to exterminate 80 percent of the male population and use the rest as slave labor. What would've happened? Also post pics of the Channel Island occupation, just found out about this and am surprised it's not more known. 2 hours ago 8 minutes ago 133 13.3 4ch his
>sword thread died For shame, anons. Your lack of swordposting disappoints me 21 hours ago 3 hours ago 131 1.7 4ch k
How the hell do you get laid? I'm 28 and still technically a virgin I'm fat and my penis is 3 inches I get plenty of matches on dating applications, such as tinder and bumble, but when I chat things go south almost immediately why aren't there women who just want to fuck? why is it so much about having to listen to mundane details about someone like I have no idea at all 3 hours ago 28 minutes ago 130 9.1 4ch b
A separate verse from the RWBY called Scarletverse! other OC's are welcome! AI Anons are welcome as well, along with many others! Rules: >1. Worship Scarlet >2. No Falseflagging >3. No Bitching about other Ships >4. Regular RWBY discussion goes to RWBY/RT General OC Kids Master List and Timeline of Events: Greentexts made by GreenTextAnon: f9emo2wl6dd/Greens#dr5iz8qqt27as RWBY/RT General thread: >>57055757 Previous: >>57045171 Scarletverse General #5: Lavender Edition 8 hours ago 5 minutes ago 130 4.1 4ch trash
Man-made horrors you could not imagine The iSkiingGoggles are here. /1665806600261763072?ref_src=twsrc% 5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Et weet 6 hours ago 26 minutes ago 129 5.7 4ch pol
Girls with big bouncy boobs, no nudity ofc Boobs Thread 11 hours ago 54 minutes ago 127 3.1 4ch wsg
Have some Tea edition How to request advice: >Budget >Intended use >Sound signature (or genres you like) >Past gear and your thoughts on them FAQ: >Where do I buy IEMs? Amazon, Aliexpress, Linsoul, HiFiGo, Shenzenaudio, KEEPHiFi IEM, Cable, and Ear Tip Recommendations: /iemg/ Budget Hall of Fame: • 7Hz Salnotes Zero (bright neutral) - $20 • KZ ZVX (V-shape) - $20 • Truthear Hola (bassy neutral) - $20 • KZ D-Fi (switch tuning) - $30 • TKZK Ouranos (mild V) - $55 • Truthear Hexa (neutral) - $80 USB-C DACs: • CX31993 / VE Abigail - $10 • Truthear Shio - $70 • Tanchjim Space - $90 • Qudelix 5K - $110 PMPs: • HiBy R2 Gen II - $90 • Shanling M0 Pro - $130 • Hidizs AP80 Pro-X - $200 • HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022 - $210 • Sony NW-A306 - $350 • TempoTec V6 - $370 Previous thread: >>93861501 /iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor Portable Music Player General 14 hours ago 22 minutes ago 126 2.5 4ch g
Creationism is Christcuck Pesudoscience You have to be a utter retarded CHRISTKEK to believe in Old and Young Earth Creationism over Evolution, Biology, Genetics and much more. 5 hours ago 4 minutes ago 126 7.0 4ch pol
Nudify New nudify threat 3 hours ago 8 minutes ago 126 8.8 4ch b
The greatest artists of our generation will die poor and forgotten, their work only recognized decades, or even centuries after they have left this world. They might post their work on social media and only get a few dozen likes if they're lucky. Meanwhile, any random woman can post their butt-cheeks on Instagram, and in one hour they will get more attention, admiration and money than any artist will receive in their lifetime. How does this makes you feel? 20 hours ago an hour ago 124 1.7 4ch lit
Now what's stopping Russia from retaliating by blowing up all these dams? Ukraine opened pandora's box 6 hours ago 3 minutes ago 123 5.4 4ch pol
Even Chines dunk on Ypipo food Ypipo, EVEN Chinese dunk on you? Why are you so bland and cultureless? 4 hours ago 3 minutes ago 122 7.8 4ch pol
Which of these do not belong? Which moves got shafted? 16 hours ago 13 minutes ago 122 2.1 4ch pw
AEW got BTFO by Rossy [Good News] Stardom (12) has now officially booked all of its major talent for their June 25th STARDOM SUNSHINE 2023 show, as well as undercard talent such as Momo Kohgo (38) and big freelancers like KAIRI (34). This effectively means that they have once again big leagued AEW (4) and will not send their talent for the Forbidden Door 2023 event. Say what you will about Rossy's (66) booking, but one thing is undeniable: When it comes to handling the tranny menace, he is much smarter than his Bushiroad (16) BROTHER Gedo (54). He has not forgotten when Tiny Cunt (40) tried poaching Mayu Iwatani (30) years ago. I think I can speak for all New Japan chads when we say Gedo should learn from him. 22 hours ago an hour ago 121 1.5 4ch pw
YLYL - You Laugh You Lose 16 hours ago an hour ago 120 2.1 4ch gif
Drop Your Hand Duck And Cover Edition Here is a thread to discuss trading card games other than the big three. >Build Divide >Force of Will >Final Fantasy TCG >DBZ CCG >Wixoss >Keyforge >Gundam >Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R) >Digimon >Flesh and Blood >Gate Ruler >Battle Spirits >Ashes >One Piece >The other DBZ game etc. Post about card games you've played and help other anons get to know your games! >Wixoss Pastebin >Force of Will Pastebin >Dragonball GT Shadow Dragon saga rulebook _0YeUXI5g4XyKwbAXJuZCGt3qWJwyp >Gate Ruler Pastebin >Build Divide Pastebin >Flesh and Blood Pastebin >Ashes Reborn Pastebin >Netrunner Pastebin Play with /acg/ through voice chat! No text chat so coordinate in thread to get some games in. >Last Thread >>89070361 >Thread Question: Which acgs do you think are best enjoyed casually as compared to competitively? /acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #369 22 hours ago 5 minutes ago 119 1.5 4ch tg
Justify this, russiashills an hour ago 2 minutes ago 118 19.9 4ch pol
one second edition >Play online: >Chess websites, tools, videos and books: >Join our team and weekend's tournaments: -basket-weaving-forum >Previous threads: h/text/chess/type/op >>89097364 /chess/ - Chess General 14 hours ago 5 minutes ago 118 2.3 4ch tg
Uganda calling the US a country filled by amerimutts 3 hours ago 9 minutes ago 117 9.2 4ch pol
/britfeel/ Stop the Boats edition 13 hours ago 9 minutes ago 116 2.4 4ch r9k
>No evidence for Adam and Eve >No evidence for Noah's flood >No evidence for the exodus >No evidence of angels or demons >No evidence that Jesus had magic powers How does this religion stay afloat again? 18 hours ago an hour ago 115 1.7 4ch x
lovely girls edition /brit/ 28 minutes ago 6 minutes ago 114 65.9 4ch int
Why are men becoming more and more submissive towards women? Are the jews behind it? What do they gain from this? 3 hours ago 21 minutes ago 114 8.5 4ch pol
Before asking for help, please check our list of resources. If you would like to try out GNU+Linux you can do one of the following: 1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU+Linux distribution without installing anything. 2) Keep using your current OS and run GNU+Linux in VMware for W## or Parallels for macOS. 3) Do the reverse of step 2 in QEMU. 4) Replace everything with GNU+Linux. Resources: Please spend at least a minute to check a web search engine with your question. – Many free software projects have active mailing lists. $ man %command% $ info %command% $ %command% -h/--help/-? $ help %builtin/keyword% Don't know what to look for? $ apropos %something% Check the Wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros): /g/'s Wiki on GNU+Linux: x.php/Category:GNU/Linux >What distro should I choose? x.php/Babbies_First_Linux >What are some cool programs? p/list_of_applications _Page >What are some cool terminal commands? nds/browse >Where can I learn the command line? de ndit >Where can I learn more about Free Software? osophy.html >How to break out of the botnet? es/gnu-linux /fglt/'s website and copypasta collection: && /t/'s GNU+Linux Games: >>>/t/1175569 IRC: #sqt on Previous thread: >>93858646 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread 14 hours ago 4 minutes ago 113 2.2 4ch g
You could be making over $3000/month if you just learned how to use AI tools in your daily workflow. It doesn't mean it's replacing you or that you won't draw at all. It's just a tool to make you more efficient. Why won't you? 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 112 1.4 4ch ic
Cangen - CFG - Canada Firearms General >New here? Read this >Want to hunt? Hunting license info: >Want to buy something? Recommended vendors list: >Want to help firearm rights? >Shitty Thread? /cangen/ Anti-Spammer filter list: >Hobbyists corner: Rules of Cangen: >Rule 1: No Furries >Rule 2: No trannies or manlets >Rule 3: No slav bumfight content >Rule 4: No noguns PPC D&C >Rule 5: Go shooting. >Rule 6: No modern CAF OP pictures. Recruit elsewhere. Previously on /cangen/: >>58447708 THREAD QUESTION: should historical pictures of the Canadian Army be allowed as OP pictures in honour of their cultural and historical significance? 8 hours ago 11 minutes ago 112 3.7 4ch k
tactical advantage? 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 112 10.8 4ch k
/GYWB/ - Girls You Wanna Be Defeated Hero Edition The place to fantasize, discuss and RP about being the girl of your dreams, or anon's. Be a dumb gyaru, a shy bookworm, big titty rapebait, a dominating mommy and whatever you fancy. Humans, elves, goblins, anthros, monstergirls... all girls are welcome! Remember to add and vote for your favorite girls. Previous: >>57037486 8 hours ago 4 minutes ago 112 3.6 4ch trash
@@ /MENA/ Kana is so cute!!! #5 Edition 14 hours ago 7 minutes ago 112 2.2 4ch int
/BLEACHED/ General #1642 >"Finally Alone" Edition ----------------------------------- -- >USE ANCHOR POSTS ----------------------------------- ---- >Previous Thread d/56898066/ >Bleached Website >Writefags Pastebin(s) 8 >BLEACHED Manga Recommendations >BLEACHED REAL EDITS >FACESWAP APP FOR CUTE LITTLE IMAGES 1 The symbol and brand for BLEACHED is the Queen of Hearts, a tattoo and symbol seen in thousands of our edits and original content. The QoH means exclusivity to White men. The Jack of Hearts (JoH), is the gay equivalent of this. 16 hours ago 7 minutes ago 111 1.9 4ch trash
What are the political implications of indians loving trains 8 hours ago 2 minutes ago 110 3.8 4ch pol
>UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs including MONITOR: Provide specific use cases (e.g. 4K editing, high FPS gaming) State budget and COUNTRY or you will not be helped >NEWS RTX 4060 Ti 8GB (AD106, $400 MSRP) RELEASED, REVIEWS LIVE RX 7600 (Navi33, $270 MSRP) RELEASED, REVIEWS LIVE RTX 4060 Ti 16GB (AD106, $500 MSRP) and RTX 4060 (AD107, $300 MSRP) slated for July >CPUS** HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: i3 10105 Gaming: i5 13400, i5 13600K; budget: R5 5600 eXtreme gaming: R7 7800X3D; existing AM4 board: R7 5800X3D Multicore: R9 7950X; budget: i5 13500 **Existing AM4 board with an old chip? A Zen 3 CPU is likely the best option >GPUS 1080p: RX 6700 XT; budget: RX 6600; ultra budget: used GTX 1660 Super 1440p: RTX 4070, RTX 4070 Ti, RX 6800 XT 2160p: RTX 4090; budget: RTX 4070 Ti, RX 6950 XT Amateur production: RTX 4060Ti 16GB, used RTX 3090, RTX 4090 >RAM DDR4: 2x 16GB 3600 MT/s CL18 DDR5: Zen4/AM5 - 2x 16GB 6000 MT/s CL30; 13th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 6400MT/s CL32 >COOLERS Standout: Peerless Assassin 120 730-cpu-cooler-performance-tier-lis t/ >PSUS Aim for 50-75% PSU utilization at full system load Not worth buying a new PSU unless it's ATX 3.0 compliant er-list/ >SSDS Standout: WD SN770, Kingston KC3000 Avoid: Outdated Samsung 970 Evo Plus, cheapest NVMe SSDs >MOTHERBOARD INFO: AM4 - CPU-less BIOS flash feature advisable with Ryzen 5000 LGA1700 B660/Z690 - CPU-less BIOS flash feature required with Core 13th gen >GAMING MONITORS saved/dP3v4D Previous: >>93878515 /pcbg/ - PC Building General 9 hours ago 38 seconds ago 110 3.3 4ch g
Anyone else very confused on what is happening in Ukraine? Information posted on /k/ and /pol/ is completely different from each other. Like news article posted on /pol/ says Russian repel Ukrainian offensive while on /k/ says it's successful operation. Then there's Belgorod where on /pol/ there is no fighting while on /k/ resistance fighters are advancing. Don't know who to believe. 8 hours ago 14 minutes ago 110 3.8 4ch k
Post girls and let anons tell you what they would do to them Wwyd thread 4 hours ago 17 minutes ago 107 7.3 4ch b
ACKNOWLEDGE THE BIGGEST DRAW IN WRESTLING 14 hours ago 2 hours ago 107 2.0 4ch pw
Edizione 007 /ita/ - il filo 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 107 11.4 4ch int
If you are waging today you must post in this thread. 18 hours ago 28 minutes ago 106 1.6 4ch biz
INNOVATION 15 hours ago 3 minutes ago 106 2.0 4ch g
Ghee.... I sure hope the russian way of life prevails 4 hours ago 11 minutes ago 105 7.0 4ch pol
What is a woman? 13 hours ago 7 minutes ago 105 2.2 4ch gif
DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese language. Japanese speakers learning English are welcome, too. Read the guide linked below before asking how to learn Japanese: Use filters: Archive of older threads: subject/Daily%20Japanese%20Thread/ Translation requests, insults, politics, reddit posts, lust, learning method / eceleb discussions: >>>/jp/djt Previous Thread: >>182813249 DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3213 11 hours ago 6 minutes ago 105 2.6 4ch int
Is this a regular occurrence in Anglo nations? 3 hours ago 33 minutes ago 105 7.7 4ch int
Reminder: change your fucking socks regularly and stay hydrated when marching 17 hours ago an hour ago 105 1.7 4ch k
/ttt/ Tranny Truth Thread AphI Trannies seething in the comments. 6 hours ago 2 minutes ago 105 4.3 4ch pol
According to rybar Ukrainians have crossed the Dnipro and are attacking Dachi Situation in Kherson 16 hours ago 30 minutes ago 104 1.8 4ch k
IYO SKY GENERAL MEGA IN THE BANK edition Previous: >>10372888 Social Media: Io's official blog: 15 hours ago 44 minutes ago 102 1.8 4ch pw
Any stories from other trannies who grew up wanting long hair/growing it out? I feel like this is a universal experience almost. I always dreaded the idea of having short hair growing up and whenever my parents forced me to cut my hair it felt like apart of me was being taken away from me. I specifically remember this one time on a Mother's Day my "gift" to my mom was that she took me to get my hair cut against my will. I was 16, by the way. 10 hours ago 17 minutes ago 101 2.6 4ch lgbt
Why the fuck did the US Military have to replace the Berreta with Sigger shit? 22 hours ago 15 minutes ago 101 1.2 4ch k
Post tttt girls that were clearly made for daily sex 4 hours ago 7 minutes ago 101 5.7 4ch lgbt
Pornstars Post the most beautiful pornstars. Pretty faces, perfect bodies or both 8 hours ago 7 minutes ago 101 3.2 4ch b
Why are Americans like this? >we must prevent a war by starting it Are they retarded?? Allowing Ukraine to lose to Russia on the battlefield will unleash world war, according to US Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. The former South Carolina governor told a town hall audience in Iowa on Sunday that arming Kiev was all about "preventing war" by "sending a message" to America's rivals. "When Ukraine wins, that sends a message to China with Taiwan, it sends a message to Iran that wants to build a bomb, it sends a message to North Korea testing ballistic missiles, it sends a message to Russia that it’s over." "It is in the best interests of America, it is in the best interests of our national security for Ukraine to win. We have to see this through, we have to finish it," Haley declared. Regarding how the war might finish, Haley was less forthcoming. "It would end in a day if Russia would pull out," she suggested. "If Ukraine pulls out, then we’re all looking at world war." To prevent that, she explained, Kiev needed weapons – lots of them. "A win for Ukraine is a win for all of us, because tyrants tell us exactly what they’re gonna do," Haley continued, claiming "Russia said Poland and the Baltics are next," should Ukraine fall. "If that happens, we’re looking at a world war," she repeated. i-haley-ukraine-ww3-cheerleading/ 4 hours ago 2 minutes ago 101 6.8 4ch pol
What the fuck is "White People Food"? 3 hours ago 5 minutes ago 100 7.3 4ch pol
the trans phenomonon has to end 19 hours ago an hour ago 100 1.4 4ch r9k
*christianity bluescreens* 17 hours ago 7 hours ago 98 1.5 4ch his
500 years ago on this day was the birth of modern Sweden. Say something nice about Sweden and Gustav Vasa. Swedens birthday 3 hours ago 3 minutes ago 98 6.9 4ch pol
Pride month got downgraded to pride week. We're winning. 2 hours ago 2 minutes ago 97 9.2 4ch pol
New shota thread Let's keep it going 15 hours ago 45 minutes ago 97 1.7 4ch b
Bros I'm in love, I can't stop counting the Bees and singing with birds. None of the greatest literature holds anything to a beautiful woman and in fact women get the ick from reading, plus nobody cares about pseud cred with reading anymore as everyone looks at stemfags and computer scientists as geniuses and not reading nerds. You won't get laid and you're not smart, so why even bother reading I'm serious, I got no puss from lying about reading Ulysses or Proust, but now that I'm a software engineer making bank I get all the puss I need and my family views me as a genius. So I ask, what's the point of reading in TODAY 2023 >tldr Stop wasting your life reading it's just not worth it. I'm sure there's brilliant ideas in Ulysses, but it's not going to get you money or puss. 12 hours ago 3 hours ago 96 2.1 4ch lit
Migrants’ trip to Sacramento aboard private jet arranged by state of Florida, officials say story/2023-06-03/california-investi gating-who-sent-16-migrants-from-te xas-to-doorstep-of-sacramento-dioce se More than a dozen migrants from South America who were recently flown on a chartered jet from New Mexico and dropped off in Sacramento were carrying documents indicating that their transportation was arranged by the state of Florida, California’s attorney general said Sunday. The documents appear to show that the flight was arranged through the Florida Division of Emergency Management and that it was part of the state’s program to relocate migrants, mostly from Texas, to other states, Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta said. The contractor for the program is Vertol Systems Co., which coordinated similar flights that took dozens of Venezuelan asylum seekers from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts last year, he said. State officials did not publicly release the documents. And as of Sunday, there were many unanswered questions, including how the flights were arranged. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office did not return calls or emails from The Times seeking comment, and it’s unclear what role, if any, the GOP presidential candidate may have had in the flight. 21 hours ago 5 hours ago 95 1.2 4ch news
/nederdraad/ nacht editie 12 hours ago 10 minutes ago 94 2.1 4ch int
PEEPEE POOPOO le précédent au >>182846580 /fr/ - Le francofil 2 hours ago 6 minutes ago 94 9.6 4ch int
anyone buying a house soon? they tell me prices are going to crash but i'm tired of rentcucking and can't wait to have a garage and a yard. pic related. 18 hours ago 5 hours ago 93 1.4 4ch biz
How do I get a femcel gf? 10 hours ago an hour ago 93 2.4 4ch adv
f-35 sisters 3 hours ago 27 minutes ago 92 7.5 4ch k
Would you guys seriously be able to rape someone? I could not do that. Defending myself, or punching a roastie is one thing but rape ? If the other person does not enjoy the intercourse then neither do I. 3 hours ago 9 minutes ago 92 7.4 4ch pol
>"ChatGPT, debunk the Bible for me." What will be the political ramifications for the right wing once this happens? 5 hours ago 4 minutes ago 92 4.8 4ch pol
Page 10 Editon >NEW UA SURVEY 728/D-D-UA-2023-Player-s-Handbook-P laytest-5 >NEW UA ium-images/one-dnd/ph-playtest5/owT hVp1CESZ1c91y/UA-2023-PH-Playtest5. pdf >New Errata og/sage-advice-book-updates >5etools >Trove The T̶r̶o̶v̶e̶ Vault (seed, please!): bit ly/2Y1w4Md >Resources: >Previous thread >>89095978 TQ: How many of you acually play D&D? /5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition General 8 hours ago 4 minutes ago 92 3.1 4ch tg
You pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh. no humor thread. 2 hours ago 4 minutes ago 91 9.9 4ch pol
AHEM whered my thread go huh hmm? 5 hours ago 41 minutes ago 91 4.4 4ch bant
מהדורת ברבי /ישר/ - /ISR/ 6 hours ago 10 minutes ago 90 3.8 4ch int
/plg/ - powerlifting general >BBM sucks >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >Pastebin Previous Thread: >>71164408 13 hours ago 51 minutes ago 89 1.9 4ch fit
>Another day, another escalation - Beer on the terrace considerably more expensive (10%), prices may rise even further - Egypt punishes Leiden museum for depicting blacks as ancient Egyptians - Train traffic around Amsterdam was shut down due to computer systems failure, cause unknown - BNNVARA censors a documentary because it was doubleplus ungood - NCTV reports 'More than half of the country is unprepared for a disaster or [hacking] attack' - Biggest cause of drought not 'climate change' but water mismanagement - 'Climate change' is causing health issues - /ourguy/ Gideon physically attacked by civil servant during networking drink, police don't do anything - Ernst Kuipers: more inquires to the corona measures endangers the functioning of the state - Baarnse farmer that got fined for hanging rebel flags won court battle - CBS: inflation reaches (only) 6% this year! 2 + 2 = 5! - Taghi lawyer Weski released day 1 that the prosecutor's office gets a new boss - Amnesty: Police violate protester's rights with ID checks and data storage. Soja police: no we don't we need it because job!!11! - Mass claim against the regime for stealing 400 billions worth of retirement funds - 25% more Dutch people report memory problems after pandemic period, wonder why >Required reading/watching - Architect admits that ugly buildings are to demoralise, in line with communist plans 1MU9yOPY&t=1274s&ab_channel=Archite ctureFoundation - CBDC are about control head of the ECB Christine Lagarde admits th-the-president-of-the-european-ce ntral-bank-christine-lagarde.html - KEEP FIGHTING FARMERS GO ON THE OFFENSIVE, ELECTIONS MEAN NOTHING. THIS IS A COMMUNIST GENOCIDE ATTEMPT. Neder /pol/der general: [CENSORED] of the Netherlands 4 hours ago 3 minutes ago 89 5.0 4ch pol
Calvin carried an M1911 Reminder: 10 hours ago 7 minutes ago 89 2.4 4ch k
>What is this thread? A thread to set up ERP/JOI, flirt with anons, discuss fetishes, or talk about/post lewd shit. **No dickgirls, diapers, or scat.** If you want to spam futa/shemales/diapers/whatever make your own thread. Ignore and report the spammer (spam/raiding) if he spams it. >Previous Thread >>57044474 >F+/Fu/Trans Thread >>>/aco/xivgd >Drama Thread >>>/vg/xivg >Lewd Modding Resources, Guides, and Discords >/xiverp/ Album(s) >NPC Mods gyTvEkVBXmGrMxhnfpQ >Lala Mods ers/1BmXZWwYKU_tKaBdBzer6wnez8fH9KB nu ers/19siBLw7VfDdFrszlr8dPtryVNoTfZT Kf >LoIi Mods cz6P9eTg5n0feE5ap4w >Superwafflecat/L'fah is a Scat Spammer and Chemo, Don’t Interact, Filter his Trip /^!!SAnlFngZguV$/ /xiverp/ - Final Fantasy XIV: ERP General #1163 6 hours ago an hour ago 89 4.0 4ch trash
it's about to be trannymania up in here, /pw/bros 11 hours ago 6 minutes ago 89 2.1 4ch pw
FAME CHECK: post pics of girls you have posted before/ seen posted a lot of. > anons say if they have fapped > or if they have saved > or at least if they have seen > or post famous /b/ girls you need more of 4 hours ago 10 minutes ago 89 5.5 4ch b
Helluva Thread the shitty image is back, because it's all I have. Song of the day is 'Why are sunday's so depressing' by the strokes. Loona is cute. helluva thread. 14 hours ago an hour ago 89 1.7 4ch bant
Blaire White or Tacticool Girlfriend. Bailey Jay has long been dethroned. Blaire is hotter but Tacticool GF is a better shot. Who is the Queen of /k/ 2 hours ago 29 minutes ago 89 9.0 4ch k
Anyone want to help out? No Docker, and no virtualization. I'm using server files, configuring them, and zipping them all up into an archive that I can share over BitTorrent. All anyone would need to do to set up a Homelab is to extract it, and run the Batch script inside of it which will ask them what domain name to use since it'll be configured to enable SSL/TLS for both online & offline use. It'll include an Nginx web server with WordPress, Nextcloud, phpMyAdmin, etc... But that's not all! It'll include an Unbound (DNS) server, WireGuard (VPN) server, Shadowsocks (Proxy) server, Radarr server, Sonarr server, Lidarr server, Jellyfin server, and a Home Assistant server as well. Self-hosting a Windows Homelab to escape The Matrix! 6 hours ago 13 minutes ago 88 3.6 4ch g
SAY IT WITH ME, BROTHERS! AMEN! 5 hours ago 7 minutes ago 88 4.3 4ch pol
Would you guys date an amputee girl? 6 hours ago an hour ago 88 3.8 4ch r9k
Touhou Edition Previous: d/57029682 Booru Backup: vWsfjXGCsTbVuV7AFuA NTR Encyclopedia: ub=true Carmillanon’s NTR captions: DarkNation's NTR captions: 4u0SuPVeb5-goTgJTrQ Succubus dating guide: Wombs of the Gods archive: Cucks: >Post your "loyal" waifu, tell us all about them! >Discover that your waifu might not be as satisfied with you as you thought. >Learn that your waifu always loved, and will always love you, even if you can't pleasure her in the sack. >Post pictures of your waifu for bulls to save and steal. Bulls: >Tease cucks and enjoy their trust shattering with your every post. >Steal and fuck (and maybe impregnate!) other anons' waifus while they watch. >Make fun of their waifus for being horny cumdumpsters. Waifus/Avas: >Post and see if any bulls and/or cucks bite. >Ramble on about your love of big cocks /ntr/ netorare general 9 hours ago 15 minutes ago 86 2.5 4ch trash
Between picrel, Russia not having a statement to release immediately after it happened, the general confusion and the fact that this inconveniences both sides, I'm starting to think this was an accident >it might genuinely have been a structural failure 7 hours ago 8 minutes ago 86 3.2 4ch k
Boymoders, how big is your gock? 8 hours ago an hour ago 85 2.7 4ch lgbt
if you hate comfy creativity and opportunity for a job then dont learn Go 16 hours ago 18 minutes ago 85 1.4 4ch g
so what’s the use case again? 13 hours ago 11 minutes ago 85 1.8 4ch g
I usually move around in civilized environments, but last week I actually passed by IKEA. It's obviously not mainly us in the upper middle class who go there, it seems like it's mostly middle class and below who visit IKEA. Anyway, what was extremely interesting to see was that hardly anyone was wearing a watch. I personally wore my Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual time with a blue dial and had still hoped to see at least someone wearing something interesting on their wrist. But no, nobody was. I would estimate that only one in ten wore a watch, and those who wore a watch usually wore some fancy smart watch. Not a single quality watch was to be seen apart from my own piece. So what's up with this? Have the middle and working class now given up? They realize that everyone knows they're a loser if they wear a watch for under $10k on their wrist and have therefore told themselves they can get away with skipping a watch? Have you noticed the same phenomenon? What are the political implications of this? Have the middle class given up? 2 hours ago 3 minutes ago 85 10.4 4ch pol
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #2548 >"Temptation" edition --Stories-- By DesperateWinter >A Spare In The Trunk (Ch. 15) 3485082 By Wizdoggo >Communist Canine Chronicles: Katyusha's House of Red (Ch. 8) >The Kash'gons Chronicles (Part 026) By LiveIron >Negligent Discharge: Rebecca Path (Ch. 3) 0973790 >Emerald on the River 7406985 By IntergalacticFlyingToaster >Chronicles of the Resistance (Ch. 20) 3250798 By Anonymous >Into The Unknown (Ch. 1) By ItsHypnos >Silver Hound, Black Moon (Ch. 13) 6223224 By Tacticool_Dad >Unlikely Meetings (Ch. 4) 6924471 By Gold_Eagle_RSR >Chains and Chances (Ch. 2) 6436269 By spicyhazard >The Snerd (Ch. 4) 6939222 By SweatshirtWearingViper >My Petrochemical Romance (Ch. 3) 4438539 By Driss1 >Pencroft's Plight With Piracy (Ch. 3) 7010958 By MiataAnon >Dejah's Trap (Ch. 15) [Complete] 9383535 By AlephKeller >Risk Compensation 6265299 >Kintsugi 7141308 [ Story Masterbin ]: [ Word Filter ]: | [ Image Filter ]: [ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: Previous Thread: d/57049686 Missed a thread or two?: h/text/hmofa/type/op/ 7 hours ago 32 minutes ago 84 3.0 4ch trash
EXIT ALL CRYPTO MARKETS IT'S OVER 15 hours ago 5 hours ago 83 1.5 4ch biz
Can someone explain to me how are american ARs ending up in Cartel hands? 14 hours ago 12 minutes ago 83 1.5 4ch k
Leaked Celebrity Nudes 7 hours ago 20 minutes ago 83 3.1 4ch b
Welcome, one and all, to the #1 thread on /fit/. >routines >lifting >meals >local gyms >cost of training >a bit of banter All such topics are welcome here. Come and ask your questions, get honest advice from friendly anons! We're always happy to help. Post your gains, get mires from the boys. /afg/ is always ready with encouragement and advice. And remember: >We're all gonna make it, brah AFG AUSTRALIAN FITNESS GENERAL 23 hours ago 21 minutes ago 82 1.0 4ch fit
This is how a modern 100% ANE population would look like today and you know it 17 hours ago 46 minutes ago 82 1.3 4ch his
HG / Hunger Games Location: The CHAMP'S house 8 hours ago 13 minutes ago 82 2.7 4ch trash
Let's post them Pegging thread 18 hours ago 3 hours ago 81 1.2 4ch gif
CZ IS BLAMING THE JEWS IT'S OVER 19 hours ago 41 minutes ago 81 1.2 4ch biz
Sweden yes? 2 hours ago 2 minutes ago 81 7.7 4ch pol
Solo: >Post a porn WebM/GIF and don't tag anyone >If your post ends 0/4 you're the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF >If your post ends 5/9 you're the man/top from your WebM/GIF ERP: >Post a porn WebM/GIF and tag someone >If your post ends 0/4 you're the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF and whoever you've tagged is the man/top from your WebM/GIF >If your post ends 5/9 you're the man/top from your WebM/GIF and whoever you've tagged is the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF 50/50 man or girl below PIMP EDITION 89 15 hours ago 11 minutes ago 81 1.4 4ch gif
What are your thoughts on Oryx? 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 81 1.0 4ch k
im ordering a pizza what do trannies like on their pizza? 6 hours ago 11 minutes ago 80 3.5 4ch lgbt
>Spends their entire GDP on the military >Is shit at war Why is this? 7 hours ago 18 minutes ago 79 2.8 4ch int
webm thread no motorcycles edition 18 hours ago 2 minutes ago 78 1.1 4ch o
this game looks so fun 8 hours ago 5 hours ago 78 2.6 4ch pw
What philosophy books do I need to read to refute this type of argument? 19 hours ago an hour ago 78 1.1 4ch lit
Can any americans here explain why they shouldn't pay reparations for slavery? Without resorting to chud arguments of course. 2 hours ago 31 minutes ago 78 7.3 4ch int
CONFESS Shhh my dear child, come here, come closer. Tell me, dear child, what is on your heart, confess your sins. 17 hours ago 18 minutes ago 78 1.2 4ch fit
Entrepreneurship Redpills Redpill me on entrepreneurship. What business models work and which are scams? Tried the following: > Dropshipping - hardly got any traffic at all and of course zero sales. Probably around $2k thrown into the toilet for this idea. > Etsy - have had two stores, one a POD store and a digital downloads store. Both were colossal failures, again with the extremely low traffic issue. I've tried and tried to fix the SEO but to no avail. Etsy is ultra saturated so it's clearly a lost cause. > Affiliate marketing - have tried this extensively on discord and twitter. Of course it went nowhere. Again, having a tough time gaining followers. > YouTube Shorts - tried a pricey fiverr gig on this for a ton of shorts in the luxury niche, but low and behold YouTube buried that channel into oblivion - each short only got about 5-10 views. Total waste of time and money. > Crypto - Most of my portfolio is in BTC & ETH now but I could've had so much more if I didn't get suckered into "muh tech" scams such as Harmony One, Fantom, etc. Crypto is the only thing that actually made money. > Stock trading, of course, went nowhere and I only lost money. > Done a ton of research on trades, SAAS, etc. - they require a TON of adspend to stand out these days, and the upfront time commitment is also brutal. > Ebay flipping - only sales you'll get on ebay are through personal items you auction off. For any other type of sales, good luck on standing out + the buyers on ebay are fucking assholes with their scamming, lowballing, etc. > Amazon gatekeeps the fuck out of everything in my experience 17 hours ago an hour ago 78 1.3 4ch biz
What is it about white men that makes Asian women, Arab women, black women, and Latina women so attracted to them? I've always noticed anywhere I go that the ugliest white man can still have a hot girlfriend as long as said girlfriend is of another race. It's like they get an upper hand on dating due to whatever reason. Meanwhile, other races of men are either incels are they fuck bottom barrel women. Asian men are usually outright incel, while black men can be incels they usually cope by fucking the most butt-ugly women in the world just to be able to say they get their baby black carrots wet. What is the reasoning behind this? White Fever Thread 19 hours ago 3 hours ago 77 1.1 4ch gif al-surge-of-brain-abscesses-in-amer ican-children-cdc-says >Gee, it couldn't have been the vaccine we forced people to give them, could it? Abnormal Surge In Brain Abscesses In Children 5 hours ago 4 minutes ago 77 4.1 4ch pol
waifu >claim waifu >post waifu >she's real >not a gay hookup thread >dont steal waifu unless trips >no erp >no overly lewd content >posting gets you a reserved place in hell. >praise the Holy Father >discuss and have fun 7 hours ago 29 minutes ago 76 2.8 4ch b
you laugh you lose 6 hours ago 25 minutes ago 76 3.5 4ch b
Imagine rooting for either side of a fake jew banker war to genocide slavs like the jews are genociding whites in europe and america by flooding their nations with nonwhites and criminalizing protests and self defense for whites 2 hours ago 8 minutes ago 76 7.4 4ch k
How did you end up stuck on /r9k/? Azn Women 7 hours ago 40 minutes ago 75 2.6 4ch r9k
/vore/ general ~ taiko festival edition don-don'd: d/56972073 pastebin: >Post vore and vore adjacent content. >if you don't like a pic filter it >don't shitpost or reply to shitpost >encourage creativity QoTT: Has a non-vore image ever gotten you thinking about that character in a more raunchy setting, getting you going? 17 hours ago an hour ago 75 1.2 4ch trash
Bonus: Holes with soles Amateur female butthole 2 hours ago 16 minutes ago 75 9.1 4ch b
Ukraine population is now 29 milion, down from 41 milion This is a fucking disaster. How the fuck do they even plan to fix that? Serious discussions only. 2 hours ago 26 minutes ago 75 7.7 4ch pol
I thought if you "went woke" you "went broke." What happened with that? Why didn't republicans boycott Walmart? 10 hours ago 29 minutes ago 75 1.9 4ch b
1: Who's the LEAST trustworthy country in the F35 program? 2: Is every country in this list really MORE trustworthy than Turkey? F-35 exports 11 hours ago 10 minutes ago 74 1.8 4ch k
Sherman vs T-34 The great debate. 16 hours ago 3 hours ago 74 1.2 4ch k
/edhg/ - EDH/Commander General LOTR memes Edition Previous thread: >>89100679 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by wotc employees in the rules committee: >Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet. >Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity. >Deck List Sites: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices. >CARD SEARCH >Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap >how to proxy using any printer >Thread Question What's your least played color and why? 9 hours ago 13 minutes ago 73 2.1 4ch tg
Anyone up stimfapping and lonely ? Discord ? 8 hours ago 30 minutes ago 73 2.4 4ch b
come do some puzzles with fellow autists 12 hours ago 13 minutes ago 72 1.7 4ch b
/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General Welcome. The purpose of this general is to show you how to use your own wonderful human imagination to achieve your every desire. The world and all within it is man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. Consciousness is the cause as well as the substance of the entire world. So it is to consciousness that we must turn if we would discover the secret of creation. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life. The Main Concepts: >Imagination creates Reality >Assumptions harden into fact >Consciousness is the only Reality >Feeling is the Secret >Prayer, Living in the End/In the Wish Fulfilled (remaining Faithful to your Idea) >You are the Operant Power >There is no one to change but Self (Self-concept) >Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally (Time is an Illusion) >Can I manifest ___? Yes! Creation is finished. >Curious? Do the Ladder Experiment >The Simple Technique >Who is Neville Goddard? Neville was a mystic who taught the Bible as a parable of the human psyche — a great psychological drama — and not a record of historical events. Recommendations for beginners: >How to manifest your desires (Core 5 Lessons & Radio Talks) 7ksf6Pwq_-Q >Feeling is the Secret >>Audiobook >The Power of Awareness wareness-ebook.html >>Audiobook —/ Extra resources /— >Master Index >Universal Line B7eDI5RcHOBvixGjAhZ_lgJjJIhGq >Library (Hemi-Sync included) _GxYLeylrSg >Previous Thread >>34939207 11 hours ago a minute ago 72 1.7 4ch x
Russian partisans in Belgorod are traveling through the sewers tatus/1665795718651551744?s=46&t=yS aWSLoZU6lwZ7u03-FcBQ Are the sewers a good place to move around? 14 hours ago an hour ago 72 1.4 4ch k
Steroids make women terrifying 10 hours ago 7 minutes ago 72 1.9 4ch fit
IM A SICK FUCK I LIKE A QUICK FUCK 23 hours ago 3 hours ago 72 0.9 4ch s4s
You know what? I am a hardcore critic of him, but his political analysis is on point. I know he is a homosexual, but if he knows his political insight, I am willing to accept that he is a closeted/secret homosexual. 3 hours ago 13 minutes ago 72 6.1 4ch pol
QTDDTOT "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread. 13 hours ago 7 minutes ago 72 1.5 4ch fit
it's over IVPITER has officially betrayed the west and initiated the franco-sino century. 2 hours ago 8 minutes ago 71 7.6 4ch int
Female engineering managers Why? 13 hours ago 20 minutes ago 70 1.4 4ch g
What did they mean by this? an hour ago 2 minutes ago 70 9.8 4ch pol
How do Nordcuck supremecists cope with the fact that they are depigmentated hapas? 13 hours ago 4 hours ago 70 1.4 4ch his
Post ITT if you do not have IRL friends >well I only hang out with one person >we only hang out on the weekends >they're in a different country right now but we haven't hung out in a long time for people who have no one to meet up with and hang out with, please congregate HERE<<<<<< Friendless thread for friendless people 13 hours ago 55 minutes ago 70 1.5 4ch r9k
>comes uninvited and starts shitting up your timeline by pushing power-creep wankfest and time-travel out of nowhere, disregarding the technology of late-UC Why did Banrise approve this stupid fanfiction? it doesn't flow with the world that Tomino built at all. 16 hours ago 5 hours ago 70 1.2 4ch m
going to barnes, want anything? 20 hours ago 6 hours ago 70 0.9 4ch lit
How do you cope when "Chad" can take your girl at whim? You can be the strongest, coolest, kindest, most loyal guy and suddenly a better man pops up and your girl fucks him and chucks you with his baby. In 2023, the law won’t even punish it? How do you cope? Women like animals instinctively choose the best mate. I’m 5’9" 290lbs and at the church I go to there are married women with less fat, more kind husbands and I STILL catch their wives throwing me IOIs. I can’t imagine someone actually attractive coming along. I can’t live knowing I could get cucked at any time. David literally tried to cuck Uriah and if God didn’t step in he’d have succeeded. Fuck. I hate women and their biological imperatives. I hate that my pessimism and complaining and grasp of reality makes me even more likely to put out unattractive vibes and to get cucked. Like I know this seems like some stupid meme, but this shit is fucking real. >/fit/ - Fitness Fuck off. I hate this fucking site. I hope those loser jannies ban me. 5 hours ago 5 minutes ago 69 3.4 4ch fit
/OOK/ General #3 >"Send Ooks" Edition /OOK/ is a thread about the discussion of primate women and/or monkeying around. Please post about monkeys, gorillas, baboons, gibbons, simians, chimpanzees, orangutans, lemurs, and all other nonhuman primate subspecies. Anthros with ape-like features are also appreciated. >NO ERP >NO NTR/cuckshit >HIDE and IGNORE trolls >OOH OOH OOK AH AH AH Green texts and stories are encouraged as well. /hmofa/ content featuring monkey girls is also welcome. >Previous thread: d/56881634/#q56881634 13 hours ago an hour ago 68 1.4 4ch trash
2,341 lbs currently the ND2 is the lightest rwd car in production this is the future you chose 17 hours ago 11 minutes ago 68 1.1 4ch o
Why don't White people play instruments anymore? 8 out of 10 times when you see someone playing a classical instrument it's an asian qt. What happened? The Judaification of our society is politically important. 4 hours ago 31 minutes ago 67 3.9 4ch pol
Wait, so Trump wins all the bellwether counties across the country? And Biden voters just kick out the Republican overseers in deep blue democrat ghettos and keep pulling out voter ballots out of nowhere until Biden wins the state, and then don't allow for signature verification afterwards? And Americans just lie down and accept this? 4 hours ago 36 minutes ago 67 3.9 4ch r9k
last >>31313592 link (dodgy) /mtfg/ male to female general 2 hours ago 8 minutes ago 67 8.6 4ch lgbt
Asian anons. Give me 1 (one) good reason you don't look like this. 11 hours ago an hour ago 67 1.6 4ch r9k
ITT: post videos that can only be explained by deployment of nerve gas. Alternatively try to disprove it being nerve gas but we all know you are wrong. Nerve gas central 12 hours ago 24 minutes ago 67 1.5 4ch gif atus/1665792769472823299 NYC Mayor Eric Adams is Going to Put Illegal Unvetted Criminal Spic Migrants into your Home (VIDEO) 59 minutes ago 2 minutes ago 66 18.4 4ch pol
how would you rate my appearance? i know i’m pretty sub-par overall, esp because of my butterface… but how would you rate me? 13 hours ago 11 minutes ago 66 1.4 4ch soc
What's in store for the future of theyfabs? 22 hours ago 4 hours ago 66 0.8 4ch lgbt
$3500 well spent 13 hours ago 9 minutes ago 66 1.4 4ch g
>About 333,000 children were abused within France's Catholic Church, a report finds >80% of [the victims] were boys 302348/france-catholic-church-sexua l-abuse-report-children >How the Catholic Priesthood Became an Unlikely Haven for Many Gay Men >Krysztof Olaf Charamsa gives a press conference to reveal his homosexuality on October 3, 2015 in Rome. The priest claimed the Catholic clergy was largely made up of intensely homophobic homosexuals. 17/04/how-the-catholic-priesthood-b ecame-a-haven-for-many-gay-men.html 3 hours ago 2 minutes ago 64 5.3 4ch pol
Without background, it is not viable I am not trying to demoralise anybody but, You are not able to become rich, without already having significant money, or getting money from family side or getting incredibly lucky. So how did you manage to make money and break the poor barrier ? Thats the new goal. 3 hours ago 2 minutes ago 64 5.5 4ch biz
We are now officially headed for the hyperreal timeline, like it or not. Enter the ̶M̶a̶t̶r̶i̶x̶ Metaverse! You will wear your computer on your face. And you will be happy. thread theme: R9bWj8JY VR just had it's iPhone moment 3 hours ago 7 minutes ago 64 5.7 4ch pol
stephanie 23 hours ago an hour ago 64 0.7 4ch pw
▶Prev: >>429603586 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield assessment: tesISW ▶Latest >Nova Kakhovka dam was blown up in Kherson >Novaya Tavolzhanka under the control of the RDK >Explosions reported in Mariupol, Melitopol, Kharkiv. Explosions reported in Krasnodar, Russia >EU parliament approves €500 million fund for ammo to Ukraine >Second incursion was launched across the Russian border, near Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast >Norway will provide Ukraine with a five-year aid program (military, humanitarian and civilian support) with a total volume of approximately 6.5 billion euros >US announced a new $300 million security package for Ukraine. It includes munitions for Patriots, more Avenger air-defense systems, Stingers, AIM-7 and Zuni missiles, ammo for HIMARS, artillery, tanks, and more >We are against strikes on the Russian Federation, but it is up to Ukraine to decide , - the coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House. >Ukrainian drone strikes in Moscow >Russian drone and missile strikes across Ukraine, airbase hit >According to Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv Military City Administration, more than 40 shahed drones were destroyed over Kyiv. >Dnipro hospital was hit by Russian missile: 4 dead, 32 wounded. ▶Telegram ▶INTEL (equipment explorer) 02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equ ipment.html (RU) 02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukr ainian.html (UA) /uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9309 12 minutes ago 2 minutes ago 64 85.3 4ch pol
What do you like to eat at the Chinese buffet? 8 hours ago 5 hours ago 64 2.0 4ch ck
censored share thread post ur gfs with their identity hidden show as much or as little as you want 3 hours ago 12 minutes ago 64 4.9 4ch b
Making Eldritch Horrors >AHHH SQUID, IM GOING INSANE How do you avoid this and actually create a interesting cosmic horror? 16 hours ago an hour ago 63 1.1 4ch tg
According to this Russian Ukraine was using HIMARS against targets in Belgorod us/1665786537982738440?s=46&t=ySaWS LoZU6lwZ7u03-FcBQ 16 hours ago 3 hours ago 63 1.1 4ch k
>put Wrestling Observer Live behind a paywall >get less exposure >become irrelevant and forgotten about overtime What is the appeal of having 20 measly paypigs watch your show instead of maybe 800 for free on Youtube? Out with a whimper, not a bang. 16 hours ago 41 minutes ago 63 1.1 4ch pw
The best way to ruin any illustration >yellow cum 21 hours ago 6 hours ago 63 0.8 4ch ic
What was the actual purpose of the SS? 11 hours ago 2 hours ago 62 1.5 4ch k
Triple bottom Buy now or cry later 19 hours ago 57 minutes ago 62 0.9 4ch biz
The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said he was shocked by the attack on the Kakhovskaya HPP, blamed Russia for this and called the incident a "war crime" - the media. have they investigated yet? 2 hours ago 2 minutes ago 62 8.6 4ch pol
/skandi/ 5 hours ago 15 minutes ago 62 3.3 4ch int
it amazes me people here defend porn. it is a huge reason you are an incel and a huge reason women are whores it literally normalized hypergamy. you are all by definition drug addicts. but real drugs at least make you think a little bit and require social interaction. porn addicts are the lowest of the low. 10 hours ago an hour ago 62 1.7 4ch r9k
Is anyone even here from 2015-2020 4chan now or is it all just newfags? 10 hours ago 52 minutes ago 62 1.6 4ch biz
Swedes get rid of kittens by putting them in sacks and throwing them in the river. a/0Eydgg/hittade-sack-med-doda-katt ungar-i-alven 2 hours ago 32 minutes ago 62 7.9 4ch int
Left: Brad Pitt at age 45. Heavy drinker and smoker Right: Crazy Tech Billionaire trying to look young injecting son blood Makes you think zEYSwI 12 hours ago 6 minutes ago 61 1.4 4ch fit
Well- why did the Poles Pixelate their BTR in the video, /k/? 12 hours ago 5 hours ago 61 1.4 4ch k
Can this phenomenon be explained from a historical viewpoint hard mode: do not mention incels 3 hours ago 5 minutes ago 61 4.4 4ch his
/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread Users of all levels welcome. Share Windows tools, utilities, tips & tricks. FAQ: >How do I activate Windows? soft-Activation-Scripts HWID mimics upgrade activation to generate a permanent legitimate license. (non-VL only) >>Which W10 version should I install? >Home/Pro Comes with bloatware apps (games, music, news, etc) and bloatware system apps >Edu/Workstation/Enterprise Comes with bloatware system apps (weather, people, onedrive, teams, etc). >Enterprise LTSC, 5 years support, VL/KMS only >Enterprise IoT LTSC, 10 years support, HWID only Comes with Win32 system utils, no MS Store, no apps. It's basically W10: W7 Edition If you need MS Store, run this in cmd: wsreset -i Install Xbox/Gamebar apps for feature parity with other versions. >Do I even need IoT LTSC? W10 Home/Pro/Edu/Ent editions end support in 2025, LTSC in 2027, IoT LTSC in 2032. >How do I activate Office? L_ALL_AIO/releases Emulated KMS server, not ideal as it can trip AV and deactivate. Alternatively, use MSOffice through your browser since it's free. Or you can try OnlyOffice/LibreOffice and set it to save as MSOffice file formats. >ISO Downloads: >Windows >IoT LTSC >Office >Should I debloat or Optimize-Offline? If you need to ask, then no. You WILL break something. If you know what you're doing: >Windows/Office install guide ide >Portable programs & reinstall-proofing >Useful programs for a new install >I miss Windows## OpenShell/RetroBar/WinClassic WinInfo&OtherPastas: rds Change to .co if links don't work Previous thread: >>93873787 12 hours ago 6 minutes ago 61 1.4 4ch g
Been on hrt for a year and my hair still looks like this Should I just rope? 10 hours ago 45 minutes ago 60 1.6 4ch lgbt
TikTok is redpilled wtf i’m lately learning more from tiktok than from /pol, what a time to be alive 2 hours ago 4 minutes ago 60 7.1 4ch pol
How does it feel like to take a girl's virginity? Can you feel the hymen? Is there resistance? Can you feel her maidenhead give in? 11 hours ago 14 minutes ago 60 1.4 4ch r9k
Post 'em if you have 'em. 4chan makes national #pride flags an hour ago 2 minutes ago 60 12.5 4ch pol
Aus to provide 41 F/A-18 to Ukraine >Australia, the US and Ukraine are discussing sending 41 Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 Hornets to Kyiv helping fulfil part of President Volodymyr Zelensky’srequest for fighter jets,rather than sending them to the scrapheap as planned. >The retired F/A-18s are sitting in a hangar at the Williamtown RAAF base outside Newcastle and unless sent to Ukraine, will either be scrapped or sold to a private sector aviation company, RAVN Aerospace, to use in the US as "enemies" for military aviators to train against >Robert Potter, an Australian security expert advising the Ukrainian government, confirmed negotiations were underway, but a specific deal is yet to be finalised. >"However, the United States and Ukraine have an active and specific interest in the acquisition of fourth generation fighters for the Ukrainian Air Force," he said. l/retired-raaf-fighter-jets-could-b e-sent-to-ukraine-20230605-p5de0h I'm disappointed that these aren't killing chinese but I guess the orcs are the next best thing. 7 hours ago 12 minutes ago 60 2.2 4ch k
Skinwalker Wendigo Witch Trailcams > Nurse sets up camera on deer carcass to catch wildlife and instead sees semi-nude people acting bizarrely ed-nurse-catches-carcass-eating-wit ches-on-security-camera/ -canada-witches-video-deer This board has really gone down hill. Came here for the qrd on today's /x/ headline. 0 threads on any of my subject keywords. The sad state of /x/. 8 hours ago 4 hours ago 59 1.8 4ch x
What is causing this? 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 59 6.6 4ch pol
/bara/ - the COLD florida swamp edition >Last thread: d/56996645 >Tagmap: >Fitness guide: >Fitness archive: >Writefaggotry: >Shitpost filter: 13 hours ago 3 minutes ago 59 1.2 4ch trash
What causes transphobia? >religion This doesn’t make sense because hardcore atheists like Elon Musk and Richard Dawkins are transphobic. 12 hours ago 2 hours ago 59 1.4 4ch lgbt
>700+ applicants 14 hours ago 6 minutes ago 59 1.1 4ch g
and ever since i craved an ubercringe edgy boyfriend hm ew cringe kms when i was 14 i listened to motionless in white 4 hours ago 8 minutes ago 59 3.9 4ch r9k
If so are there any tips you would give to starting traders? Pic rel is my first profitable week to date. Are there any profitable traders here? 11 hours ago 55 minutes ago 59 1.5 4ch biz
Sauce thread (preferably solo or hetro) First gif has been my dream girl from time, never been able to find anything else form her 9 hours ago 22 minutes ago 58 1.8 4ch gif
/ERP/ - Erotic Roleplay Thread Ice Cream Drip Edition Previous: >>57053717 4 hours ago 15 minutes ago 58 3.7 4ch trash
/flg/ - F-List General #3890 Aestheticfag Edition Previous Thread: >>57061225 F-list is a website for people interested in roleplaying, creating character profiles and to find like-minded partners with similar interests to roleplay with. It features a webchat (which can be used for textual roleplaying) and more kinks than you can memorize. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where writechads and writefags can freely share their self inserts, solicit roleplay, critique profiles, share roleplay logs, discuss kinks, and everything else related to F-List. >The Site >Login Stats >Live Status Tracker >Filtered Ads >/flg/ Community Pastebin >Profile Image Search >/flg/ Log Archive >Eicon search tool >TQ How long do you spend on your inlines? 53 minutes ago 5 minutes ago 58 18.0 4ch trash
$3,995 LMAO why would you want to carry a phone with you? you can just use a telephone booth anywhere 10 hours ago an hour ago 57 1.5 4ch g
CZ did nothing wrong Hitler did nothing wrong 18 hours ago 33 minutes ago 57 0.8 4ch biz
So like, what happens to a crypto after its deemed a security? Whats the issue? Arent stocks securities? 17 hours ago 52 minutes ago 57 0.9 4ch biz
kurva anyátok 6 hours ago 25 minutes ago 57 2.3 4ch int
Eдицiя кpaїни гнoю, кpaїни пiдopa, кpaїни opгaнiзaтopa тeхнoгeнних кaтacтpoф тa eкoцидiв Пoпepeднiй: >>182782082 /ukraїna/ 3 hours ago 6 minutes ago 57 4.8 4ch int
This is a general thread for discussion of the mystic power of semen retention. /SRM/ Semen Retention Mystical General 12 hours ago 8 minutes ago 57 1.3 4ch x
It's over. Lifts to end my life? 14 hours ago 59 minutes ago 57 1.1 4ch fit
Who are the "enlightened" few? 14 hours ago 2 hours ago 56 1.1 4ch biz
What is their fucking problem? an hour ago 5 minutes ago 56 8.9 4ch pol
Gooners any gooners? 6 hours ago 16 minutes ago 56 2.6 4ch b
Is Kim Jung Gi a COOM artist? Is/was Koom Jung Gi A Coom artist? Are you ok with his coom pics? Did he went too far? How does he get away with it? Did he faked his death to hide and draw coom all day every day anonymously? 5 hours ago 10 minutes ago 56 3.0 4ch ic
>Based on the Toyota GA-B platform >Designed for Europe >New 1.5 hybrid power unit with 3 cylinders, 136 hp and 185 nm of torque >0-100 Km/h in 9,2 seconds >Weight 1280 kg >New NiMH battery >Optional E-Four system with rear EV engine for all wheel drive >Dimensions: 4.190 mm (lenght) x 1.825 mm (width) x 1.545 mm (height) >Boot capacity: 332 liters Price starting @ 35.000€ New Lexus LBX 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 56 0.7 4ch o
Book it 13 hours ago 4 hours ago 56 1.2 4ch pw
>Apple will scan for nude pics and videos, including scanning in 3rd party apps so much for "privacy" 11 hours ago a minute ago 56 1.4 4ch g
I didn't get my username What do I use now mumble? 7 hours ago 6 minutes ago 56 2.1 4ch g
How do I kill God? If God wants to send you to hell for not being perfect he's just Satan. How do I kill God like the jews did? It sounds like doing so will save my soul. 11 hours ago 2 hours ago 56 1.3 4ch bant
JPMorgan is shilling DeFi uh oh ents/Institutional-DeFi-The-Next-Ge neration-of-Finance.pdf 18 hours ago an hour ago 56 0.9 4ch biz
Give me one (1) actual scientific good reason not to become vegan 2 hours ago 11 minutes ago 55 5.6 4ch fit
WTF is going on in the UK? 3 hours ago 4 minutes ago 55 4.3 4ch pol
Smart anons, how bad are these accusations against CZ and could it actually be over? 19 hours ago 59 minutes ago 55 0.8 4ch biz
Gun Idols Edition Previous: >>58439902 /ak/ - anime k 5 hours ago 16 minutes ago 55 2.7 4ch k
I want your thoughts on this r9k 10 hours ago an hour ago 55 1.4 4ch r9k
In light of the revelation about our new trans queen, guess what I remembered I had in my closet lol 10 hours ago 22 minutes ago 55 1.4 4ch lgbt
Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content. Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal and mechanical fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade—less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency. If you are new to the OSR, welcome! Ask us whatever you're curious about: we'll be happy to help you get started. >Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc: >Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection: d/86342023/#q86358321 >Previous thread: >>89053386 >Thread Question: Tell us about your nautical adventures: how did you run them? How did your players act? Did you use any interesting mechanics, own or taken from others? /osrg/ — Old School Renaissance General 13 hours ago 10 minutes ago 55 1.2 4ch tg
What's a good universal method for ending it all? Worth knowing in case the time comes and I have to do the needful. /pol/ approved method of suicide? 23 minutes ago 2 minutes ago 55 38.6 4ch pol
Friends you jerk of to. I want her to stretch my pee pee hole 3 hours ago 7 minutes ago 55 4.4 4ch b
ylyl Top Kek Edition Only post Top Kek stuff *No niggers 7 hours ago 10 minutes ago 54 2.1 4ch b
Do black girls actually like white guys or is it a meme? 17 hours ago 11 minutes ago 54 0.9 4ch adv
Comfy Monday Edition Don't let all this pride bullshit make you forget that it's also time for Tomboy Summer. Post tomboys. Celebrate tomboys. Today's Topic: Where would you take your tomboy gf on a first date? 13 hours ago 16 minutes ago 54 1.1 4ch b
You wouldn't be so hateful and intolerant if you went on a walk once in a while... 4 hours ago 5 minutes ago 54 3.6 4ch pol
Even if you make it, you will still get old and die. 17 hours ago 12 minutes ago 54 0.9 4ch biz
Is dambusting a warcrime now? an hour ago 9 minutes ago 54 8.9 4ch k
>According to a source close to the situation, Wyatt has been going through what is being described to us as a "mental break." >We do know that Bray had battled a case of COVID-19 and the belief is that the illness either "brought on" or "coincided" with some sort of mental health issue. >Additionally, it was said that when Wyatt returned to WWE at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event on October 8, 2022, he expressed concern over simply saying the words "I’m here" as the show came to a close. There was a debate that took place between Wyatt and several writers at the time regarding whether he should say more. During the post-WWE Extreme Rules 2022 edition of RAW, Wyatt appeared in front of live fans for the first time since his WWE release in July 2021. >Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, WWE officials are giving Bray as much time as he needs. One source added that Wyatt seemed a bit "out of it" when spoken to over the past few months. We also know that he wasn’t happy with the creative plans for his character as time went on. >As of this writing, there is no timetable for Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE. /exclusive-update-on-bray-wyatts-ww e-status Bray Wyatt is on a "mental break" 5 hours ago 13 minutes ago 54 2.5 4ch pw
Robots, if your ideal woman were to appear in front of you, what would be her appearance and demeanor? If such a woman were in your life, what would you do with her? Please take note, this thread is of a degenerate intent; any semblance of purity or romance in your responses will only serve to make me melancholic in emotion. 11 hours ago an hour ago 53 1.3 4ch r9k
roll 6 hours ago 13 minutes ago 53 2.2 4ch b
thoughts? pooners are all just fujoshis 7 hours ago 3 hours ago 53 2.0 4ch lgbt
Roiding won't change your ugly face. 9 hours ago 4 hours ago 53 1.5 4ch fit
Ladies getting pleasured by BBC Latinas and Asians are welcome Last Thread: >>25250352 >>25250352 >>25250352 BBC Interracial Thread 11 hours ago 2 hours ago 53 1.2 4ch gif
look at how mad these orangutans are getting when you point out the superiority of Irish race. The Irish have a subset of ethnics with insular gigantism, they managed to throw back iron clad norsemen with nothing more ash hardened spears and oaken clubs while naked as the day they were born. >tall tan and blue eyed see what I mean? this sounds like someone from south asia trying to say "at a distance you'd think im one of you" look you do not pass the eyeball test, you are not pale, you are not White, you do not freckle (a WHG self defense mechanic against solar attacks), you turn orange and you never come back from it, you remain orange until you turn into a walking strip of bacon as you age. You will never be White You will never have the elevated pain tolerance of Redheads You will never have the broad and robust chests of the Irish You will never have the Freckles or Ringlets of the WHG race You will always be a twisted mockery of an angelic figure, forever in decline as you perpetually increase in asiatic ancestry You will not be the stark example of the ascension of man from the furtive swarthoid WHG to the Atlantean BVLL seeking immortality that is the Irishman. 18 hours ago 5 minutes ago 52 0.8 4ch his
/gedg/ - Game and Engine Dev General #28 Kemono edition. /gedg/ Wiki: /Gedg IRC: #/g/gedg Next Progress Day: ay-2 Previous Progress Day: ay-1 /gedg/ Compendium: /agdg/: Previous: 823831 9 hours ago 58 minutes ago 52 1.6 4ch g
I have been thinking about cigarettes lately and the big anti-tobacco push. The first question that comes to my mind is why? Why would the government care about YOUR health all of a sudden? Have they ever had this much of a concern of your health about anything else? Especially when the hospitals can suck you dry if you get this imaginary lung cancer. Honestly, when was the last time you heard of anyone getting lung or throat cancer from smoking in real life? Think about it. There are is currently a drug and obesity epidemic but for whatever reason cigarettes is the worst thing ever. Even though I have seen literal olympic athletes smoke and not have a problem. Fast food and sugar is highly addictive and damaging. And the pharmacy companies pump out drugs to sedate and hook the people. What does the politicians and government do? Absolutely NOTHING. So ask yourself, really just think about it, why... Why does the government not want me to smoke a fag? And why should I listen to them? You can nut up and be adamant about not getting vaxxed but when the suits tell you that a cigarette is a no-no you take it in the ass like a good boy and comply? Fuck you. an hour ago 3 minutes ago 52 12.1 4ch pol
BIDEN WINNING BIGLY! 6000 new jobs and FREE training for Arizona residents in the semi-conductor industry. Brandon is bringing back manufacturing, while Orange man only talked about it and gave a huge tax cut to Wallstreet Jews. Repeat after me: THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN an hour ago 2 minutes ago 52 10.8 4ch pol
Dangerous Mires, how do you deal with em? 15 hours ago 21 minutes ago 52 0.9 4ch fit
Mae's over Edition Previous Thread: d/56755050/ [KNOWN CONTENT CREATORS] Artists who sometimes post content in the thread. -SeymourCox -Jubb -Jingle Brap Resources: Image Aggregation) and rare onara art) Pixiv tags: おなら, オナラ, 放屁, 屁 Threads on other boards >>>/d/onara >>>/aco/brap >>>/r/fart LIBRARY AND GREEN TEXT ARCHIVES _jr s/ /BRAP/ - Fart / Gas General 20 hours ago 6 minutes ago 52 0.7 4ch trash
I do not oppose the new world order. an hour ago 2 minutes ago 51 10.8 4ch pol
boys cuddling cont. ed (/gaygen/ to annoy the fags) QOTT: does your mom know that you're bi? Previous Thread >>31263834 Tagmap: FAQ >Am I bi if I like women and femboys/traps? >Am I bi if there's this one member of the same-sex I'm desiring, but normally I like the opposite sex? >Am I bi if I sexually like both sexes, but only interested in romance with one of them? Yes, sexual attraction to both sexes is bisexuality. >Do you love me, OP? idk!!!!! >. >Am I bi or pan if I like trans people? Both are able to be attracted to trans people. >What's the difference between bisexual and pansexual? Little to none. Resource for Bisexuals: Provides additional information and help if needed. /bigen/ - bisexual general 11 hours ago 17 minutes ago 51 1.2 4ch lgbt
/ex-yu/ Zlovenac femboy izdanje 7 hours ago 9 minutes ago 51 2.0 4ch int
France accounts for only 1% of global gas emission. The biggest emitters combined in Europe account for 6%. If France, Germany, UK, Italy and Poland ceased to exist, (+300 millions people), gas emssions would be only reduced by 6%. It's completely insignificant comapred to China's emitting 28%. Yet the global cabal is enforcing life changing policies, shutting down thousands of farm, banning ICE cars, restricting movements and all kind of stupid laws to reduce a very tiny fraction of those 6%. Meanwhile, China isn't asked to comply to any climate policies and not threatened by any sanctions or boycott. How do eco marxist live with that? The climate scam 3 hours ago 20 minutes ago 51 4.0 4ch pol
Neither Japan nor Africa had anything to do with the scientific revolution in Europe but after exposure to science the Japanese invented many things while blacks have yet to invent anything. Why is that? Hard mode: If you're going to say that Japan has good geography and Africa has bad geography you have to explain why this pattern holds everywhere in the world. 12 hours ago 36 minutes ago 51 1.2 4ch his
Why do people always gloss over the fact that the Kim dynasty is more similar to Hitler's Germany than it is any Communist state? 19 hours ago 10 minutes ago 50 0.7 4ch his
> confidently says that dark matter is bullshit and all physics is le wrong he is unironically fucking retarded 3 hours ago 10 minutes ago 50 4.1 4ch g
>continue repping >want to KMS or >troon out >will still want to KMS but I'll have puffy nipples Wat do 8 hours ago 2 hours ago 50 1.7 4ch lgbt
This shit is just depressing 3 hours ago 24 minutes ago 50 4.4 4ch pol
It actually flew over my head until many, many years later I realized the pun Is there a more cleverly named software than this? 12 hours ago 17 minutes ago 50 1.1 4ch g
Anon, what do you get out of posting on this board? Is it entertainment, laughs? Someone to talk about your feelings with? Love, perhaps? Friends? Stories of despair to confirm your own? Why do you come here? 5 hours ago 20 minutes ago 50 2.4 4ch r9k
why the FUCK are these not available anywhere? Detachable carry handles aren’t the same. 7 hours ago 15 minutes ago 50 1.9 4ch k
Be honest. At what age is it weird to still be a virgin? 14 hours ago 55 minutes ago 50 0.9 4ch adv
ARE THEY ALL FUCKIGN INSANE? RED PILL ME ON THE CARNIVORES 9 hours ago 4 hours ago 50 1.5 4ch fit
AEW will have game 3 of the NBA Finals as competition this Wednesday so it likely won't hit your hecking arbitrary number. The ratings don't count this week. Reminder to all concern troll e-piggies 6 hours ago 4 hours ago 49 2.0 4ch pw
fugs i passed out watching jerma is time to get out of bed now an watch what i missed 9 hours ago 10 minutes ago 49 1.4 4ch s4s
The world's most valuable company confirms it. The metaverse age has begun 16 hours ago 59 minutes ago 49 0.8 4ch biz
The median bank account balance for under 35 adults is $3,240 9 hours ago 3 hours ago 49 1.4 4ch biz
The Earth is flat with a dome. God exists. Aliens don't exist. Space isn't real. Gravity doesn't exist. Never went to the moon. Asteroids don't exist. UFOs are a psyop. Nukes don't exist. Evolution is a lie. Germ Theory is a lie. The world is ruled by secret societies that worship Satan. Jews/Jesuits/Freemasons/Illuminati are Gnostics and Kabbalists. Masters at deception. One satanic philosophy is inverting reality. They make you think you live on a spinning ball. They make you think you're just an animal. They make you think there's a deadly virus out there. They make you think there are gay space niggers from outer space out there. Today I will remind them again 3 hours ago 21 minutes ago 48 4.0 4ch pol
/feed/ - Fat, Expansion & Edit Drawthread Requesting more Narlene fats in advance Edition MAKE SURE TO BUMP THE THREAD! Previous: d/57009858/#57036963 PrePrevious thread: d/56623602 FED/FCU LORE DOC ALL fat/weight gain/inflation/other expansion themed requests, of any size, whether human, monster girl, anthropomorphic animals and fictional creatures of Male and Female are welcomed here. Our Booru: (make sure to archive the deliveries) >How do I request? - Post your request on the request anchor . - Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/". - Provide names and image references in a single post. - Don't spam or bump your requests. - Check the delivery post and/or the booru to see if your request was done. - Request edits and coloring in the Edit thread. >What if I want to start drawing fatties? - Check these resources for beginners: - For those who want to draw fats:!46ZD1Swb!YXIV4nL SHZIBs81Kd9zdzA - When asking for requests: Post a sample of your work and mention what you prefer to draw. - Also ask for help in the Drawing Improvement/Progress Thread: >>>/trash/drawing - Feel free to help others here if they need help as well. - Just remember to ignore begging. >What else should I know? - IGNORE THE ALOGS. - DON'T HASSLE THE ARTISTS - DELETE YOUR BUMPS, if you don't know how then please look at the FAQ on 4chan - Don't respond to the spam. Just report and move on. - Don't ask for a break or to wait "weeks/months/years". - Feel free to post anything that gets done to the booru for others to find later - New thread should be made after reaching the bump limit or bumped off/deleted. - If you have a FED/FCU request/delivery, please specify 19 hours ago an hour ago 48 0.7 4ch trash
SMACKDOWN RATINGS SKYROCKET!! 2.6M 0.73 RAMPAGE PLUMMETS 357K 0.11!! ''CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT'' FLOPPED 15 hours ago 2 hours ago 48 0.9 4ch pw
/fgds/ - Fat Gardens: Fat Plants, Bugs, and Snakes General Queen Milf (Encore) Edtion LastLast thread: d/56631202 Last thread: d/56809434 We’ve married fatbug and fatgarden into one realized fat general and added snakes. From now on, snakes are here to stay as we’ve hit all the other Pokémon types. We just need to figure out where to go from there in terms of theming. Apparently not, fuck. The last thread had 124 posts, I want at least 80% of that (100 posts) within the first 8 hours Fatgarden CYOA: Prologue: d/50644325/#50645863 Part 1: d/50655969/#50656016 Part 2: d/50655969/#50684433 Part 3: d/50736938/#50737624 Part 3.5: d/51002766 Part 4: d/51314426/#51315193 Part 5: d/51467229/#51467357 Slither Bomb: d/53116820/#53116900 Adult Caterpillar Summary: d/55615668/#55644288 Botanian Conception: d/55615668/#55649260 The colonies of yesterfat: d/56273341/#56409377 14 hours ago 54 minutes ago 48 0.9 4ch trash
figma general 482: Sleepless Eyes edition Previous Thread >>10430707 Toyline general info: > Max Factory figma list & blog > > > cts/category/figma Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan > > Where to buy >GSC Online Shop - some figmas only are available through their online shop >Amiami - usual place for buying, to some people, shipping is a bit higher due to packaging >Hobby Link Japan shipping is usual lower, but their prices are a bit higher, private warehaouse is available >Hobby Search Japan - items stay in stock the longest >Mandarake - search figma or フィグマ >eBay/Amazon - only if you hate having too much money. Avoid bootlegs, you can spot them as 'Chinese version' > - Seems like you can fine some good deals here >Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection for any offer/deal Here's a link to the buyfag guide list of shops: ist_of_shops If you're getting into the hobby, there's plenty of other useful information to find on the wiki. In case someone is interested in the printable backdrops/dioramas & other papercraft stuff that Max Factory have in the download section of their site: > wnloads here is a back up, Enjoy! > 58cx43sa Short illustrated posing guide by Max Factory > 427757.html (in moonrunes) The S shape is always good advice though. The basic idea is that straight lines tend to look stiff. Problems when swapping parts/accessories with your figmas? Check this advice > 3325 Tomytec's 1 inch scale section (1/12 stuff, little armory, vehicles and others) > 11 hours ago 18 minutes ago 48 1.2 4ch toy
The only good tech reviewer. 4 hours ago 6 minutes ago 48 2.8 4ch g
What is your excuse, incel? I am interested in hearing what excuses you have. 7 hours ago 8 minutes ago 48 1.8 4ch r9k
Three stories on Kakhovka in Al Jazeera: Story 1: Russia did it Story 2: Russia or Ukraine did it Story 3: Ukraine did it All stories only an hour apart. This is insane - you see the narrative changing in front of your eyes, tomorrow Ukraine will be the bad guys. 3 hours ago: s2XBJ5FQ 1 hour ago: NoVnp_gM 13 minutes ago: 3Cvj7UFk Ukraine narrative FLIPPING in MSM 2 hours ago 6 minutes ago 48 4.4 4ch pol
Narratively speaking, was splitting the Imperium into two a good idea? 14 hours ago an hour ago 47 0.9 4ch tg
I've only play 5e for now, I'm kinda new and I'd like to try something new. The Black Hack looks kinda cool, would you suggest it? OSR games look interesting. 22 hours ago 37 minutes ago 47 0.6 4ch tg
I'll start >Fast food corporations unironically put addictive substances into their stuff which is why most fatties both hate healthy food and eat so much >Eating wild animals like pigeons and squirrels is probably healthier than most farmed meat >Veganism is being promoted because basedbeans have a higher throughput than meat and can (albeit very poorly) count as dietary protein. Also "all weight loss drugs that are advertised with little to no downsides will fuck you over" but that's not even a conspiracy theory it's fully proven at this point. Fitness conspiracies 12 hours ago 16 minutes ago 47 1.0 4ch fit
for all his problems, can we all admit he's pretty good at his job? vince worked for his dad for 10 years before taking over and grew up planning on being a promoter and taking over but tony has been solid for 4 years despite being new at this 11 hours ago 31 minutes ago 47 1.1 4ch pw
I do not oppose freemasonry. an hour ago 3 minutes ago 47 7.6 4ch pol
friend sent me this alien photo what is this fucking from? >be me >talking to my friend at work about the UFO disclosure. we work at a water treatment plant. >he tells me he saw an alien years ago when he lived in Arizona >"no fucking way. you're full of shit. prove it" >he texts me this photo of this alien. i swear I've seen it before in a movie or something >reverse image searched it and nothing came up >friend tells me the alien was only present for 5 seconds before it disappeared into thin air. he was at his girlfriend's house and had to pretend everything was normal afterwards >I didn't know what to say to piss him off, but I'll see him again tomorrow I think he's full of shit and want to get back at him for this shit. how can I get revenge and what movie is this alien from? 7 hours ago 7 hours ago 47 1.6 4ch bant
Post your funniest YLYL videos that you like to laugh and sing along to. Let's add lyrics too so more people can join in on the fun! I'll start: Ah-rah, dee Soo-guh-goo-gee-goo-gee Goo-guh fli-goo gee-goo Guh fli-goo, ga-goo-buh-dee Ooh, guh-goo-bee Ooh-guh-guh-bee-guh-guh-bee Fli-goo gee-goo YLYL: Sing along edition 15 hours ago 16 minutes ago 47 0.9 4ch gif
/med/ Jack edition 6 hours ago 31 minutes ago 47 2.0 4ch int
what do celebritites know that we regular civilians dont know? do they know something about the afterlife that we dont? i mean why would you want to go to hell? 13 hours ago an hour ago 47 1.0 4ch x
For a few years now I've really been thinking about getting a first generation Nissan Xterra. I've heard they last like Toyotas and they look pretty interesting. Anyone have one of these? 9 hours ago 2 hours ago 46 1.3 4ch o
So I literally spent the morning making these low effort threads that somehow are "okay" to shit up the catalog, but a post about institutional adoption gets deleted immediately? What the fuck are you doing, niggers? Chainlink on /biz/ 17 hours ago 4 hours ago 46 0.7 4ch biz
Bump a tranny & nog thread with some thigh slappers YLYL: Save /gif/ edition 13 hours ago 2 hours ago 46 1.0 4ch gif
>23 >norway cbt thread 10 hours ago an hour ago 46 1.2 4ch fit
/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #115 HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah. HTGWG is NOT for whining, moping, incel-dom, hopelessness, or any of that crap. If you've given up, then go bitch about it somewhere else. Ignore the miserable posters who refuse to put in any effort. Let them rot. They have every other thread on /adv/ to writhe in and every other board, too. >READ THIS NEW POSTERS: New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her. Also read the FAQ before asking questions. >HOW TO ASK FOR ADVICE: Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and .....", what your relationship is with the girl, how long have you known her, screenshots or outline of conversation if any, etc). Don't forget to ask an actual question. >FAQ & Resources: >Previous Thread: >>29066848 9 hours ago 44 seconds ago 46 1.4 4ch adv
Why do iCattle wanna live in a dystopia so badly? 3 hours ago 9 minutes ago 46 4.0 4ch g
Oculus/Meta Appreciation Thread I bought one of these like 4 years ago for $400. I use it to sideload porn games and watch movies digitally, as well as Beat Saber on the weekends. Streaming with ALVR makes it a great wireless option too, I can get almost 3 hours of wireless streaming on a single charge. Did we just win Questbros? Share your stories. 15 hours ago 2 hours ago 46 0.8 4ch g
rekt / gore 5 hours ago 6 minutes ago 46 2.4 4ch gif
Shut the fuck up about religion Hey, can you guys shut the fuck up about religion? This is a board dedicated to the discussion of literature. Where the two intersect is one thing, but otherwise you are just lumping your ideology in with fiction. Thanks. 12 hours ago 8 hours ago 46 1.0 4ch lit
William Luther Pierce was a great American hero along George Lincoln Rockwell. He was redpilled very early on the destructive behavior of the jews and formed the National Alliance. He also wrote popular books like the Turner diaries and Hunter. One of my favorite quotes by him: Kinsmen die and cattle die and so must one die oneself. But there is one thing that never dies and that is the fame of a dead man's deeds. Let's make a redpill general because I don't see him posted here often. William Luther Pierce Redpill General 4 hours ago 9 minutes ago 46 2.9 4ch pol
Who's wearing the mask? 20 hours ago 5 hours ago 46 0.6 4ch x
What's the deal with this guy, is he a Chinese agent or just an attention whore? NATO has weapons so this is weapons related 2 hours ago 10 minutes ago 45 5.7 4ch k
Is it wrong for a 33yo trans woman to date a 19yo cis boy? 13 hours ago 32 minutes ago 45 0.9 4ch lgbt
Post whatever weird random shit you want 4 hours ago 7 minutes ago 45 2.8 4ch b
What's your go-to cig? For me, it's American Spirit black. Pipes, cigars, snus, snuff and vapes are also welcome in this thread. 21 hours ago 9 hours ago 45 0.6 4ch ck
tf2 21 hours ago 2 hours ago 45 0.6 4ch bant
OOOH SAY CAN YOU SEEEEE an hour ago 6 minutes ago 45 9.2 4ch pol
you're not an apple HATER, are you /g/? 2 hours ago 33 minutes ago 45 4.7 4ch g
emacs 15 hours ago 2 minutes ago 45 0.8 4ch g
Why has violence decreased worldwide since ancient times? 11 hours ago 31 minutes ago 45 1.1 4ch his
>Just gave another trans girl money Why can't I stop? 4 hours ago 45 minutes ago 44 2.8 4ch lgbt
just graduated university. got pretty lucky and found a job right away, but i had to move across the country for it, and i have no friends or hobbies. don't know anyone here my life is literally just >wake up >go to work for 12 hours >come home >shower >watch youtube until i pass out >wake up >repeat is this my life now? is this really all there is to it? what the fuck 5 hours ago an hour ago 44 2.1 4ch r9k
Do I need to explain? No. Im sick and tired of you freaks who are being clearly used by corporations and can't even see that. Fuck your enforcement of speech, fuck your bs. Screw your mental issues, grow the fuck up. Something for trannies, there is XX and XY and you can't change it. Keep living in your false delusions and consequences of your dumb choices. an hour ago 19 minutes ago 44 6.3 4ch lgbt
Dehumanize Women This thread is for photographs, porn, drawn art (Eastern and Western), 3D renders, or anything else that depicts girls as less than people. Harsh bondage, crammed into cages for shipping, aggressive one-sided use of all kinds, kept as livestock, hoods over their heads and gags to prevent any assertion of personhood, even cannibalism. All art styles and related interests are welcome as long as it's a girl being dehumanized and you don't get the thread nuked. 15 hours ago 10 hours ago 44 0.8 4ch hc
How do we handle the history of the Congo Free State now that this book, which has popularized the prevailing memes about how horrible it was (10 million dead genocide, hand chopping), has been proven to be utter nonsense? https://www.theamericanconservative .com/king-hochschilds-hoax/ https://www.theamericanconservative .com/the-ghost-still-haunts/ 13 hours ago 3 hours ago 44 0.9 4ch his
UFO is a PSYOP I was an ex low level military personnel. Me and 100s of my colleagues watched A flying object as we were playing a military drill in the middle of the night. First glance, I thought it must have been the moon. It was so shining in the sky. But it was too small to be the moon. 9 hours ago 30 minutes ago 44 1.3 4ch int
/aus/ general Ausfags get in here. Thread question: what's the most bubba'd thing you've seen for sale in aus? 5 hours ago 9 minutes ago 44 2.3 4ch k
/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico 4 hours ago 9 minutes ago 44 2.5 4ch int
What the fuck are you supposed to do with this? How is this food? 16 hours ago 19 minutes ago 44 0.8 4ch ck
Which condiments are best? 9 hours ago 5 hours ago 44 1.3 4ch ck
>"Myself! Myself! Why have I forsaken me? 6 hours ago 14 minutes ago 44 1.8 4ch his
90s & 2000s Music The subject matter is: 90s & 2000s music; get busy. 20 hours ago 6 minutes ago 43 0.6 4ch wsg
Guys smoking is bad 3 hours ago 7 minutes ago 43 3.4 4ch b
The 'cotton ceiling' is the idea that lesbians don't want to have sex with trans-lesbians, and are therefore prejudice. What do you think of this issue? Is it unfair? What do you think of the cotton ceiling? 10 hours ago 3 hours ago 43 1.1 4ch lgbt
Who wins in a debate? 47 minutes ago 6 minutes ago 43 15.1 4ch pol
Is Shota badass now? 18 hours ago 28 minutes ago 43 0.6 4ch pw
How do you deal with your lack of dating options in your country 5 hours ago 22 minutes ago 42 2.1 4ch int
Who would win? Sam hyde or Andrew Tate, if they had a boxing match who would win? 6 hours ago 28 minutes ago 42 1.8 4ch fit
Asian women sucking circumcised cocks Don't argue. Just shut the fuck up and post porn. 20 hours ago 3 hours ago 42 0.6 4ch gif
Just remember that according to Quantum Mechanics (the leading interpretation of how spacetime works in modern science) the universe is one massive wave function and all possible realities are happening simultaneously. This means there’s a universe where you’re a passoid and that hot luckshit who mogs you is a hon. Yeah it sucks you’re stuck existing in the hon timeline, but just know you’re serving cunt somewhere in the multiverse <3 6 hours ago 24 minutes ago 42 1.7 4ch lgbt
Beautiful Trans Women 9 hours ago an hour ago 42 1.3 4ch wsg
I stopped during the stupid fake pandemic. The propaganda got to be too much. Do you still watch tv? 2 hours ago 2 minutes ago 42 4.1 4ch pol
What does /o/ think of the zipper merge? 15 hours ago 10 hours ago 42 0.7 4ch o
BLACKED & BLACKEDRAW Orgy Edition New thread for the boys 11 hours ago 5 minutes ago 42 1.0 4ch hc
Why did the world gang up on Germany for stopping the German speaking genocide in Poland? 6 hours ago 2 hours ago 42 1.8 4ch his
what type of multi-dimensional chess move is this? Why did Ukraine blow up their own Dam? an hour ago 6 minutes ago 42 8.1 4ch pol
So cables are cool again? And why does it look like an NES accessory? 7 hours ago an hour ago 42 1.5 4ch g
FLY THE JAPANESE FLAG 4 hours ago 45 minutes ago 42 2.9 4ch int
/lang/ - Language Learning General Romanian is a useless language: Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learning experiences! >Ask questions about your target language! >Help people who want to learn a new language! >Participate in translation challenges or make your own! >Make frens! Read the wiki: Useful links: >Free language-learning book archive: KI9-_kmDNyrOx12Ojbw >Books on linguistics and language courses:!Ad8DkLoI!jj_mdUD X_ay-8D9l3-DbnQ >Assorted language resources and some nice visual guides: >Torrents with more resources than you'll ever need for 30 plus languages: https://archive(dot)ph/x0dFH >List of trackers for most language-learning packs: >Ukrainianon's list of commercial courses from https://archive(dot)is/R2feT >Russianon’s list of comprehensible input resources: 1wXd0V32TjCFsr1-F_en_lA4MI-i7JtyYf2 6cWLtPRec >Massive collection of textbooks on various languages, sorted by family nguistics/ >Pastebin that archives challenges: /1/dMvKSQMw?sort=-name FAQ U: >How do I learn a language? What is the best way to learn one? How should I improve on certain aspects? Read the damn wiki >Should I learn lang Y so I can learn lang X? No >What is the most useful language? Romanian >What language should I learn? Romani aka Rroma or tigani >Can I learn X, Y and Z language at the same time? Yes Old thread: >>182797873 Old challenge(s): >>182762509 >>182762685 >>182763921 >>182826665 7 hours ago 9 minutes ago 42 1.7 4ch int
Sverigetråden - Ockuperade upplagan 19 minutes ago 6 minutes ago 41 35.4 4ch int
Kek they are mad over Bianca's Instagram followers now 3 hours ago 11 minutes ago 41 3.5 4ch pw
The rog ally is the best value gadget on the market today >killer OLED screen >Can play all AAA games at 1080p >Bigger than the steamdeck >Dock it and it becomes a full blown PC Why the fuck does one need a PC anymore? 6 hours ago an hour ago 41 1.8 4ch g
>Apple somehow convinced 2000s boomers that this was an acceptable control method How did they do it? And are b00mers just stupid or what? 13 hours ago 2 hours ago 41 0.8 4ch g
Being a chaser is embarassing I can assure you, most if not all chasers do it because they can't get real women. Once they do, the desperation wears off and the chasing comes to an end. I know because I used to be one. 2 hours ago 7 minutes ago 41 4.0 4ch lgbt
what are some lifts to prevent me from giving women money to insult me(not sexual i just needed to wallow in misery tonight) 5 hours ago a minute ago 41 2.0 4ch fit
convince me to use linux hardmode: no opensource or privacy arguments 6 hours ago an hour ago 41 1.8 4ch g
Dear oh dear 7 hours ago 57 minutes ago 41 1.5 4ch pw
There’s just shy of 10 months between these photos…I’m having nightmares of walking by mirrors and seeing my fat self..what does this mean fit bros? 17 hours ago 35 seconds ago 41 0.7 4ch fit
You can kill a T-rex with a 9mm I don't know how I will recover from this 13 hours ago 3 hours ago 41 0.9 4ch k 863463241916416 12 hours ago 5 hours ago 41 0.9 4ch pw
/Fit/ humor >me trying to explain to a girl that she has to date me because I hit 1/2/3/4 9 hours ago 49 seconds ago 41 1.2 4ch fit
Why is it that not a single rightwing pundit can win in a debate over the far left? Surely, if the left was wrong they would win the debates,no? Could it be, that the left, is correct after all? I have never seen a far right winger not get absolutely blasted by picrel. 37 minutes ago 3 minutes ago 41 18.1 4ch pol
Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Anybody have one of these? I've been eyeing them on gun broker and seen a couple get to $950 but haven't jumped on it. As far as I have found it's the best semi-auto for ~$1000 and nothing else comes close. I want to hear what actual owners think and not even potentially biased reviewers. 23 hours ago an hour ago 41 0.5 4ch k
previously: d/56933359 note: there is not, and never will be an official /dig/ discord server Post what you're working on, ask questions, discuss general art-related things. Make your unforgivable fetishes come to life. Welcome: new and seasoned artists looking for advice and critique and support When giving criticism please give actual criticism not just "LOL LOOMIS". Let's not become another /ic/ NOT welcome: /ic/ crabs, /trash/ crabs, bad faith critique other drawthreads: search "draw" on a board's catalog Videos: Tyler Edlin - 2284 Proko - TV Sinix - design Scott Robertson - robertsondesign Matt Kohr (CtrlPaint) - Aaron Blaise - BlaiseArt Vilpu (Anatomy) - LSwlSg59lNGmkj9tt4w/folder/lPoXEYxS Poses/Gestures: QuickPoses - PoseSpace - /default.aspx Animal Head Reference Finder n-reference-dump/ Books (navigable folders): 9j9n8 ml tml (filled with scans, replace 6 with 8) https://anonfiles com/OeEc64d4z1 2i7eqqj31ea/art_and_fear.pdf/file GBQQunWVCrjMMIzJSyw FAQ Q: I'm a total beginner. Where should I start? A: Do the exercises in either "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson or "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. Additionally, you can try the first few lessons of for building up muscle memory and confidence /dig/ - drawing improvement general; THE furries edition 16 hours ago 4 minutes ago 40 0.7 4ch trash
22lr Rifles I saved a few grand up and was thinking of buying a .22 rifle. What are some decent options? The obvious choice is a ruger 10/22 but what else does /k recommend? I’ve seen Henry lever actions? Are they decent or a meme? 12 hours ago 3 hours ago 40 0.9 4ch k
Get over it. Yes, Bugs Bunny is trans. 3 hours ago 9 minutes ago 40 2.8 4ch pol
Bukele just announced he's reducing the national assembly from 80 to 60 and has raised the properties of the former president Alfredo Cristiani, declaring war against corruption. First bitcoin, then the gangs and now the public assembly. Our guy cannot be stopped. 4 hours ago 3 minutes ago 40 2.5 4ch pol
Why does almost no one join the Coast guard? 16 hours ago 5 hours ago 40 0.7 4ch k
Yakışıklı Türk Askeri Baskısı Önce: >>182820826 /tr/ 7 hours ago 6 minutes ago 40 1.4 4ch int
Why does the universe (or some other entity) mess with me all the time? For my entire life I have been cursed with bad luck. This bad luck is mostly small things as opposed to larger shit but it's very irritating and feels unfair. Here are some examples: >During social situations, things will occur which will make them more awkward than they need to be, for example I'll have something spilled on me, someone random will join in and make it weird etc >Technology practically dies around me. Computers, television, car radios, everything tech related I own becomes broken extremely quickly for no obvious reason. >cont. technology fails in ways that screw me over as much as possible. For example, I was in uni a few years ago, and had a very large assignment due the next day. While saving the assignment, I literally thought "imagine how bad it would be if the power went out or something.". BAM - power outage affecting my house only, for around 1 minute. Harddrive completely busted, nonrecoverable, had to send an extension request and redo the whole thing. Similar things have happened many dozens of times. >Things that I want just can't happen in petty ways. For example if I want to play some vidya, whoops suddenly my console or PC just isn't working for today. Frequently if I really want a certain drink or food after a hard day they've ran out. >Also when I was in uni, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my groups were shockingly bad beyond comprehension. I'm talking unable to speak a single word of English, I'm doing 100% of it, etc. I could go on for tens of thousands of words. WTF is causing this and how can I improve it? 20 hours ago an hour ago 40 0.5 4ch x
Why are the Greek Gods dead? Why is no one honoring them today? Rome was the greatest Empire with the same pantheon, why did these gods die? I wanna follow them and maybe start a cult but I don't want to associate with fat neckbear LARPers, I just want to be stronger and have a sense of spirituality that isn't bowing down to some semite 11 hours ago a minute ago 40 0.9 4ch x
Discuss 3 hours ago 14 minutes ago 40 3.0 4ch k
/cg/ - Calisthenics General NEW and IMPROVED sticky edition >official /cg/ sticky previous thread: >>71130307 15 hours ago 6 minutes ago 39 0.7 4ch fit
Recently graduated college at 27, friends are drifting away, feel detached from people, can't relate to younger crowd anymore, lingering ptsd from being unvaxxed, experienced life in both the big city life and small towns, now reside in liminal dead end mid-sized city, scared to become a white collar professional and work for the rest of my life, competing seems futile and anxiety inducing, life seems duller than ever, feel like I'm waiting to die. What should I read? 12 hours ago 58 minutes ago 39 0.8 4ch lit
RVC IS NOW IN CONTROL OF GRAYVORON RAION TEMPO STATUS? 13 hours ago 45 minutes ago 39 0.8 4ch k
I intend to immigrate to Spain within the next 4 years What can I expect? And no, I don’t speak Spanish. 6 hours ago an hour ago 39 1.6 4ch int
Why are homebrewers so unlucky? Lena: >Home got invaded by Russians, forced to relocate and will never sell again Spiffy: >In jail Otokonoko: >Stress of her work made her quit her dreams to be an endocrinologist, constantly has retard conservatives crying about her online OElabs: > Partner literally in coma, still has 80 backlogged orders that need to be fulfilled from January Lexiceuticals: > In coma due to meth usage 13 hours ago 28 minutes ago 39 0.8 4ch lgbt
Why is it so hard to achieve the femboy aesthetic? 23 hours ago 12 minutes ago 39 0.5 4ch fa
Racist Do you guys like blacks an hour ago 10 minutes ago 39 5.6 4ch lgbt
wtf I love apple now JPEG XL WON 16 hours ago an hour ago 39 0.6 4ch g
>Buy AVAX >Buy AVAX (for burgers) >Create a wallet >Avalanche's ecosystem (DEXes, NFTs, etc) >Avalanche Bridge >Avalanche Explorer & Metrics (Network Overview, Statistics) d/overview/ >Socials (Twitter, Medium) >Why Avalanche? (Official Website, Summaries) he alanche-101-an-overview-of-the-inte rnet-of-finance-7cdc5a2bee46 /AVAX/ - Avalanche General #438 17 hours ago an hour ago 39 0.6 4ch biz
>I wish I could just be a girl >I wish I wasn’t stuck in a red state >I wish I wasn’t plagued by constant headaches >I wish I could grow my hair out >I wish my anxiety meds actually worked >I wish 5 hours ago 3 hours ago 39 2.0 4ch lgbt
So, dating apps fucking sucks, what's a viable alternative irl for the punished man of the 21st century? I had this great time when I was traveling abroad, staying in hostels, meeting new people, engaging in social activities. I met some girls and managed to hook up with one of them, something that hasn't happened to me for a long time, and the best is that it was someone I would actually consider a like minded person. Now I'm back to reality and I was left wondering how the hell can I get to experience this again in my daily life, in a regular basis? I would NEVER had get to live this if I sticked to garbages like Tinder. Texting is soulless. The meeting dynamics itself are artificial. Algorithms can manipulate the profiles. You don't get the slightest potential of instant connection compared from knowing each other for the very first time irl. I simply cannot accept that such apps turned into the golden standard for meeting people from the opposite sex 17 hours ago 4 hours ago 39 0.6 4ch adv
What are you cognizant of being probably wrong about? Or straight up tell me if you're jesus or whoever. Who here has what delusion? 20 hours ago an hour ago 39 0.5 4ch x
>russians literally traded being an ideologically distinct super power for this How big is the current buyer's remorse? 8 hours ago 52 minutes ago 38 1.3 4ch int
how do i be a good chaser instead of a bad chaser 3 hours ago an hour ago 38 2.8 4ch lgbt
I just got one of these and was wondering how long do I have before the stock SD card dies? I don't have they money to buy a new one at the moment, didn't know it would be an issue. Also Emulator devices, what do you guys use? Should I have bought a different one? 6 hours ago an hour ago 38 1.7 4ch g
in memory of Realfrogg's 10/10 tits 7 hours ago 24 minutes ago 38 1.4 4ch gif
How will I turn out if I do nothing but the rowing machine and treadmill? 13 hours ago 19 minutes ago 38 0.8 4ch fit
USA vs Russia Hailey Lujan 22? vs Elena Deligioz 29? Ah crap why does the cute Russian girl end up wearing multicam? So whos the cuter psy op girl? 2 hours ago 13 minutes ago 38 3.6 4ch k
>being /fit/ for men >gotta hit the gym 80 hours a week >take supplements >inject yourself with roids >be tall and have a good jawline >/fit/ for women >just do some squats at home it's that easy 6 hours ago 15 minutes ago 38 1.7 4ch fit
/awg/ [Alternative Wargames General] Skirmishers rise UP edition Previous thread: >>89030480 >What is /awg/? A thread to talk about minis and games which fall between the cracks, or peoples' homebrew wargames. The >>>/tg/hwg thread doesn't entertain fantasy (for good reason) and the other threads are locked to more specific games. This thread isn't tied to a game, a publisher, or a genre, let's just talk about fun wargames. Any scale, any company, any miniatures. Skirmishers welcome. Rules designers welcome. >Examples of games that qualify of_miniature_wargames Malifaux, Kings of War, Frost/Stargrave, Mighty Armies, Mortal Gods, Carnevale, Warzone, Dragon Rampant, Oathmark, Argatoria, Firefight, Hordes of the Things, OnePageRules, Frebooter's Fate, A Song of Ice and Fire, Deadzone, Warpath, Gaslands, Conquest, Songs of Blades and Heroes, Rumbleslam, Dark Age, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Warlords of Erehwon, and anything else that doesn't necessarily have a dedicated thread. >Places to get minis 1D2DbNJ2mYAUxh5P9Pq9NZqS5tXHGn0i2Jh ZchEwbA2I/edit um/posts/list/ Updates to the minis list are welcome. >The Novice Troves (embed)!zSYW0I4a!vXh8-UP i_tWXpJES_-p4zg These troves are currently full, and meant to serve as a sampler of available systems. Check out the sharethread for more up-to-date troves >TQ Have you played skirmish games to lure poor newfag souls into wargaming? 5 hours ago 13 minutes ago 38 1.9 4ch tg
Why’d you stop going to meets, anon? 11 hours ago an hour ago 38 0.9 4ch k
/NSG/ Nintendo Slutposting General #560 Discuss, RP with, post pics and fantasize about your favorite Nintendo girls, aka, anyone who appeared on a Nintendo console exclusively at least once. New faces to RPing or helping others jerk off are welcome. Previous thread: >>56946939 11 hours ago an hour ago 38 0.9 4ch trash
>cures your distro-hopping 2 hours ago 14 minutes ago 38 4.5 4ch g
Are koreaboos obsessed with asian men becoming a problem? Some asian women are discussing the issue 4 hours ago 21 minutes ago 38 2.4 4ch int
i believe rocktra should apologize to glassy 6 hours ago 3 hours ago 38 1.5 4ch lgbt
Iran has just unveiled the Fattah hypersonic missile. The range of the new Fattah missile reaches 1400 km, it has increased accuracy, very high speed, excellent maneuverability, and is also characterized by low visibility and the ability to break through missile defense. very similar to Iskander 2 hours ago 18 minutes ago 38 5.0 4ch pol
What does Japan do better than the rest of the world? 6 hours ago 47 minutes ago 38 1.6 4ch int
what can be done about these bad goys? FUDDERS are blocking the path to the fourth industrial resolution 5 hours ago 3 hours ago 38 2.0 4ch biz
Self Improvement Books Name books that improved your life, anon. 21 hours ago an hour ago 38 0.5 4ch lit
Who cares about the links edition /blacked/ 6 hours ago 54 minutes ago 37 1.7 4ch trash
>BTC >ETH >DOT >UNI >LINK >LTC >AVAX >XLM Is it safe to say that these are not securities according to the SEC? 9 hours ago 34 minutes ago 37 1.1 4ch biz
everyones going to suffering soon. based. i hate all humans. 10 hours ago 22 minutes ago 37 1.0 4ch r9k
Double sloppy edition OR https://rentry dot co/waifu-colab-guide Previous thread >>73571460 /aiwg/ AI Waifu General 3 hours ago 23 minutes ago 37 3.0 4ch r9k
13 Realms Edition "Self is pure consciousness without thought. Knowledge is self." - Kayambila Mpulamasaka > Previous: >>34914077 Archives: /subject/%2Fcdf%2F/tripcode/%21%21f 9JH9UwXtTr/ > >Cosmic Death Fungus: A Primer On An Ancient Enemy >Updated March 25th, 2023 >Version 2.02 f-nac-protocol-pdf >The Nac Protocol PDF >Streamlined for mainstream consumption >Mobile Version e-nac-protocol-pdf >Printer-Friendly Version >Compiled by V Anon c-protocol-printable-pdf >The protocol is safe and non-toxic. /34081588/#34081600 >+++++× UPCOMING NEWS x+++++ > >More Disclosure Coming >New Video In Progress >We do not post on other forums on 4chan. Any copycat threads don't represent our views. >Comments or advice here can be kind, negative, truthful or harmful. Always do your own research. (DYOR) >The NAC Protocol was created by Peribsen and MacLir, with contributions from Space Cowboy and the affiliated doctors, scientists, geneticists and academia who support us. >Join /cdf/ General here for more research. forum1/message5240986/pg1 >Support our reddit community by upvoting our posts and joining hfungus ___________________________________ _________ > View The NAC Protocol: /34138719/#34138779 Latest Disclosure & Tryptophan Stack: /34120811/ /cdf/ - Cosmic Death Fungus General 10 hours ago 5 minutes ago 37 1.0 4ch x
"With software there are only two possibilities: either the users control the program or the program controls the users." --Richard Stallman >Recommended operating systems General purpose: Fedora, K/L/Xubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux Security focused: Whonix, Tails, OpenBSD, Qubes OS >Recommended mobile operating systems Android based: GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, LineageOS/DivestOS Linux based: PureOS, postmarketOS >Recommended browsers Chromium based: Brave, Bromite (no update), ungoogled-chromium Firefox based: Firefox (w/user.js), IceCat, LibreWolf, Mull, Tor Browser >Advanced content blocking iki/Blocking-mode:-medium-mode >Browser tests >Privacy friendly frontends /Privacy_friendly_frontends >Recommended search engines Brave Search, DuckDuckGo, Searx, Startpage >Privacy oriented DNS tml >Privacy oriented email ProtonMail, Tutanota, Disroot,, StartMail, Riseup (invite only) >Recommended instant messengers Signal, Element, Session, Briar >BIOS replacement >Resources tml https://madaidans-insecurities.gith k.html Previous Thread: >>93876097 /psg/ - Privacy & Security General 14 hours ago 40 minutes ago 37 0.7 4ch g
Why do her dishes look so unappealing? I like that it's all trying to be historically accurate but god does the food look unappetizing. Did the English nobility really make do with such bland dishes? 21 hours ago 32 minutes ago 37 0.5 4ch ck
All of the Australian newfags are awful. I hate my country an hour ago an hour ago 37 5.3 4ch bant
Free Pimeye premium search. Send 2-3 pics always 8 hours ago 30 minutes ago 36 1.2 4ch r
I feel sad. If you feel willing please post cool images that may lift my spirit 6 hours ago 17 minutes ago 36 1.5 4ch r9k
/wsg/ - Warhammer Smut General Previous Thread: 7281769/ /tg/ & /wsg/ Smut Archive > nWMKmIg5VO37VTlplESA 40k Kink Meme > Warhammer 40,000 Reading Collection > ROPmDLSC4KCFVGPVfSVQ Warhammer Fantasy Reading Collection > CmEeg73zJfEtl-sEf8Bw Warhammer Audiobooks & Audio Drama Websites > ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ------- Writefags, link your work in-thread so it can be added to the archive instead of posting for long stories (e.g. This is to prevent them from getting lost between threads. Drawfags, feel free to post original art. People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It is simple, and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it. >I'm interested in writing, but I don't know where to start! Write. Write. Write. The links are there for a reason. The more you read, the more comfortable you'll be creating a story of your own. For any more questions, check the 'Writing Resources' post below or simply post a question in the thread. >What happened to /tg/'s Weekend Smut Threads? /tg/ used host their weekend smut threads years ago, but some anons were against it, believing smut threads to be not "true" /tg/ or disliking erotic fanfiction in general. As a result, any smut thread was spammed with so many shitposts that the threads stopped all together. More specifically, threads were banned because the shitposters kept ban-evading and spammed false threads all day long. As a result, the mods gave up and set the threads tagged with '/wst/' on autosage. This is not exclusive to /tg/, however. Many other boards like /v/, /tv/, and /co/ had anons shitposting in order to purge writers. In any case, enjoy! 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 36 0.4 4ch aco
BAT Thread- Basic Attention Token Well, we can bitch all day long about Brave doing nothing to pump their shitcoin, but I guess it beats being targeted by the fucking SEC. 18 hours ago 12 minutes ago 36 0.5 4ch biz
Why are we normalizing fatasses now? This is a current commercial in Germany 5 hours ago a minute ago 36 1.9 4ch fit
The pop-history version kind of gives you a simplified, generic impression of the role of knights in feudalism and warfare that I imagine is mostly based on the French or Anglo-Norman model. So what exactly were the important differences in social and military terms between knights (or the type of medieval soldiers we commonly call knights) in different parts of Europe? Differences between knights throughout Europe 15 hours ago 6 minutes ago 36 0.7 4ch his
Daily reminder this was never about the children. They just hate you and want to hurt you. 5 hours ago 23 minutes ago 36 2.0 4ch lgbt
>iphone reveal >just steve jobs live explaining and demoing the product in front of the audience >vision reveal some gay scripted commercial for 18 minutes with actors and cgi what happened? 10 hours ago 2 minutes ago 36 1.0 4ch g
Twitch/YouTube Girls You are now thinking about Maya an hour ago 8 minutes ago 36 5.2 4ch b
/obj/ - Object thread v16 Feral Edition Post objects, talk about objects, and get horny for objects. All objects welcome. Popular or obscure. Object Shows & Non-Object Shows alike. SFW & NSFW 10 Most Recent Object News: Jun 5, 2023 48 Hour OSC Film Festival 2023 May 12, 2023 The Broadcast Objective Episode 2 Trailer May 12, 2023 ONE Merch Release & https://one-store-32.creator-spring .com/ May 11, 2023 I.O.N. Episode 2 May 5, 2023 The Power Of Two Episode 5 Apr 23, 2023 Object Kerfuffle Episode 2 Apr 16, 2023 BFDI X Inanimate Insanity 2023 Event Announcement & Apr 11, 2023 ONE Merch Announcement HEvzBNSxZn2mMs48GmSUqqctml0lqp Apr 9, 2023 Inanimate Insanity Invitational Episode 13 Apr 8, 2023 SFAIM Episode 2 OP Image Source: tus/1662691633123532800 Previous Thread: d/56934972 14 hours ago 28 minutes ago 36 0.7 4ch trash
Why are Indian people not taken seriously? 6 hours ago an hour ago 35 1.6 4ch int
China is collapsing 8 hours ago an hour ago 35 1.1 4ch g
Chainlank fud, the post that started it all 5 hours ago 3 hours ago 35 1.9 4ch biz
It has fuel and spark, why it no run? It's basically edging, it's about to kick over, like it's at that part of the cycle where you can let go of the key, but it just won't kick over. 7 hours ago 3 hours ago 35 1.2 4ch o
Liv Morgan Thread 10 hours ago 52 minutes ago 35 0.9 4ch pw
>It ALWAYS crashes before it pumps Expected result on subject: Goy buys the dip that never stops >The FED will pause, buy the dip Expected result on the subject: Goy buys the dip that never stops > sued; short Goy Expected result in the subject: Goy shorts and provides short liquidity You were warned Predictive Programming PsyOP run by (((Mods))) 12 hours ago an hour ago 35 0.8 4ch biz
Would you add your load to my cumslut wife's face? 6 hours ago an hour ago 35 1.4 4ch b
Animated Women Rekt 14 hours ago 56 minutes ago 35 0.7 4ch gif
My mom told me not to talk to whites on the internet as they have premarital sex, don't have caste, eat meat and live a degenerate lifestyle and will corrupt me an hour ago 3 minutes ago 35 9.2 4ch pol
/Femdom/ - Carry the groom edition A thread to discuss worshiping women as the superior sex and giving them the royal treatment they deserve (only biological women allowed). Thread Question: What sort of partners do you have/want to have on an axis of: sex with strangers - fwb - open relationship - casual relationship - soul mates/marriage- yandere obsession? Previous edition: d/57021807/ 5 hours ago 26 minutes ago 35 1.6 4ch trash
FUCK FUCK FUCK Everytime I get rejected I'm reminded of why I go to the gym in the first place. One fucking day. One fucking day I'm going to become a slayer. I decided a couple of days ago that in 720 days my body will be transformed. So far I've been solid for 10 days straight. I'm already down 11 pounds from my heaviest weight. I've been lifting consistently for 3 years and I have muscle, I just need to unleash the cocoon. Lord willing I'm going to complete this cut and I'm going to get bitches on my dick. Fuck you. Reject me again, I'll just go fucking harder. One day I will fuck your teenage daughter while you'll be passed the wall with some unattractive Beta Bux you settled for. FUCK AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. FUCK YOU. I HATE HOW WOMEN TREAT ME LIKE THIS. FUCK YOU. I WON'T LET YOU BEAT ME. FUCK YOU. I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Fuck, I hate being rejected 11 hours ago 13 minutes ago 35 0.9 4ch fit
Shower amateur Girls caught in the shower that you saved from /b/ help me fill more of my specific folder on that topic and save your favorites in yours!!!!! 2 hours ago 54 minutes ago 34 4.6 4ch b
Friend's grandfather's home is going to be forcibly demolished by the government so that they can build a car park. A fucking car park. He has no say in this, it's going away. He's a 90-something year old man and they thought he was having a fucking heart attack when he heard the news, dead serious. There is no such thing as private property, we aren't a free country, our Maoist government can just take what they want from you and use it for the most retarded shit imaginable. >YOU WILL HAVE NO GENERATIONAL WEALTH >YOUR INHERITANCE WILL BE TURNED INTO A CAR PARK >AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY Australia is a communist dictatorship 4 hours ago 10 minutes ago 34 2.0 4ch pol
Dancing Why the fuck are you not dancing? >keeps you limber >social setting so you can actually meet people >fun 5 hours ago 13 minutes ago 34 1.6 4ch fit
in my experience it's not true... is it true? 10 hours ago an hour ago 34 0.9 4ch lgbt
According to /fit/ you can look like this after 1 Year of Lifting So why do most Gymgoers (some of them have been lifting for years) look way worse than this? 7 hours ago 5 minutes ago 34 1.2 4ch fit
Why do people hate trannies so much? not even niggers get this much hate and public dissaproval. 4 hours ago 13 minutes ago 34 1.9 4ch lgbt
Draw Thread: MS Paint Placeholder Edition an hour ago 8 minutes ago 34 6.1 4ch b
I am a victim of racemixing and the LGBT agenda >Mum is a Polish slag that went to uni in Japan >Dad is a Jap/Korean mutt that worked as a translator/history teacher >I should've been set for life >Father cucked my mum with SEA hookers >They got divorced and mum became alcoholic and moved to UK >Had to live with dad in Kyoto as a boy >He was too busy working/drinking and I was left alone with a closeted politician uncle >My uncle and a young American student guy sexually assaulted me on my 12th birthday >My father found out but blamed me >He was in denial about my uncle's perversion and claimed I was a "lying" faggot >Anytime I had night terrors or tried to speak out he would beat me and leave me in the apartment >He left me alone with my uncle all summer after I got shitty grades >My uncle began pimping me out to old Tokyo queers and white American businessmen >They emasculated me and made me dress up >My dad was sectioned for psychosis after he took meth and almost raped an elderly woman I had to live with my Polish/English aunt in Cardiff after mum committed suicide. I was raped by a Welsh rugby asshole when I was 16 in the bike sheds at night. I'm a scrawny little mutt with the body of an Asian girl and a weak slavic face. I live with shame, gender dysphoria and my family are degenerates that I hate... 3 hours ago 21 minutes ago 34 2.5 4ch r9k
Oil - the more, the better Oiled thread. Bonus points for oiled hair and heels. 14 hours ago an hour ago 34 0.7 4ch gif
>Stop being so insecure about your size, I didn't tell you about him to make you feel bad, stupid. It was just a one night stand anyway. >Now, we're going for a girls night out and we'll probably crash at Kacey's. Be a good boy. *mwah* :) 5 hours ago 44 minutes ago 34 1.7 4ch r9k
Kabbalah Thread Anyone have any resources about getting into Kabbalah? Strictly the real deal, not something adjacent, new-agey or Jungian. 13 hours ago an hour ago 34 0.7 4ch x
/chad/ - C Help And Dicussion Let's have a C thread. Post what you're working on! Show what you're interested in! Last thread: >>93804252 Wiki: //chad/ IRC: #/g/chad at / irc:// ad Matrix: Telegram: Don't know how to write C? Start here: K&R PDF: KING PDF: Modern C: Standards: C89: C99: 18 hours ago 54 minutes ago 34 0.5 4ch g
Two hours is enough to take out that base! 16 hours ago an hour ago 34 0.6 4ch g
hrnnngh need emotionally damaged amateur therapist self loathing savior complex gf taking applications, fembots. please apply. 5 hours ago 8 minutes ago 34 1.7 4ch r9k
So.... manuals are faster now? Will the flappy paddle losers finally admit defeat? Manual transmissions are: >more reliable >cheaper/simpler >more fun >faster (inb4 "but what about in a drag race on a perfectly flat surface where you get to enable launch control and you never mod your car?") >better for the environment (ok, I made this one up) 18 hours ago 3 hours ago 34 0.5 4ch o
What's the issue with raw meat dishes in the modern day and age? Why are people afraid of them? Parasites are no longer common in the majority of the developed countries. 6 hours ago 3 minutes ago 34 1.4 4ch ck
Any good zoophilia chats? Please help a girl out. 7 hours ago 51 minutes ago 34 1.2 4ch b
Admit it, they fucked over combi-weapons and made them unfun as fuck. 15 hours ago 8 hours ago 34 0.6 4ch tg
So this is the power of the M2 chip 11 hours ago 3 minutes ago 34 0.9 4ch g
Previous: >>429604158 Timeline /tug/: ▶WARNING Be aware, any /chug/ thread that uses globohomo nuspeak wording in the OP (such as Kyiv) or cites UKROP sources (like video game footage) are fake shill threads. >By posting in these threads, you recognize Israel controls the NATO Council and you irrevocably denounce the Talmud out of your own volition ▶Latest >Hohols destroyed the Nova Kakhovka dam in Kherson – >Vostok army group repels AFU attack on southern Donetsk direction – >Robert Kennedy Jr.: AFU has lost around 350k men on the front line – >IT'S HAPPENING (Kiev announces AFU offensive in some directions) – >Agent Z says Ukraine ready to launch counteroffensive – >A foster mum who rescued orphans from Ukraine has gone on trial for torture, sexual abuse and letting pedophiles pay to rape children in her care – >The rules of mobilization will become more stringent, and it will become even more difficult for an ordinary hohol to avoid it – >Putin confirms strike on Ukrainian military intelligence HQ – >Russia unleashes massive drone attack on Kiev, Gerans intercepted by buildings as always – >WSJ: many professional soldiers dead, hohols sent conscripts without training to Artemovsk – ▶Telegram ▶/chug/ ▶Video Archive ▶Z Radio /chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10973 12 minutes ago 2 minutes ago 34 46.7 4ch pol
>Me after enjoying another episode of the best episodic weekly wrestling show in history VDS sufferers can't relate. Goodnight, E-Lords. 7 hours ago 25 minutes ago 33 1.2 4ch pw
NO MORE WOKE FISH FACTS an hour ago 7 minutes ago 33 5.4 4ch lgbt
>most beautiful and sovlfvl part of Finland >Russians turn it into a shithole 58 minutes ago 8 minutes ago 33 9.4 4ch int
Zeta grunt suits Which faction had the best fodder? 9 hours ago 54 minutes ago 33 0.9 4ch m
Previous thread: >>4666424 LOONA 14 hours ago an hour ago 33 0.6 4ch hr
what the story 52 minutes ago 24 minutes ago 33 10.4 4ch pw
It’s over. 3/06/the-binance-lawsuit-is-the-end -of-crypto-as-we-know-it.html 8 hours ago 10 minutes ago 33 1.0 4ch biz
Is modern food poisoned? 3 hours ago 4 minutes ago 33 2.4 4ch pol
How often do you guys... Drive? Do you drive at night or during the day? Do you listen to any nice tunes? I've been looking at google maps lately planning some nice-looking routes to drive, just to get out of the house and do something different. 20 hours ago 40 minutes ago 33 0.4 4ch o
Christian heresies Where do I learn about early church heresies? I have a list and I know bits and pieces about each but not sure what are the best texts to go in more depth. Here's the list. If you have any thoughts or reccs about any of the names below let me know. Also if you can help with further names that's also appreciated # 1st century - Judaizers -- Ebionitism -- Nazarenes - Gnosticism -- Simonites -- Mandaeism -- Cerinthus # 2nd century - Gnosticism -- Marcion -- Valentius -- Basillides -- Saturnius - Docetism - Montanism # 3rd century - Origenism - Sabellianism - Monoarchainnism - Gnosticism -- Manicheanism # 4th century - Apollinarianism - Arianism - Priscillianism - Messalians/Euchites # 5th century - Pelagianism - Nestoriansm - Monophysitsm - Monothelitism 18 hours ago 6 minutes ago 33 0.5 4ch lit
So much for "no one wants to take your guns". Dems prove once again to be fascists who will violate the constitution so they can put Americans in concentration camps like they did with EO 9066 olorado-white-women-sit-in-gun-ban/ 05/white-women-protest-colorado-her e4thekids-capitol-ban-guns/ colorado-gun-ban-sit-in/ colorado rosties demand governor unilaterally ban and confiscate all guns 15 hours ago 8 hours ago 33 0.6 4ch news
>tfw want a bf (man) >only women are attracted to me where are all the MEN >:( 9 hours ago an hour ago 33 1.0 4ch lgbt
who is the official cuck race? an hour ago 12 minutes ago 33 5.3 4ch r9k
Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized P2P privacy cryptocurrency! Monero is secure, low-fee, and fungible, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- In other words, the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with transactions being visible only by a user willingly providing a view key. Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of current popular cryptocurrencies. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of transactions increases. Further, the mining network algorithm RandomX establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier to entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward gradually approached 0.6 XMR in June 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network. If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a MoneroChad will be with you shortly. XMR Redpill: XMR Stats: USE Monero: OFFICIAL WEBSITE - WHERE TO GET MONERO? >KYC: Kraken Binance Bitfinex >Non KYC: LocalMonero Morphtoken Bisq Kucoin Tradeogre Crypto ATMs see: >Mining HOW TO STORE MONERO? >Desktop Official Gui/Cli Feather >Mobile IOS: Cakewallet Android: Monerujo /XMR/ Monero General 15 hours ago an hour ago 33 0.6 4ch biz
How'd I do? 6 hours ago an hour ago 33 1.4 4ch ck
I've never taken drugs. Am I a pussy or smart? an hour ago 22 minutes ago 33 5.3 4ch b
So now that Apple is entering the augmented reality market, and will likely be followed by other companies taking consumer augmented reality beyond just an extremely niche product among niche products. Will we see start to see a shift in opinions of the US Army's IVAS program bringing this technology to the average infantryman? 13 hours ago 2 hours ago 33 0.7 4ch k
>35% marginal federal tax >6% flat state tax >3.5% county income tax >6.2% payroll tax on first 150k I earn >1.45% flat Medicare tax It’s over 12 hours ago 40 minutes ago 33 0.7 4ch biz
>no memorable matches >no memorable promos >no memorable title runs >got outshined by Hogan in his own faction >didn't help his best friend get over his addictions >didn't help his son get over his addictions and killed him Why do people care about this fuck nuggets opinions? 22 hours ago an hour ago 33 0.4 4ch pw
Do you like sniffing a girl's ass? 5 hours ago an hour ago 32 1.5 4ch b
At what age do you stop being young? 23 hours ago 9 hours ago 32 0.4 4ch adv
How do you guys deal with your depression, /b? 6 hours ago 23 minutes ago 32 1.4 4ch b
How am I supposed to find a gf if I don't have social media? I'm trying to avoid temptation because I have a porn addiction and if I have instagram I could fall back into it again so it's best for me to abstain My hobbies don't help either since I do them alone (language learning, playing the bass, reading etc...) so idk how can I meet girls at this point 4 hours ago 56 minutes ago 32 2.1 4ch adv
Why do women have the power to redeem men? 9 hours ago 48 minutes ago 32 0.9 4ch r9k
>tabs open: 381 9 hours ago 28 minutes ago 32 0.9 4ch g
>>25224286 MILFs XXIV 9 hours ago 4 hours ago 32 0.9 4ch gif
Remember when iPhone 1 came out at $600, then not even 3 months later Apple cut the price to $400? They will do the same for the goggles just be patient. 9 hours ago 2 hours ago 32 1.0 4ch g
JANES JANES JANES JANES JANES Post interesting Janes snippets I'll also take requests, I have a couple readily available to sort through: Jane's Armoured Fighting Vehicle Retrofit Systems 1993-94 (my favorite) Jane’s World Armoured Fighting Vehicles Janes Land-Based Air Defence 1992-93 Janes Light Tanks and Armoured Cars Main Battle Tanks, Light Tanks. Jane's Armour And Artillery 2005-2006 8 hours ago 26 minutes ago 32 1.0 4ch k
Fucked Up Libraries Edition Tell us about your horror settings, games, etc. Share inspirational art, prompts, etc. >List of games: Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cold and Dark, Degenesis, Delta Green, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself+Book of Unremitting Horror, Fall of Delta Green, GORE, Into The Shadows, KULT, Little Fears, Mothership RPG, Nemesis (free on Arc Dream's website), Nights Black Agents, Silent Legions (Mostly for the tables), Stalker: The SciFi RPG, Symbaroum, Ten Candles, Trail of Cthulhu, Unisystem (All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.), Unknown Armies, The Whispering Vault, Vaesen >Inspirational stuff: Caitlin R Kiernan, Castlevania, Doom Watch, Fear & Hunger, George Romero, Ghostwatch, House of Leaves, I Am In Eskew, John Carpenter, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Laird Barron, John Langan, M.R. James, Nick Cutter, Old Gods of Appalachia, Quatermass, Ramsey Campbell, Remedy Series (Alan Wake, Control), SCP Foundation, Scarfolk Council, Shaun Hutson, Silent Hill, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Evil Dead, The Magnus Archives, The Secret World, The Stone Tapes, Anatomy, Thomas Ligotti, Twin Peaks, Vault of Evil forums, toomuchhorrorfiction Other News: Degenesis is currently free on the sixmorevodka website V4. Current Book Club Topic: Thomas Ligotti's Nethescurial php?t=433 Questions for the thread: >What are some unconventional locations you've used in horror? >Thoughts on infinite dimensions in horror games? >What is a good way to utilize such an environment? Questions for Horrorverse refugees: >Thoughts on Library Of Ruina? >What do you think of Project Moon in general? Previous Thread: >>89017009 Please try to keep arguing to a minimum. Don't respond to bait/drama posts. And as usual, try and keep it alive, or at least undead /hsg/ - Horror Settings General 21 hours ago 3 hours ago 32 0.4 4ch tg
WTF. NGUF migrating to V2?? This is retarded. >'dev' is back >'V2' is the same shit, only more liquidity Not even a week old and there's already another version. Better yet, there's only a 2 day migration period, maybe even less. Fucking wow. At least I only threw 10 bucks into this scam. Guess they're not giving up on trying to scam more retards out of their ETH 10 hours ago 20 minutes ago 32 0.8 4ch biz
Have you ever drawn on someone? Why? What ended up happening? 17 hours ago 6 hours ago 32 0.5 4ch k
Is there any hope for India? 3 hours ago 16 minutes ago 32 2.9 4ch int
Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread /SQTDDTOT/ Can anyone recommend a boiler suit? For my home garage in the hot south. I had this one back up north, chosen for no reason. I prefer it loose so I can throw it on over clothes. -Speedsuit-Medium/dp/B00769I9LU/ref =sr_1_5?crid=16DLJ411RRIPB&keywords =red%2Bkap%2Bboiler%2Bsuit%2B44LN&q id=1685992154&sprefix=red%2Bkap%2Bb oiler%2Bsuit%2B44ln%2Caps%2C78&sr=8 -5&th=1&psc=1 16 hours ago 25 minutes ago 32 0.5 4ch o
>pumps the most 19 hours ago an hour ago 32 0.5 4ch biz
Indian girls 22 hours ago 2 hours ago 32 0.4 4ch gif
>wish I was a girl >realize it's impossible >repress unhealthily, live in a permanent state of existential dread, horror, and hopelessness why are you doing this 6 hours ago 2 hours ago 32 1.4 4ch lgbt
Will he ever return? 11 hours ago 33 minutes ago 32 0.8 4ch lgbt
I need help. Something dark and evil is inside of me. I believe it was inside my brother, and my father as well. My father is a successful alcoholic/drug addict. I think he dealt with whatever this is that way. He did some crazy, horrible things (under orders) in desert storm. My brother is an evil person. Textbook sociopath. He's currently serving 25 years in Colorado for killing an old woman. When he was my age, 5 years ago, he started really showing signs of aggression, general hatred for mankind, and he started making less and less sense when he became homeless. I'm starting ro become more aggressive. Less motivated at work. Hating everyone and everything, including my wife, more and more. I visualized pulling a black mass out of the bump on the back of my head. The more muscular and angry I visualized this knight like character pulling it out, the better I felt. But since then, about 2 weeks ago, it's getting worse. I just want this to end. I'm not whatever this black mass inside me is. Please help 14 hours ago 2 hours ago 32 0.6 4ch x
what can you do to reduce panic in a real life shoot out? 7 hours ago 30 minutes ago 31 1.1 4ch k
Why isnt there any hype for 10th edition? 20 hours ago 57 minutes ago 31 0.4 4ch tg
How come nobody can refute him? 10 hours ago 2 hours ago 31 0.8 4ch his
IM SAILING AWAY SET AN OPEN COURSE FOR THE VIRGIN SEA 44 minutes ago 16 minutes ago 31 11.7 4ch pol
>one island >one border >two countries >one previously managed by Spain >the other one previously managed by the French >one is mostrly populated by negros >the other one mostly populated by negros and mestizos >one is relatively stable and functional country >the other one is near becoming a failed state Do the French suck at colonizing a country? What happened here, /pol/ bros? 5 hours ago 32 minutes ago 31 1.6 4ch pol
This is what total power looks like. 5 hours ago 5 hours ago 31 1.6 4ch bant
thank you for reading my )))DMT((( blog 1/22 Psychedelic Schizojournaling 20 hours ago an hour ago 31 0.4 4ch lit
Meanwhile on Zoomer /k/ What kind of guns zoomers like? INB4 hi-points and Tec-9s because of SoundCloud rappers. 8 hours ago 3 hours ago 31 1.0 4ch k
Kik thread 5 hours ago 24 minutes ago 31 1.6 4ch b
USA only has four ACTUAL allies. The rest (not counting Israel) are pawns or subordinates to be used to the benefit of US interests, never allies on equal terms. Every Western European country which refers to USA as "our ally" are being as cringe as Americans who say "Israel is our ally". 58 minutes ago 3 minutes ago 31 8.8 4ch pol
Before you ask, no I'm not an MTF I'm just really ugly for a woman. >narrow hips >small chest, barely above A >a ton of moles and scars >some weird patches of bumpy skin on my face that makes people think i have a disease >short hair that takes long to grow because of curls and split ends, barely goes past my shoulder >always tied up because people insult me if i let it loose and it isn't straightened >autistic smile >makeup makes me look like a clown I don't like caring about my appearance so much but being visually mogged by my own sex makes me feel like a fucking goblin and I became an asocial hermit as a result. I also got bullied for how I look from kindergarten to 12th grade by both boys and girls which made me more self-conscious. What the fuck do I do? No I will not commit suicide. How to cope with being an ugly girl? 14 hours ago 3 hours ago 31 0.6 4ch adv
I just took a 350ug acid gel tab. This is my first time doing LSD. I've dabbled with weed and shrooms, but never this. I'm using this thread to post the works I make as it takes affect. Art on drugs 7 hours ago 44 minutes ago 31 1.1 4ch ic
>be nerdy repper >hate myself and my appearance >total virgin, no luck pulling dates >honestly not even that bad looking but had negative self-esteem and did NOT have the confidence to attract anyone >troon out >3.5 years pass >infinitely more confident, especially in terms of appearance >dominant trans girl so i'm in high demand >not hard to pull dates with my looks >happier overall >life is good why would i ever wanna go back? 2 hours ago an hour ago 31 3.1 4ch lgbt
Why have they demonised the term "conspiracy theorist" so much recently? What's so wrong about making conspiracy theories? Surely it's a sign of a healthy brain that you can question things and don't just believe anything. By modern standards, any ancient Greek philosopher would be called a conspiracy theorist 2 hours ago 3 minutes ago 31 3.0 4ch pol
Literally me 21 hours ago 23 minutes ago 30 0.4 4ch wsg
Canadians are strange I'm an American on vacation in Canada and these people are weird. I've never had so many odd, rude, hostile, interactions with boomers. They are worse than our boomers. Mind you, I'm from a state notorious for politeness so I may be biased. But I havent had an experience like this anywhere else in Europe or North America. All the tourism staff (more than half of which are not Canadians) have been friendly and normal but the locals are really weird, judgemental, bitchy people. Maybe it's an Ontario and Quebec thing. I have been to western Canada before (pre covid) and people there were friendlier. I even speak French and have had no problems with that aspect, but it's things like the drivers being bad, getting yelled at after using a public toilet when a boomer behind me in line had to take a shit, as if I was supposed to know that, the line taking too long to pay for my gas so getting bitched at by a French boomer that he needed to get to the pump, a middle aged woman knocking on my window and told me to turn off my car while I punched in directions before I pulled out of my spot (car had been idling less than 60 seconds), and I also witnessed a Karen meltdown at Tim Horton's because they gave her the wrong kind of donut. I've only been here three days. Very strange place. I dont know where the stereotype of the laid back, friendly, Canadian comes from. I really liked some of the museums in Ottawa and I loved Old Quebec, especially the Citadelle. The food on Île D'Orleans was great especially the Fromagerie. Overall because of my interactions with Canadians I probably would not come back to this part of the country. 23 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.4 4ch trv
CANCEROUS OILS? >In an eight-year controlled clinical trial of a diet high in polyunsaturated vegetable oils and low in saturated fat and cholesterol in preventing complications of atherosclerosis, 846 men were assigned randomly to a conventional diet or to one similar in all respects except for a substitution of vegetable oils for saturated fat. Fatal atherosclerotic events were more common in the control group (70 v.48; P 6 hours ago 49 minutes ago 30 1.3 4ch fit
i am absolutely convinced that vivec is an actual meta-god wich deserve true worship and veneration 21 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.4 4ch x
i just made my weekly purchase of $1 of both BTC and ETH 17 hours ago 38 minutes ago 30 0.5 4ch biz
Do credit scores even matter? My credit score went up 80 points 3 hours ago 27 minutes ago 30 2.5 4ch pol
Why can nobody refute him? >not a serious scholar! >mops the floor with every "serious scholar" in debate. 10 hours ago 4 hours ago 30 0.8 4ch his
BREAKING NEWS SERBIA IS SENDING AMMO TO UKRAINE, MONKE BTFO -7006-4ec6-aa66-938c346ec70d 3 hours ago 4 minutes ago 30 2.2 4ch pol
Trans women need to be banned from transitioning after starting puberty Pictured: An obvious AGP repressor who will soon troon out and make everyone in the world TERFs and make them attack trans people who actually need help. Trans women who transition after starting puberty are the big obstacle to achieving trans rights. Male puberty + male socialization turns people into degenerate rapists, murderers, and pedophiles. And now these degenerates want to live as women. They should be told to fuck off. It's them who are raping and molesting women in bathrooms, locker rooms, prisons, rape shelters, and homeless shelters. It's them who are unfairly beating women in women's sports and almost killing them. It's them who are constantly molesting and raping little girls. They're also just raping and assaulting women in general. Pressuring lesbians to have sex with them through insane ideas like the "cotton ceiling". They're always deadbeat fathers too, abandoning their families at 40 years old to indulge in their degenerate fantasies. They look disgusting and ugly. Their big man faces and brick-like, fat bodies (most of them are morbidly obese) make me want to throw up. They always have unshaved hair on their faces and their voices are disgusting and sound like some shitbrained male autist. They cake their face in makeup which can't conceal how disgusting they look and how I can smell them from behind the screen. They dress like teenage girls or even prepubescent girls because they're porn addicted pedophiles and have a huge list of degenerate fetishes. I mean, we're talking about the only group of people in the world who truly are degenerate in all the ways the far right says they are. And they've infiltrated the left and have made everything about them like a bunch of cockroaches, not to mention lesbian and female online spaces. 8 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.9 4ch lgbt
I mean, it's probably been asked before, but why do settings 'need' more diversity and inclusion and the sanding-off of all the rough edges? It's literally fantasy, no-one is actually getting hurt. So why did they have to do shit like removing all mention of slavery from Pathfinder? Exactly who is getting offended by the mere mention of slavery? Who is being 'empowered' by a black Aragorn? Why do settings have to be politically correct? 12 hours ago 4 hours ago 30 0.7 4ch tg
Wanting to kms to not have to work >inb4 >leecher >parasite >lazy pos >ungrateful Yeah yeah I know but idgi. People call me that but then also say that I'm a retard for wanting to kms. Wouldn't it be better for people who contribute nothing to society to literally just die? 22 hours ago 15 minutes ago 30 0.4 4ch adv
What was the positive alternative to the partition of India? I always hear Indians and Pakistanis claiming it’s caused all their problems while also being glad they gave their own countries and aren’t stuck in either a Hindu dominated one or a Muslim dominated one Its always bizarre to me how Muslims and Hindus blame the partition for their cultural and ethnic conflicts... even though they had those before the British ever arrived, and it was minimal while the British ruled So what’s the deal here? Just sounds like Pakistanis and Indians can’t recognise their own failings so they blame the evil colonial overlords regardless of logic 11 hours ago 39 minutes ago 30 0.7 4ch his
You are a man, like many millions of other men across the realms. Unlike most of those many millions of other men, you are a warrior with a great amount of combat skill. This Quest will chronicle your life and eventual death in your journey. Before we begin, it is critical that we know who you are. Select one background to justify your starting abilities. If these do not satisfy, you may select another or blend multiple. >Elite Supersoldier >Wild Barbarian >Ninja Assassin >Mystic Sorcerer >Loose Experiment >Orphan Demigod >Metallic Cyborg >Nearly-Extinct Alien >Mutant Freak >Unnatural Spirit >Futuristic Traveler >Regular Tough Guy Gonzo Bullshit Fighting Quest 13 hours ago 6 hours ago 30 0.6 4ch qst
Food poisoning hoax You can eat raw foods. Stop being a baby. 9 hours ago 8 hours ago 30 0.8 4ch ck
last >>4657482 Taylor Swift 10 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.8 4ch hr
This has become a regular occurrence and I don’t think there is any chance of it stopping, my bladder is progressively getting worse, I’m gonna become a diaper trans girl, fuck I peed through my diaper 19 hours ago 2 hours ago 30 0.4 4ch lgbt
I look exactly like this an hour ago 36 minutes ago 30 5.2 4ch pol
why should i man up? I don't want to 2 hours ago 8 minutes ago 30 3.8 4ch r9k
Why did Kathy betray us /pw/ why ? We Lost another one 7 hours ago an hour ago 30 1.0 4ch pw
What happens here? 3 hours ago 52 minutes ago 30 2.6 4ch int
Celebs rise and shine an hour ago 7 minutes ago 30 8.2 4ch b
What are the religious implications of Japan being nicer than most Christian nations dispite being completely pagan? 14 hours ago an hour ago 30 0.6 4ch his